Rainmen Announce Live-to-Air Webcasting Deal

The Rainmen announced today that home games will be available both live and in archived form on Haligonia.ca. It’s good news for Halifax fans, but is even better news for fans of visiting teams who can follow their team on the road.  I think that with a deal like this Halifax should seek to become a regional force – not just Halifax’s basketball team, but the only pro-sports team in the whole region.
This means that Vermont and Halifax have local webcast deals with Mid-Michigan having radiot broadcasts available on line.
There’s no word on what the alleged PBL-wide broadcasting deal will do with the Vermont and Halifax games.  @sportsTV should negotiate the rights to show games on tape delay, but I doubt that the Vermont and Halifax broadcasters would give up archiving rights or live rights.   It’s looking like the @sportsTV deal is just a Rochester deal… which is not entirely surprising.


6 thoughts on “Rainmen Announce Live-to-Air Webcasting Deal

  1. I’m glad to here Halifax will be broadcasting. Even more so since Vermont doesn’t appear to be radio broadcasting their away games. Hopefully more teams will follow suit.

  2. This is good news. Anything is good if it gives the team a higher profile. They should get you to do color commentary or atleast pregame or halftime stuff.

  3. i cannot get into halicogonia sports which i have before sir i am scared that i will loose this line pls help me out site temporarily unavailable it says but i am scared dont want to miss the rainmen games

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