Buffalo Stampede Game Tonight

I am running a conference this weekend and won’t have time to sit around the computer and follow the box score (but I arranged the whole conference around making the game on Sunday) so I thought I’d put up this post for people to discuss this evening’s game.

First note of the night: Silverhorn will not be playing at all this weekend.  Bummer.


13 thoughts on “Buffalo Stampede Game Tonight

  1. Looks like we won by 4– another stellar night shooting by Dandridge- 2-9 for threes, 4-7 from the field, but 19 points total, not as bad as last game.. line.. way to go..Jimmy 20, rob 17, Cordell looked like he had a good game with 9 points, 10 boards a couple steals/ assists.. at least dandridge cut down the TOs to 2..


  2. At the half, CREZ froze when we tried to print the boxscore. We had to close out of it and start it over, and must have forgot to go live with the webcast. Sorry about that. The CREZ system is always unpredictable…

    I don’t think Rob played until the second half, looked like he was nursing a knee injury. He had it wrapped up with a small brace until he went into the game. He was the game changer and sparked Halifax to victory. He got to the line a few times and got some key offensive rebounds and 3 point plays by drawing fouls.

    Dandrige also shot well, especially in the second, he made some big shots. Jimmy set the the tone for Halifax in the first, he was in command. Cordell played consistant all game.

    As for the Stampede, free throw shooting in the second half killed us. I think the exact number was 14 missed FTs in the second half. We blew the opportunity to cash in on free points. The 3 ball also killed us, I think we were 1-13.

    Otherwise it was a great game, pretty competative, and fun to watch. Should be another good one tomorrow. The winner might be the team with the fresher legs because both teams matched up well tonight and could have gone either way.

    Good win though for Halifax, congrats Rainmen fans!

  3. Thanks for the recap. We really needed this win.

    I honestly think the Rainmen are terrible without Silverhorn and Sanders. Hopefully they will prove me wrong today.

    Also, even with those two, I think we are one legit front court player away from being a legit contender rather than a middle of the pack team.

  4. Wait until you guys get to see Strickland, he is hilarious and quite the character. At the end of the game with 5 seconds left, he put his hands in his shorts and shouted that he wasn’t going to foul anyone on a buzzer beater. He also likes to talk to the refs alot and to himself. He also got the team fired up. Hes a big cheerleader, but a leader. He should put on a show today for the home crowd. 🙂

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