Silverhorn Out for Saturday, Game Time Decision for Sunday

Oh sweet merciful crap.

This team desperately needs Silverhorn back in the line up, if only to limit the number of threes that Glen Dandridge jacks up.  Freckle Power is the league leader in missed three point attempts and with this injury update it is safe to assume that he will maintain that title.  With Silverhorn out it means that Rick Lewis’ four man wing rotation will continue to be Brown, Dandridge, Twyman and Jeanty with Twyman the only one shooting over 30%.

Two thoughts on this:

1)  Lewis keeps saying that Halifax have just been cold from the outside and that when the shots start falling Halifax will start winning.  Rather than hoping the shots fall I would prefer to see Lewis drawing up some plans to get easier shots for the shooters.  Let’s get some off the ball screens or something happening.  Anything.

2) I’d like to see a starting line up of Hammack, Ramey, Dandridge, Sanders and Bailey on the floor.  It’s the best defensive line up the Rainmen have, plus it provides size and shooting.  Halifax need to start strong and Brown misses too many shots and Jeanty is too small.  This also means that the first three guys off the bench would be Twyman, Jeanty and Brown which gives Halifax great scoring in the second unit to blow the game open.  Strick would also be coming off the bench giving even more scoring options against less defensively skilled bench players on opposing teams.  The current situation is just not working.

Halifax should be able to adjust to this, but they haven’t over the last three games.  You can’t just keep trying the same thing, watch it fail, and keeping on trying hoping for different results.  That’s pretty much the textbook definition of crazy.


24 thoughts on “Silverhorn Out for Saturday, Game Time Decision for Sunday

  1. That first point is exactly the problem with the Rainmen. It’s not they’re cold, it’s that their shots are always contested, and they’re contested because most of their threes are shot of the dribble. This is the PBL for crying out loud, nobody is playing great defense. You could run junior high sets and get open looks.

    First result on Google. Google could coach this team better than Lewis.

  2. I seem to remember having this conversation 14months ago, 12 months ago and 9 months ago. Only one piece of the team has remain constant in this time. I wondering what it is?

  3. I am very surprised that Lewis was back to coach the team again this year. I had season tickets last year and was constantly baffled by his strategy, or lack there of. For example, being down by 20 at the half and not putting defensive pressure on the ball to get back in the game…until there was about 3 minutes left in the fourth quarter??!!
    I re-upped for season tickets again, but it’s looking all too familiar. Terrible substitutions, no play calling, and a severe lack of leadership on Lewis’ behalf. Honestly, I feel that a plate of nachos on his seat would be more inspiring to the players.
    The Rainmen will continue to have my support. We have a much better team this year and I thank Mr. Levingston for keeping pro ball in Halifax,
    but Lewis needs to take a walk.
    A better coach means more wins. More wins means higher attendance. Wins and High Attendance means a shot at the NBA D-League.

  4. This weekend is the biggest yet. These games are both must wins. Dandridge needs to stop taking so many contested and long threes. Lewis needs to switch the starting line up. Hopefully Bailey’s injury was all that was keeping him out of it.

    This team needs to make that push, now. Get a centre, get Silverhorn back and this team is a contender again.

  5. I do not understand how Lewis can bench Crookshank for not trying and still give Glen Dandridge 35 minutes when he takes contested jump shots off the dribble from 25 feet out and turning over the ball over five times a game. You cannot bench one player for playing poorly and then just keep giving time to another player who is playing horribly. The sooner Silverhorn is back the better.

  6. Glen Dandridge currently leads the league with the most total turnovers, total missed field goals, total missed three point attempts… and minutes played. This is infuriating.

  7. Rick Lewis seems like a good guy, and he’s supposed to be a fantastic trainer, but it seems like everyone other than Andre Levingston knows that the team needs a new person behind the bench.

