Watch/Listen to Halifax On the Road

As strange as it seems to have to move past the Crookshank suspension, there is basketball to be play this weekend and Halifax take the show on the road and battle two teams that they went a combined 0-12 against last year: Vermont and Manchester.   Manchester are 2-2 with both wins coming against Vermont, and Vermont are 1-2 with their losses coming to the Millrats.  Halifax are the odd man out in this Atlantic Division rivalry and are hoping to come through the middle to hold on to the divisional lead.

Halifax need to at least split these games – it’s been said time and time again that the PBL season is short, but it’s worth mentioning again:  these two games are 10% of the total schedule for Halifax.  Splitting these games puts them at a very good 4-2, losing both drops them to .500.  I had originally thought that Halifax could win both games, but with the confusion with the Crookshank situation and the injury to Silverhorn I think the more reasonable goal is a win and a loss.  (Although winning both is not out of the question)

Both teams play tough defense so Halifax should not anticipate many easy scoring chances.

You can watch or listen to both games online through links on the team websites, Vermont here (audio) and Manchester here (video).


13 thoughts on “Watch/Listen to Halifax On the Road

  1. About the Sunday game…2:30 or 7? The Rainmen site says 7 but the Manchester site says 2:30…I hope the Rainmen don’t show up late, that’d be REALLY embarrassing.

    Also, does Vermont catalog their games? I won’t be around tonight but I’d like to catch the replay.

  2. Tonight’s game is audio only unfortunately. But if it’s the same crew as last year it’s a really high quality broadcast.

  3. I don’t think Halifax can beat those teams on this trip. Too much has gone wrong this week. I think Halifax do beat Manchester on Thursday. Unless Strickland is actually unbelievable, and I am not holding my breath for that, I do not think he will contribute more than five to eight points and ten to fifteen minutes a game and even less this weekend.

  4. Manchester game:

    Anyone having problems viewing the game?

    getting an error:

    Windows Media Player cannot connect to the server. The server name might not be correct, the server might not be available, or your proxy settings might not be correct.

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