Schedule Change

I just heard back from Nancy Sheppard and she confirmed that the Rainmen that the Rainmen will play on Saturday in Buffalo against the Stampede and then both teams will fly back to Halifax to play on Sunday afternoon.

She says she he a media advisory ready to go out last week to announce this change, but something happened that kind of had priority over that and distracted the Rainmen organization… hmmm… I wonder what that was?


I just thought I’d add this random fact:  Rob Sanders now holds the PBL record for rebounds in a single game with 20.  He is second in rebounding (12rpg) on the season.


6 thoughts on “Schedule Change

  1. Rob Sanders is not only a good rebounder, he can draw a foul on command. He seems to be able to get to the foul line whenver he wants.

  2. I saw that Sanders stat. Great personal performance, just as I expected from Rob for this season. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like enough Rainmen showed up to play, or is it the coaching?

    With all of these NFL coach firings in the news, I wonder why Lewis still has a job. If the player talent is essentially the same across the league (and I think the Rainmen can match up with most teams in the PBL) then it comes down to coaching. Anything less than playoffs is a complete failure IMO.

  3. Sanders also leads the league in free throw attempts and is second in free throws made. He’s gotten to the line 48 times in 4 games – 12 attempts per game!

    I don’t know how you fire Lewis mid-season – where do we get a replacement coach for 2 months? I think that in the off season it is obvious that someone new needs to be brought in. Can’t we get Les Berry in there? What is Mickey Fox up to these days? He coached the Windjammers, he was at one of the pre-season games watching, can we get him to take a leave of absence from his teaching gig for a term or two? What about Tim Kendrick? Can he be convinced to take a few years off from Horton now that he’s accomplished everything he can at that level? Any one of these guys would be more popular with fans, provide a major local connection and has proven the ability to get the Xs and Os down.

    I get that he’s a good trainer, but enough is enough. Bring Lewis in for the first two weeks of training camp to work on fitness and skills or whatever, but he clearly lacks the Xs and Os and player management skills needed for this job.

  4. The PBL needs to fix their stats package. Players stats are tied to their number, not their name. This cause problems when you wear two different numbers (one for home games, one for away), if someone changes numbers mid season, or if someone takes on an old number (Mayes and Crookshank share the same stats for #20).

  5. Hey Chris902,

    If you feel like giving us some info on: Detroit and Buffalo’s team.

    I’d appreciate that. I have never seen those teams and like reading your commentary.

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