    Aside from his lack of Xs and Os and his questionable ability to build a roster that makes sense I really doubt the myth of “Lewis is good for player development”… first of all, without anything resembling a system he doesn’t teach players the Xs and Os and tricks of the trade needed to develop a solid basketball IQ. Second, no one is going to get good looks from scouts if their team is not winning and Rick Lewis seems good at not winning. Third, can you think of a player from last year who was really noticeably better after Rick Lewis was done with them? James Tyler and Devino Williams were both young guys (18 year olds) who showed no real improvement in their game, and even Crookshank who was better at the end of the year did not show great improvement this season compared to last, and clearly Lewis was not able develop the character side of things. Silverhorn has gotten better but the knee thing kind of undermines that.

    Just to toss this out there: The one Rainman player who worked out with Lewis in the off season is currently sidelined with a knee injury…

  8. As much as I think Lewis is a terrible coach, Crookshank and Silverhorn showed a ton of improvement under him last year. That might just be because of the massive responsibilities that Lewis placed on them last year though. They were given a load to burden, which resulted in more playing time at higher level than they ever had before. Regardless, they did improve, perhaps in spite of Lewis.

    And yes, Lewis really needs to see what his training does to players knees. It’s insane.

  9. When I have gone to Rainmen games I haven’t seen Coach Lewis leave the bench. (rarely)

    Most coaches I have seen in the NBA or at any level get up and talk to officials, get excited and yell out to players, etc. etc.

    I’d like to see a more pro-active approach. Stand up more! Yell more! Show your players you are passionate! Hell even get ejected from a game for standing up for a player! I’d like to see some passion!

  10. OK, so the leading contenders to replace Lewis are:

    1. Google
    2. A plate of nachos (no indication whether the nachos include jalapenos)

    Any other suggestions?

  11. The problem is that Mickey Fox has a full time gig teaching junior high kids. I think that Les Berry is the most likely candidate since he is a coach with no permanent job right now. He’s a Halifax guy who got a university program to over achieve – why is he not running the show?

  12. Sam Mitchell..awesome.. how about the female announcer at the games, at least she gets excited. I also am sour about the coach to ref thing. I ref soccer and it may not lead to you getting that call, but it is always in the heads of the officials at some point. Getting at least soem dialogue going, so the players and FANS know you are awake.

    You can still be classy as an organization, you don’t have to scream, but you can certainly let the refs know to watch certain things. is there a WI basketball game with plays yet?

  13. Actually, Lewis will talk to the refs on occasion. He generally stays on top of them; and while he doesn’t freak out, it is not fair to say he doesn’t have dialogue with them.

  14. He lets the fans do most of the talking. I will help out on the games on the 13th and 15th though.

    I vote for Dick Vitale Baby!! This guy shoots more bankers than Bonnie and Clyde

  15. Agreed, Fox would be a great candidate. Another name that popped in my head was Steve Benton. Never coached that I know of but Benton played for the Windjammers and stuck around Halifax. Great guy with hoop knowledge and well respected in the community. Seriously, even Jad Crnogorac, the team’s VP, would be better than Lewis!!
    What if we all went to the next game with enlarged cardboard Mickey Fox
    heads on a stick and waved them. Think someone might get a hint??

    ps… of course the nachos have jalepenos

  16. It’s crazy how you guys criticize Dandridge. I’ve known him for years, watched him constantly rise to the occasion, and watched him dominate pro talent. If you don’t shoot, you don’t score…if you don’t score, you don’t win. It’s a numbers game. He’s 23, still growing and getting stronger, has Big 12 experience and has an array of weapons. That speaks volumes when compared to those around him. He’s a system guy. He flourishes in organized systems with other PROFESSIONALS. Surround him with some real talent and watch him take control. Until then, shut up and save your negative comments for your kid’s rec ball team….Also, the more you have the ball in your hands, the more likely you are to cough it up…count his touches before you go blasting him for his number of TOs…not his fault that Snyder taught him that ball players step to the ball. Again, get some more talent in Canada because you all wouldn’t know a ball player if he walked into your house and snatched your CAT-5 cable as you blogged away.

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