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So a source finally came through for me via e-mail and I have been able to confirm what happened with Eric.  I trust the source 99.99999% on this and a lot of it makes sense.

Apparently there was no physical confrontation between Eric and anyone else.  It was 100% verbal. Eric was benched because he told Lewis during a timeout that he feels that they should be running the high pick and roll with Sanders, not him.  Lewis blew up on him and told him to sit on the bench.

After the game in the locker room Crookshank said he thinks that they need to get their best guys on the floor and Lewis snapped on him. This goes along with what a lot  of people have told me – no one feels like they can actually talk openly about the team in the locker room, on the bench, or in practice.  Lewis has a feeling that he has to control everything and any discussion undermines his authority.

The next day front office stuff took place.  Initially there was talks of trading him, but releasing him was never fully considered – the PBL has a system involving a buyout on players rights, so a team could buy him out but Halifax negotiated such a high buyout that no one is willing to bite.  The decision to suspend him was based on Lewis telling Levingston that Eric is totally uncoachable and never listens to him and never has.  My source says it is personal and extends to off the court interaction as well.

Levingston doesn’t want to suspend Eric but he feels like he can’t step on the toes of his coach and GM and if he feels like it’s a decision which hurts the team in the end he will hold the coach accountable.

Again, my source isn’t in the team/organization but I know that they’re close and they’ve fed me solid and 100% truthful information before so I trust this.  They said that they’ve heard the same story from multiple people.

My source (it sounds exciting doesn’t it?) said that a group of people, mostly fans and friends of players, are trying to get Eric back on the court for Halifax.  They’ve been trying to convince people not to give up their season tickets (I’ve heard from a few people that a lot of people have tried to return them) and not to boycott the game but instead to come to Sunday’s game in Crookshank jerseys and if possible to bring signs and support Eric and the people who are trying to get him back on the team.  I’d personally just like to ask that people not boo Rodney Mayes – he did not choose to wear #20.  The people involved seem sincere about this and really think they can get Eric back on the team.

I really honestly believe this.  From what we know about Levingston this actually makes sense – he delegates and trusts people and feels like he should let them do their jobs but if they don’t he’ll punish them later.  The players have never, ever liked Lewis and it’s obvious he and Eric don’t get along (remember the benching for the fourth quarter of last year’s final home game loss to Atlanta?).   I also haven’t been able to get any confirmation on the rumours of a physical altercation with Silverhorn or Lewis.


13 thoughts on “More on Crookshank

  1. This makes sense! Eric would never do what you people have claimed he did. You should not have started and helped spread rumors that he attacked people you are as guilty as everyone else. I am making a bring back crook shirt for this game!

  2. If this is true, Eric is a huge victim here.

    They screw over his season, they ruin his reputation. That’s just not right. Eric should get the hell out of here; he deserves better.

    This is not okay. Lewis and Levingston should be ashamed.


  4. Chris, that certainly sounds more believable. Honestly, I had trouble thinking Eric would throw punches, especially at a second-year teammate.

    If this is the case, I think the honourable thing for Lewis to do would be resign and let Shannon take over coaching the team. If Lewis doesn’t resign, then Levingston must make the executive decision that is best for the organization and fire Lewis. If it eases front office feelings, make it a soft sell (leaving for personal commitments, whatever you want to say) to preserve Lewis’ reputation (?!?) and try to salvage the remainder of the season.

    IMO, Lewis doesn’t deserve to stay with the Rainmen, after privately over-reacting and then publicly throwing Eric under the bus, but Andre has always come across as a gentleman and he would probably have a hard time openly humiliating the coach/GM.

    If they act now, we can still do well this season, maybe even make the playoffs. And as anyone who has been watching this year’s NFL playoffs will attest, any team can win in the playoffs. That is what is best for the players, best for the fans and best for the Rainmen organization.

  5. Why is Eric even still with the team? They basically took a year away from his career, he could’ve gotten some good offers from Europe this year or an invite to a camp or summer league in the NBA somewhere…instead he gets screwed over cause Rick Lewis doesn’t listen to anyone and the owner’s too nice. Unbelievable.

  6. Halifax was looking so good with a solid team and a strong start, but now it seems like it will end up like it did last year. It is time to get a new coach.

  7. I think Coach Lewis’ days are numbered as the coach of the Rainmen.

    Even without this new information.

    It’s obvious even from a distance that the team is not performing up to their potential. I know it’s only 6 games (12 if you include pre-season)

    But the team should move fast. Especially in light of the playoff format that was released.

    A .500 season won’t cut it. I think the team would be LUCKY to make it to .500 with the status quo. Inject Crookshank, say BYE BYE to Strick and BYE BYE to Lewis and we might still have a chance to save this season…

  8. I wish the Coach’s and the organization would just let him go and perform for a team that would be willing to listen to their players rather than control them. Eric is Halifax and dedicated Rainmen. But this will bring upon Death By Dishonor. Fans should contact ESPN and make this national amongs one of the biggest sports webcats and telivision net works in sports.

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