Preview: Halifax v. Montreal

Two hours until tip-off but I thought I’d throw some thoughts out there:

Expect close to zero walk up traffic today.  That snow is already coming down fast and there’s no sign of it letting up.  It’s too bad because every game hit by bad weather equals 10% of the home schedule.  Hopefully there’s a decent crowd but I’d expect it to be pretty small.

Montreal are 1-2 after defeating Manchester opening night and then falling to Halifax in overtime and getting blown out in Vermont.  They certainly have the potential to beat anyone, but they can also drop games fairly easily.  It’s a result of how they’re built – they’re a guard heavy team of scorers.  They’re undersized with a 5’11 and 6’2 players starting in the backcourt and only one real centre who is 6’9 and 310 pounds… i.e. too fat to ball.  Hammack likes to post up small guards which is good, but I will be disappointed if Dandridge doesn’t use his four inch height advantage to score inside.
In the game last week Halifax gave up 22 offensive rebounds while only gathering 22 defensive boards of their own.  They’ll have to do a better job of rebounding, obviously and the return of Eric and Rob should help secure the boards, but I don’t think the big men rebounding is enough.  The guards need to box out and crash the boards on the defensive end particularly with guys like Kevin Dulude in the back court.

The key guys for Montreal will be Randy “White Chocolate” Gill who is a prolific scorer, but also a chucker and a turnover machine (against Vermont he shot under 50% and had more turnovers than the entire Frost Heaves team) and Jamaal Wise a slightly undersized powerforward who anchors their defensive rebounding and is the second scoring option.  Both players are really playing out of position since Wise played SF in college and Gill has always been a point guard.  It will also be interesting to see if Lantrice Green makes the trip to Halifax – the former Rainman locker room tumor is on the Montreal roster but is not really contributing and didn’t make the trip to Vermont on Friday.

Expect a high scoring game, but I think Halifax pull out a win which is closer than it really should be.


7 thoughts on “Preview: Halifax v. Montreal

  1. “Due to weather conditions affecting our upstream provider, we are experiencing technical difficulties with today’s broadcast. We will join the game in progress as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience”…….SUCKS!!!!!!!

    Score update please…???

  2. 48-43 montreal for those not watching online. Montreal has been hitting everything. Halifax doesn’t have Silverhorn, which seems to be hurting. Crookshank hasn’t played much, not sure why.

  3. Lantrice Green has not been playing b/c he pulled his hamstring during training. Today’s game was his first true game. He did not play a lot of minutes today to keep from reinjuring his leg. He did, however, have a solid game for the minutes he played. Last year is in the past. Despite personal opinions, he played well last year coming in mid-season. And, fyi, he never asked to be resigned with Halifax even though there were conversations between the two parties.

    Good job Halifax for having a great season thus far.

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