Play Off Format Announced

Say what you will about the Halifax Metro, their coverage of the Rainmen and the Mooseheads is pretty fantastic.  Here they have an explanation of the PBL play-off format:

Only four teams qualify for the PBL post-season, with three conference winners gaining automatic entry.

The top two remaining finishers in the overall standings will have a one-game showdown to decide a fourth wildcard team.

The four teams will play off in best-of-three semifinals, with two games hosted by the higher seed.

The championship series will also be a best-of-three, but the league has not yet determined whether it will be hosted by the participating teams or a neutral site.

At 3-3 Halifax are hardly out of the play off picture; almost all the teams in the league are clustered between 2-3 and 3-2, but Halifax do need to step it up.  Aside from the general “win games”  strategy there are a few other things they need to do:

  1. End with an overall winning record against Manchester and Vermont.  If you can’t win the majority of of your games against those two teams you won’t even have a shot at the wildcard.
  2. Win at least six, preferably seven of the remaining eight home games.  They are not a great road team so they absolutely need to hold homecourt advantage.
  3. Beat Detroit and Buffalo in all four games.  The out of division games are essentially free points to be won.  Halifax need to scoop those wins up if they hope make the play offs.

More than anything else Halifax need to win both games this weekend.  Even a split just means they’re treading water at .500.  Two losses will almost invariably lead to the team falling apart and being incapable of turning it around.


3 thoughts on “Play Off Format Announced

  1. It is refreshing to see a league that has it together. The play-off system sounds like it makes sense and will give fans plenty of chances to see their team in the second season. Now all we need to do is get into the playoffs!

  2. I do enjoy that teams get to host home games in the playoffs on their home court. I think it gets the atmosphere pumped up and really gets people who care in the building rather than a neutral site which would show a large decline in attendance. This is NOT the super bowl. you will not have people coming out “just to see the game”……… well maybe some but definatly not as much interest as if it was a home team.

  3. I like this. Having the three games series is much better than the “one and done.” It just makes sense. That being said, the Rainmen have to win, now.

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