Halifax Defeat Buffalo, 105-94

Halifax moved to 5-3 (Good for second in the division and fourth in the league) with a solid win against the Buffalo Stampede.  Halifax opened strong (for once) and never trailed.  To be honest, the Stampede never really felt like a threat.  It might be fatigue but Buffalo just didn’t look good.

Some quick thoughts:

– I have had just about enough of Dandridge.  He went 0-6 in the first half and continues to take jumpers from four feet behind the three point line.  He was a bit better in the second half than in the first and finished with 18 points.  The team as a whole shot a terrible 15% from deep.  The Rainmen are now running a promotion where if the team hit 15 three pointers in a game, a ticket stub from the game will get you a big mac.  Based on tonight’s shooting percentage the team would have had to take around 75 three point attempts for fans to score some free grease.

– Halifax’s did two things well that they don’t normally do: shoot free throws and rebound on the defensive end.

– Halifax couldn’t pull away because of a series of terrible turnovers on the fast break.  They tend to try to push it a bit too much and go for lobs and stupid alley-oops.

– John Strickland is amazing.  The guy is hilarious but actually a really, really smart player.  He’s pretty much the perfect minor league veteran: a guy who coaches players on the floor and is an instant fan favourite.  He can actually play, too:  he was perfect from the field, grabbed 7 boards, and despite having the ugliest set shot ever he knocked down 66% of his free throws.   I don’t think he’s a starting caliber centre/powerforward due to his fitness (I am convinced he’s the kind of guy who smokes in the locker room at half) and age, but coming off the bench I love him.


19 thoughts on “Halifax Defeat Buffalo, 105-94

  1. I’m going to come forward and officially apologize to all the consistent readers for my treatment of Dandridge this season. At the beginning of the year I defended his sloppy shooting, claiming he played good defense and that he just need to get a rhythm…you know what doesn’t help your rhythm? SHOOTING FROM A STEP OUTSIDE THE NBA LINE. He’s the only person on the team I’m worried might consider taking a 4 pt. shot.

    Jesus, he’s just terrible.

    That being said, until Silverhorn comes back (please, please, please, please, please come back) he seems the best fit for that spot, Mayes looked rusty (or really sucky if he wasn’t rusty) and when they tried Jeanty at 3 with Bailey and Strickland they were too slow.


  2. Also, I loved John Strickland, he added a ton to the game, and was the best inside passer I’ve ever seen in the ABA/PBL.

    That being said, I don’t think the man is physically capable of getting off the ground, and those free throws were unbelievable, a couple that missed didn’t reach the height of the rim.

  3. Told ya you guys would love Strick 🙂 I saw his speech at the end of the game, hes a natural entertainer!

    My Stampede were without 2 players, one being a starter, Ed Rainey. I think the Stampede are spending the night in Halifax and that could be the reason why Ed Rainey couldn’t make it, hes a local player with a job and newborn. The other guy, Charles Easterling could not make it because there was an issue with the plane tickets. Both really unfortunate we couldn’t have either because they would have really helped.

    I was actually surprised without those two guys, they kept the margain of victory for the Rainmen that low.

    We also lost 2 other guys this past week, one went to Germany and the other we had to release due to some off court issues. And were still waiting for another big we have to return from injury. He broke his hand a week before the season 😦

    Our roster is in a transitional phase right now. We’re trying to maintain chemistry but at the same time upgrade the talent and fill spots, which is much needed to win games. This losing skid should be a wake up call to the first year front office of the Stampede, or at least I hope it would be…

    Congrats again on the weekend sweep, it was a good weekend for Halifax to get back to their winning ways and to try and win the division. Once Silverhorn is back, you’ll be fine.

  4. TB
    They gave a good account of themselves, but if we hadn’t tried to committ suicide with our passing in the third quarter it should have been over. As for Dandridge, when he gets to the rim or threatens to drive and pulls up he was ok in the second half. He is extremely frustrating. I did love the play of Bailey, Strick and Cordell today. They crashed the boards and mostly took good shots. Now, if we can get more movement when the ball is in the post for open looks, that would be great. We are still forcing far too much when the play breaks down. Jimmy had another solid game and Rob did well when he was in. I actually thought Mayes was decent, but you don’t see many airball layups! Strick better not get too popular or he might get suspended too… ERIC…..Noooooo..

  5. Halifax fans, you may be getting one amazing player coming your way, something I’ve been hearing for a few days. If you guys can get him, I will become an adopted Rainmen fan…

  6. Part of me feels like Strick actually gives Halifax a chance to save face on this Crookshank thing – unsuspend Crookshank (invite him back to practice for awhile, then let him back in to games) on the claim that you feel that having a locker room veteran as experienced as Strick means Eric can benefit from learning from him…. or something. Just end this dumb drama.

    TB: What do you know? Share some info, guy.

  7. Well I found out why Ed Rainey one of starters didn’t make the trip, he had some issues with an ID or Birth Certificate thing to cross the border. How unfortunate, damn border security! Lol! I guess Mark Price got injured for us today too which limited his numbers and one guy was sick the past few days. Even if we were healthy, it probably would have made no difference anyways, we just don’t have 10 solid guys, we have a few and you can’t win like that.

    I am going to choose to remain mum until anything becomes official, I’ve only heard some rumors and speculation so far. All I will say is that if you get this player, he could take this team to the next level.

