Rainmen vs. Millrats

I won’t be able to watch the game online, but I thought I’d put up a post here so people who are watching can post their comments during/after the game.  You can stream it live starting at 3:30 ast. It’s a big game – the winner is at the top of the division, the loser is at .500.


66 thoughts on “Rainmen vs. Millrats

  1. Did anyone else just hear the announcer lamenting having to call the game by himself? That was just sad, I feel like calling him up so he has someone to talk to.

  2. I haven’t been listening to the play-by-play (because I’m watching the end of the Raptors game), but it looks like there are, like, 100 people there. What’s the deal?

  3. I just checked the box score before getting back to work and I loved this moment:

    Q2 03:07 HAL MISSED JUMPER by #42 John Strickland
    Q2 03:11 HAL MISSED JUMPER by #17 Cordell Jeanty
    Q2 03:31 HAL TIMEOUT 30SEC
    Q2 03:31 MEDIA TIMEOUT

    Halifax can’t get everything done in a minute long media time out, so they burn a timeout to set up the play and then they still don’t get a good shot off? (I assume that this means Jeanty airballed it since Strick didn’t get the rebound on the play… but someone else can confirm).

    Doesn’t look like a terrible half from the box score, but Dandridge is 1-5 on three point attempts. It’d be tied up if the free throws were going down even a bit better by the looks of things.

  4. I haven’t seen much of their cheerleaders, but they sem WAY better than our cheerleaders…at least they don’t get in they players’ way after timeouts.

  5. I love what Glenn Dandridge gives you – 5 turnovers, six fouls, 22 shots, 2 rebounds from small forward, and 23% three point shooting (on 13 attempts). What is not to love about that? We could have just re-signed Blandon Ferguson to get those numbers.

  6. The things that’s the most frustrating is the way he only hits the threes he shouldn’t take!!!

    That being said he’s a way better defender than Ferguson.

  7. Tough loss, some free throws could’ve helped out a lot.

    I thought the anouncer was really good.

    As usual I blame this loss on Rick Lewis….I’m not going to point out anything in particular, because I feel it would be a disservice to the other things he did wrong. Mentioning the poor player rotation would ignore the fact that the offense is pathetic. Actually, I will mention the offense, because I went and saw the Citadel Girls play the Grammar school last week, and BOTH of those teams had better offenses than the Rainmen. Maybe we should replace Lewis with on of those two women.

  8. The decision to insert McNeal into the line up for that last four minutes sure paid off, eh?
    I am glad I didn’t watch that.

    On the plus side – 19 points and 20 rebounds for Sanders. This road trip seemed way too similar to last year. Hopefully Halifax can bounce back with Silverhorn back in the lineup – but next weekend is a brutal back to back that involves flying over international borders.

  9. I agree with SlamMaster about the offence. Still looks like a bunch of guys playing pickup ball with nothing on the line. Sanders often seems like the only one really playing to win.

  10. 2 comments:

    Chris902 – re: Rainmen 30 sec timeout on top of a media timeout – Usually, this means that the team took a timeout while the ball was live. Because this stopped the clock and its under 5 minutes remaining in the quarter the Rainmen are charged a timeout but the timeout becomes a media timeout in length. In other words, if things are going shitty, the coach can decide not to wait until the next dead ball for the media timeout but, rather, call one to stop the clock, burn his 30, and get a full timeout. Happens a lot in both NCAA and NBA.

    Next weekend: Twyman (who’s from Detroit) told me at Xmas time they wouldn’t be going to Detroit for that game because of the home game the next day and were working on some kind of change??? Assuming they’re flying they couldn’t possibly get back here Saturday night (after a 7 pm game) which means they fly back Sunday morning and play Sun afternoon? That’s ridiculous.

    FYI x 2

  11. Bluenoser – that makes sense re: timeouts. The point remains the same, though: Halifax almost never get good looks coming out of time outs. I can’t think of a single easy basket out of a time out that Halifax has ever gotten in their two seasons. I

  12. They really need to come back strong next week. The season is too short to get into a slump. These guys need to regroup. I really suggest releasing McNeal for a guy who can flat out play. This team is really missing Crook and Sliverhorn.

    Next week is huge.

  13. It’s been obvious since the pre-season that McNeal has nothing to contribute to this team. I cannot think of a single match up that he can exploit: his unwillingness to mix it up or make contact means that he can’t match up against other physical centres, and he lacks anything resembling lateral quickness to guard powerforwards playing centre. He is relatively fast in the open court but just doesn’t move around well if he’s not going straight forward. I just can’t think of anything that that guy gives Halifax. At this point I’d prefer James Tyler.

    Mayes’ stats looked good in limited minutes, how did he actually look in the game?

  14. Mayes looked basically like usual. Good rebounder, afraid to put the ball on the floor, looking scared to take it to the rim, settling for jumpers. The only difference was that his jump shot was falling.

    McNeal doesn’t even attempt to rebound. I have never seen anything like it. He literally runs out to the free throw line when someone shoots… he runs AWAY from under the basket. Also, his only defense is to foul. He just tries grabbing guys. That is all.

  15. I am very interested to see the Rainmen on the home court.

    What’s the body language like? Smiling? Do they look happy to be out there.

    I want to see beyond the statistics. See what the mood is like..

  16. The Rainmen are playing in Buffalo on Saturday. Both teams are flying in to play back in Halifax on Sunday. Not sure of the game time on Saturday though. I will find out and let you know.

  17. Fuck I was going to see them in Detroit this coming weekend can someone confirm where they are playing so I know if they are or not?

  18. Never mind, wrong date, thats from the Rainmen site which is wrong. Buffalo is going to Halifax on Sunday. This Saturday Buffalo hosts Augusta.

    Halifax doesn’t come to Buffalo until Saturday March 14th.

  19. Hold your horses! I’m looking into it right now, and Halifax could be coming to Buffalo… (glad I looked at this!) I will post who officially is coming to Buffalo on Saturday. Chris you can delete my previous two posts to reduce confusion here on the board.

  20. OK – from the league, Halifax will be coming to Buffalo this Saturday. Game time is at 7pm est.

    I guess Halifax’s site was right all along.

    Buffalo’s had Augusta, Augusta had Buffalo, Detroit had Augusta and the league had both Augusta and Halifax coming to Buffalo. Talk about typos…LOL

  21. I would have thought we could have done better against the Millrats, since Sanders should know their schemes and we could have used that knowledge in prep for the game. Do the Millrats have the same coaches as last season?

  22. nah, the Millrats have a new coach. Rick Lewis, however is still in Halifax and everyone knows his trick (high pick and roll).

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