Where are they now? Metro try to update you but are sloppy about it.

The Halifax Metro ran a story today about where the Rainmen from last year currently are playing and it offers a few bits of harder to find info (i.e. where Eichelberger is) but misses some of the most obvious stuff:  It makes no mention of the fact that Booyer played against the Rainmen, making his Halifax debut, for Chicago but didn’t make their regular season roster; and more surprisingly it fails to mention that Lantrice Green is currently on the Montreal Sasquatch who play in Halifax on Sunday afternoon.  Those are the two updates that are actually somewhat meaningful to casual fans in Halifax since those guys actually played/will play here this season.  Strange ommissions.


5 thoughts on “Where are they now? Metro try to update you but are sloppy about it.

  1. All home Rainmen games will be webcast through haligonia.ca. They currently have the channel streaming live under the “Rainmen Video” box on the main page.

    Good move for the Rainmen, this will hopefully give them some more exposure. My only complaint is that the video box is too big right now. It’s minor, but it stretches out the entire page so it looks sloppy. I am sure they will fix that soon enough though.

  2. I am surprised the Metro article had James “IR” Booyer as inactive. He played in town for the pre-season games. Considering they knew were Baby Shaq was, it is disappointing that their coverage of the Rainmen doesn’t include paying attention during games in Halifax.

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