Manchester Millrats Sign Tommy Mitchell

After a shockingly slow start to the season the Millrats have basically hit the panic button, releasing three players and signing three more. Their offense struggled in the first two games so they did the logical, if not somewhat extreme, thing and signed ABA gunner extraordinaire Tommy MitchellI obviously think highly of Mitchell, but this move, along with the others, stink of desperation.  Manchester has never been shy of shaking up their roster but by bringing in Mitchell as well as former CBA player  Keith Salscheider is basically admitting that they’ve lost confidence in Desmond Ferguson, the 6’7 shooting guard who they brought in to anchor the offense.  They released Kevin Mickens, John Oates and Mario Kinsey to make room for the new additions – so basically they’re giving up a centre, a power forward and a point guard to add two shooting guards and a point.  The team just got smaller with a big of a log jam at the guard spot.

So why is this relevant to the Rainmen?  Two reasons: first, it changes the landscape of the division in a few ways: the division is suddenly very undersized with Montreal running without any real big men and Vermont and Manchester going with one quality centre with no one behind them, it also could potentially push Manchester back into the race, or it could signal their total sense of panic at this point and undermines their long training camp and exhibitions schedule.  The second reason is because I really thought Mitchell would have been a great addition to Halifax’s team.  I assumed that Halifax did not pursue him because he got an overseas contract, but it looks like as of yesterday he was available (perhaps he was released from another team due to performance or the financial crisis or was waiting on a post-Christmas contract), but I do think that Halifax’s backcourt now makes a lot of sense, and I don’t think adding a guard who needs 15-20 shots a game would have fit with the rest of the pieces in the roster.

Also:  Mario Kinsey is not having a good couple of months.


9 thoughts on “Manchester Millrats Sign Tommy Mitchell

  1. I would have loved to see Mitchell in a Rainmen uniform. That being said, our backcourt is pretty solid right now and I am not sure there would have been enough shots for him.

    Manchester isn’t gun shy, that’s for sure. Ferguson has been a major let down for them, so far.

  2. I don’t. There’s a reason why he only played two minutes a game for Manchester. We need a big man who can move. Damnit, I wish McGriff had reported to camp.

  3. Okay, so he can’t move? I basically just saw that he had solid D1 experince.

    McGriff, from what little I know and saw, could have potentially been one of the top centres in the league. Legit centres who can play at this level are almost impossible to find. If they are good enough then they get signed to play at a higher level.

  4. My understanding of Oates is that he’s a big slow white guy with solid fundamentals and a big body, but not much else. He was a co-captain at BC but averaged just 4ppg and 3rpg in his senior year and was a low percentage shooter for a big man. He has solid experience, but I can’t imagine Manchester were happy with him if they gave him just four minutes of playing time with Darden out before cutting him loose. Vermont picked up Herndon this week so I think that there are still legit big men who can contribute on the market. Lots of guys playing in Europe get the axe after the Christmas break, so maybe they find a new guy there.

    I think that the Rainmen really like McNeal on paper (big guy, seems capable of getting up and down the floor okay, has a good midrange shot) but he’s useless if he doesn’t suit up. Mayes seemed to impress Lewis in the road games so he might be sticking around, so who knows if there is even a roster spot open?

    Halifax Rainmen owner Andre Levingston announced today the newest addition to the Rainmen roster; six-foot three, 185 lbs Point Guard Zachary Ramey from Flossmoor Illinois

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