What If Scenario: What if the PBL had Trades?

So I had someone e-mail me and ask me a question, which is a first, but I thought it’s an interesting “What if” Scenario:  What if the PBL had trades?  How would that change the Crookshank situation?

Hi Chris

I read your blog and I really enjoy it.  I was amazed with how many people started commenting after the Crookshanks (sic) suspension.  One person said that he should be traded but I do not think that the PBL has trades.  Does it?  But wouldn’t it be interesting if they did?  I am an NBA fan who only follows minor league basketball because we do not have a NBA team in Halifax and in the NBA a situation like this would almost certainly be dealt with in a trade.  I am curious: If the PBL suddenly had trade rules what do you think would be the best deal Halifax could get for Crookshanks?

I hope to hear from you soon,


I actually think that this is a really neat question and the nerd in me loves it so I asked them if I could post their e-mail on here so other people can offer some input.  A few notes before diving in to this parallel universe:

  • I am assuming that trades would only happen inside the PBL (i.e. no Crookshank, Hammack, and Dandridge for Ronnie Fields type trades)
  • Picks are not tradeable since they’re worthless.  No cash can be traded.
  • There are no salary cap match ups needed.
  • The Crookshank suspension is common knowledge in this scenario.  This is important since other teams would know that Halifax want him gone and he’d have a depreciated trade value.
  • Trades in the PBL would be made even more strange by the fact that everyone is on one year contracts.  There’s no trading for prospects when you’ve only got the guy for two months.  Players can also be cut mid-season which means teams aren’t trying to dump bad decisions off on other teams during trades.
  • I am assuming that if there were trades in the PBL that Halifax would not have brought Strickland in.

So I guess the first two questions are

  1. Who would be willing to trade for Crookshank?
  2. What would Halifax want to get back for Crookshank?

The answers are:

  1. Teams who are underachieving, teams who have a player who is a disapointment, teams that need a tweak, teams that need more instant offense, teams lacking a starting powerforward, and teams who need another piece to push them over the top.
  2. Halifax need a servicable centre and lock down perimeter defender.

Unfortunately for Halifax, very few teams have centres, and even fewer are willing to part with them, and the teams that really need a player like Eric have no pieces worth even looking at (hey there Mid-Michigan).  Anyway, here are my top five hypothetical deals:

5)  Vermont send Herndon and Regis Koundja, Halifax Send Crookshank and McNeal.  Vermont pursued Crookshank in the off season and the team clearly needs some sort of tweak.  Eric is popular in Vermont and gives them a consistent low post scorer, McNeal is a sort of replacementfor Herndon.  Vermont are possibly the only team in the league in dire need of an upgrade at powerfoward and Eric gives it to them.  Halifax get two guys who haven’t shown a whole lot yet, but provide some options.  Herndon is an upgrade over McNeal and has some solid experience.  Koundja is a quick but tall small forward who gives Halifax an option at the three in case Silverhorn has to sit out any more games.

4)  Wilmington send Cedric McGinnis, Halifax send Eric Crookshank and SirValiant Brown.  Halifax give up a lot to get McGinnis, but Wilmington need guard help (I think… I haven’t seen them play but I am going off of stats) and need to switch something up.  McGinnis can play centre if need be and he gives Halifax a solution on the defensive boards.  Unfortunately, he clogs up that front court rotation pretty bad and needs a lot of touches.  One of those deals I am not convinced would even happen.

3)  Quebec send Jonas Pierre and Charles Fortier, Halifax send Eric Crookshank, Kevin Hammack and Tyronne McNeal.   It’s a huge trade but Halifax need a centre and another real shooting guard, and Quebec desperately need a starting point guard.  Crookshank gives them another scorer and rebounder, McNeal gives them another big man to sit on the bench with Njoya.  I am not convinced that Quebec would make this move, though.

2) Montreal send: Auriental and Morton, Halifax send Crookshank.  Morton is a big body who can give you 20 minutes and matchup with opposing centres.  Auriental is a phenomonal perimeter defender and solid ball handler.  It fills two needs for Halifax and gives Montreal the perfect guy to play centre in their demented system.  Imagine Crookshank grabbing boards, throwing outlet passes and putting back all those early jump shots while running with Ruffus and Gill.  The swagger of that team is also the perfect fit for Eric.

1)  Manchester send Ife Anosike, Halifax send Eric Crookshank.  Anosike is the perfect centre for this team and provides yet more grit (some would say rage).  Manchester have had problems scoring but are a very good defensive team, and that’s what Eric does.  Bringing Eric in also helps the team at the gate/in the community.  Eric is a better player than Anosike, but Manchester aren’t going to give up a centre easily and Eric’s value is not what it was prior to suspension.

I haven’t put a ton of thought into this but I figured it was an interesting premise for a post.  Thoughts?  What trades would you concoct?


17 thoughts on “What If Scenario: What if the PBL had Trades?

  1. Eric Crookshank playing ball in Halifax?

    Since he is in town for a few months why not lace up the shoes and get in a game?

    Nothing is stopping him from playing for free in a rec league right? We have lots of gym rats (a term of endearment – for people that live basketball) that have played high level ball in this city.

    I wouldn’t be shocked to see EC playing at the Y or Chocolate Lake keeping his skills sharp. How about a charity game? I’d go to that!

    Why not?

  2. The PBL should have trades it would make it more exciting than teams just releasing players. What about Millien? Do you think there is a chance Halifax would be able to get him?

  3. Maybe he could be a full time paid ringer for community service. He could randomly show up and be sold to the highest bidder in men’s pickup. I would pay $20 to throw alley oops all day to EC!