  8. I just felt that Buffalo had a lot of guys who were fine as the last man in an eight or nine man rotation, but unfortunately they were starting. It wasn’t a bunch of terrible players, instead it was a lot of guys who deserve to be in the league but were all being asked to do too much. The big difference was really athleticism – guys like Carl Rainey were really good, but there weren’t the players to crash boards or get out and run to exploit Halifax’s mistakes.

    TB: If the move doesn’t come through then let us know what you heard after the fact.

  9. Good points Chris, I agree with pretty much all of it. We are missing that guy who can just flat out score and take over, and then a guy that is a slasher type play who can play in and out with size. Like a Silverhorn type guy, or even Rob Sanders. We have good role players, but no one that really stands out. We did have someone that could do that but hes gone now. As long as we don’t get killed though every game, I don’t get frustrated or too upset, but we can’t lose every game and finish the season with 2 or 3 wins lol. At least we have some decent fan support though, had around 1k Saturday and 850 for our opener. Not bad considering we’ve had 2 failed ABA teams here and we have a first year owner and GM and coach to the pro level.

    If the deal doesn’t work, I’ll fill you in.

  10. I know we talk about him too much, but man… why can’t we bring Crookshank? It was painful to see him today. He walked through my section at halftime saying hello to folks. People were coming up to him to take pictures and shake hands, but there were a lot of people who seemed to genuinely *know* him that he greeted by name and gave big hugs to. He seemed melancholy, which is to be expected, but man… Considering what he means to the fans, and considering that they already think well enough about him to keep paying him, keep him in the city, and allow him to go to the games with court side seats… Why can’t he just put on the uniform and play?

  11. Strickland was really good. Even though he is goofy he really knows how to play. I think he should be the coach of the team.

  12. With the addition of the 36-year-old former Harlem Globetrotter, the Rainmen now have a new play: the Strick and Roll.

    John Strickland is definitely an asset to the Rainmen.
    1) His showmanship: his no-look passes (including making binoculars out of his hands on the way back down the court), his speech to the fans after the game, and how he reacted to our cheering for him by cheering himself on with a pat on his behind;
    2 His outspokenness: during one shift, he didn’t stop talking on his way past the timekeeper table, to the referee, to the opposing coach, and finally to himself in mid-court — he talked to more people during the game than Lewis did;
    3) His apparent spirituality (he crosses himself twice every time he is defending);
    4) His obvious high basketball IQ and leadership on the floor, directing players to where they should be to score — and they did last night, thanks to his coaching during the game.

    Welcome to Halifax, Strick!

    In other news:
    I saw a couple of possible reasons why SirVal has moved around so much during his career: (at least one) airball 3-point attempt that was an unnecessary shot and an instance where he lost his cool, complete with shouting expletives, at being called for a foul in the paint. Greed and Anger are two sins that no athlete can show on the playing field and survive. SirVal, please use your head and just show us your talent, not your temper.

    EC Suspension Watch:
    I stuck around for a bit after the game to see the start of the high school game. By the way, the Rainmen should really have promoted that there was a local high school game immediately after theirs last night. More people might have stuck around. Anyway, I observed Eric greet Lewis with a big brohug and there were smiles all around. They chatted for a couple of minutes, then Eric moved on to greet some Rainmen. It struck me as a bit odd to see them so chummy, considering Lewis ended Eric’s season and must have hurt Eric’s reputation around basketball circles. Anyway, just thought I would post it.

    Free Big Mac? Yeah right!:
    McDonald’s will never have to make good on their 15 three-pointer Big Mac offer. Never. We were 4 for 26 last night. At that rate, the Rainmen will have to attempt 98 three-pointers to score 15 of them! McDonald’s is getting great free advertising from this one. As Chris902 said last night, maybe if the Rainmen score 15 three-pointers, each of the fans should get a car.

  13. Biggest game of the season this Thursday….

    Manchester Millrats, Thursday at the Metro Centre.

    Our Rainmen have won two games in a row in the post Crookshank era. Feeling good about themselves as the should.

    BUT can they beat Machester or Vermont? The have yet to show that they can hang with the BIG boys in the PBL or their division. If they can’t beat these teams this season will be remember as:

    that CUTE year when everyone was warm and fuzzy for that Strickland guys, they won a couple games, but oh yeah – did they beat anyone that mattered?

    Rainmen: SHOW me you can beat a team that MATTERS on Thursday and I will start to believe we have a chance this season. Lose the game and we will have our little cute team to watch pick off the bottom feeders.

    Hey I see you guys are trying but don’t you want to get to the next level??

  14. Rain Mania, you are right this is a big game. I think that it is the 2nd biggest of the season (IMO: VT at Roch was #1).

    The results of Halifax playing VT and Man (2x) over the next week will tell a lot about the overall strength of Halifax and where they really. If you have Silverhorn playing at 100% I think you may take 2 out of 3. Without Silverhorn, I think that you will get 1 W.

  15. I think that this year every game is big for Halifax. With only five teams getting in to the play offs and three teams in the division in the hunt for the automatic bid Halifax are looking at must win situations every weekend. This is a tough situation for them, 3 games in four days, but they need to pull out two wins. They can’t continue to thrash good and bad teams and then lose to the very good and great teams.

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