Fans Organizing Roadtrip to Quebec and Montreal

Please note: actual bus may differ from one shown above

I can’t make the trip but Suzy Hansen who runs the “Halifax Rainmen Fan Club” facebook group is organizing a bus to go support the team on their next road trip to to the land of Québec solidaire*:

ok i have the info for the trip to montreal/quebec games for feb 27/28 finalized here it is: the cost will be $310 it will include
Bus there and back to all locations( montreal game and quebec game then back home
Hotel in montreal double occupancy(so you will have to share a room, you can pick someone to be in th eroom with you if you are traveling in pairs…or you could pay full fare for the room, talk with me about it)
hotel in quebec same deal
and bus trip home.
now all the while we can shop in montreal, mall is close to hotel and if there is any ideas about a field trip along the way send me info and i will consider it, but basically it will be from thurs night to sun morning we will leave for home, hoping to be back late evening on sunday.
I am requesting that those that want to come along need to have the payment to me by no later than first week in feb, so that i can pay for the bus and also to have the guest lists for the hotels, so the bus has limited seating if you want to come email me back or give me a call after 6pm on my cell 402–8992 so that i can put you on the list.
just remember here is our chance to support our Rainmen away and as well to all those that like to shop/like montreal/or just plain need to getaway for the weekend this would be a great time to do it!!!!! call me our email. thanks guys hope to hear from ya’s

There are a few reasons I can’t go (school, work and dental surgery being the main ones) but it should be a real adventure.  If you’re interested I encourage you to go to the facebook group and message her, or give her a call.  Either way do it sooner rather than later.

*okay, fine so they only have one seat in the national assembly, but that’s still enough to make me happy.

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