    I don’t which is scarier, that Chris knows enough about these players in the leagues that he can somewhat intelligently discuss these things, or that I spent 10 minutes reading it and wondering how we can work the NBA Trade Machine on ESPN into this blog? Can we throw Big Daddy Phil in a trade with Eric? Can we rank the top fans and trade them? We could trade Chris (even though we would probably give him the Blog franchise player designation) with Eric for those two Kebs dudes.. I don’t think we could ever take Randy Gill here. And the Njoya player obviously doesn’t mind sitting on the bench, so we can take him back and he doesn’t eat any minutes.

    Dandridge would be great to move but RL would never even dream of it. I think the best we could hope for is a mediocre big man who could get some boards and stops for us. Guards we have, the only gap seems to be a really strong centre. Bailey is giving us the blocks, Sanders down low points, grab that centre!

    That was tiring, I am going to satrt calling Chris Halifax’s Sports Guy in honour of Bill Simmons. Let’s get Chris on the podcast!

  4. There is no way Augusta would move Millien, particularly not for Crookshank. Millien is basically a better version of the same player and is the runaway candidate for MVP right now. One of the two centres for on Augusta would be a better fit, anyway. Millien would need too many touches and Halifax have enough power forwards as is.

    I just realized I am talking about trades in a league without any trades allowed… jesus.

  5. I was curious about the kind of money these players make in the PBL.

    I have never seen “contract terms” discussed.

    In the NBA you hear 5 year deal / 20 million.

    Are these guys under 1 year contracts? What would you guess the pay scale is from Low to High?

    Low end? $10,000 US a season, high end $50,000?

    I have no idea but would love to hear any insights.

  6. This isn’t a trade of Crookshank, but why not try to pry Kadiri Richards out of Wilmington? If you’re looking to replace a happy-go-lucky fan favorite, I’d say he’s the guy for us. It sounds like a weird fit, but I could see him coming off the bench and wrecking faces like he used to on the defensive end. His down-low D was his obvious strong suit last year, but it felt like he could do well on the perimeter too if we had more big bodies like we do this year. Plus he gives us a guy who doesn’t need to score, which is a big plus to me when you have so many guys on the Rainmen that need the ball. Give Crook’s touches to Jeanty and Sanders.

    Man, I wish they would allow trades… Or maybe let us do some sort of sneaky deal. I miss that guy.

  7. $120k a year salary cap most teams are nowhere near that. Ronnie fields in playing the CBA and getting about $25k for the whole season and he’s a minor league star. I’d say $25k is certainly the high end if anyone in the PBL is making that at all. There are guys playing in this league for free or for room and board.

  8. I do think that the PBL allows trades. It just doesn’t make sense at this level. A lot of these players aren’t being paid enough, so if they were traded to somewhere midseason they would just choose not to report. If a team wants to get rid of a player, other teams will know that and just wait for the team to release him. Most teams would not keep a player on payroll like Halifax did.

    Also, I recall a draft day “trade” between Maryland and Rochester. Yeah, it was just for show, but the precedent has been set.

  9. Either way, I think that without Crookshank we are one key player away from being that top-tier team again. Sign Anthony Washington!

  10. Chris, interesting thoughts on trading. After a discussion at the end of the Halifax/VT game, I do know that Will Voigt is no longer interested in Crookshank. He must have done something bad. As you probably know, Voigt does not deal well with bad attitudes. Also, Will would never let Regis go. He is like our new Issa Konare. Sorry, you would never get him.

  11. Why isn’t Crookshank trying to go to Europe as a midseason replacement the way Jermaine Anderson went last year?

    At his age it can’t help to take all this time off, can it?

    I know Componenta wasn’t a great fit, but there must be other teams looking for help. Spanish second division pays up to 5K/month…

  12. Chris, I love how you say that you haven’t put a lot of thought into it, after one of the most in-depth analyses of PBL, probably ever. Good on ya!

    As for Fin’s comment, I would be willing to be traded with Eric if the Bahama Pro Show was in this league. To be in the Bahamas from January to March… ahhh …

    With one-year deals and a 3 month season, trades would seem to be a lot more work for teams than necessary. I think just keeping one’s ear to the ground for player releases and approaching the players you want is more efficient, considering the current terms of reference. Look how we picked up Ramey after he was released by Chicago!

    If Augusta ever released Millien, they may as well shut down the club. He was by far their most talented player. He must be a broken toy in some manner, otherwise he would be in a higher league.

    I agree with Bluenose, I think he should go to Europe with the understanding that he has a spot here next season if he wants it. After the penance, of course. One thing though, “how do you keep him down on the farm once he has seen Paris?” A little early 1900’s musical reference for ya!

  13. When I played basketball in my younger days, the rock was an actual rock, and we dreamed of being to cut a hole in the bottom of the peach baskets to make it easier after each score.

  14. Why do the Wilmington Sea Dawgs Have Travis Taylor I think they should trade him if they don’t play him.(They drafted him) I did some research on him he was or maybe still is a heck of a player( I say was because I haven’t seen him play this year) but stats doesn’t lie. He was the 2004 Mr. Basketball for the state of S.C. won a state championship in 2003 by hitting the game winner. Rated a top 100 prospect in highschool. Was the leading scorer for the Cape Fear Sea Devils iCC in his short tinier there. The last I read of him was his stint with the Tri-City allstars where he averaged 26,12,and 6 leading them to a championship lose but he doesn’t play with the sea dawgs. I say trade him and bring in someone your gonna play. I wouldn’t think a player of his quality would stay if he’s not playing..Maybe he’s hurt I don’t know but what do you guys think about that.

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