SirValiant Rides Into the Sunset

Well… he lasted longer than I thought he would.

SirValiant has been released by the team and I have heard rumblings of an top level minor league two guard joining the team to replace him.  But even if a new guy is not brought in I still think that the team is already better.  Brown took shots and minutes away from more deserving guys (particularly Hammack and Ramey who I think get way too few of both) and did not seem to take on a leadership role.  This also frees up a roster spot for a potential Eric Crookshank return.

If a new player isn’t added then the team has an excellent guard rotation in Hammack, Twyman, Ramey and Dandridge, but no one behind them.  If there were an injury we’d likely see more of Mayes at guard and possibly even some Silverhorn once he’s healthy.

Was Val terrible? No.  But he wasn’t very good either.


9 thoughts on “SirValiant Rides Into the Sunset

  1. I think everyone knows my thoughts right now about Val. He wasn’t the worst player to ever suit up for the Rainmen, but this is good for the team.


    Is the Rainmen website a mess right now or what?

    Also, they should get someone else, preferably a professional making their ads in the Metro. The ones that appear in the print addition look awful.

    I will give props for the nice billboard ad over the new bridge, and the banners outside of the Metro Centre. They look great and it’s good to see the team promoting.

  2. Dropping the F-Bomb in front of your coach and the VIP children sitting next to the bench was probably the worst thing SirVal could have done, if he wanted to stay in Halifax.

    Joe, you are absolutely right about the Metro ad. It was poorly done. The whole alliteration thing with a good slogan: “Fight For First” was lost because of space restrictions and shabby quality graphics.

    “FIGHT for 1st” takes less space but way more brain power for the reader to process the message, rather than spelling out each word and making them the same size. Not a big thing, but it is so easy to do right.

    Chris, I think you might have hit the nail on the head about the roster comment, re: SirVal for EC. If EC is allowed back and Silver is healthy for Thursday’s game, we may just surprise the Millrats. I hope the front office has those plans in mind. Otherwise, we may as well forget the playoffs.

  3. That ad is horrible. I am not a graphic designer but I can think of several things wrong with it off the top of my head:
    – At least six different fonts are used
    – Seven different colours in the design
    – The loss of the alliteration by using the number
    – The ticket phone number is in black but on top of a dark grey graphic so you have a hard time reading it
    They really need to pay for a couple hours of graphic design or bring someone in house who has real design expertise.

    It may not matter though since tomorrow is supposed to be gross out weatherwise, anyway.

  4. Sunday was a very good game…. Just because of the win but, It was a sunday’s game mooseheads out of town playing plus great wheather the attendence wasn’t great… If EC was playing it would have had alot more people.The games arent exciting anymore not many dunks no energy I want be surprised if the rainmen front office just broke even…. Bring back Crookshank. We really don’t understand Andre Levingston at all…. Andre if your reading would Mark C from the Dallas Maveiricks do that to Dirk Nowiniski?

  5. Sir Valiant sucked. You were right about him in the pre season he is terrible. The Rainmen should have just signed Tommy Mitchell. If they do get a new player it should be a center not a guard.

  6. That revolving door of players from last year seems to keep swinging through Halifax. It’s too bad about Val – because he was actually a nice kid. I didn’t like him yelling out a curse word at the game in front of so many kids, but we’ve seen worse around hockey rinks in Halifax, that’s for sure.

    On a side note, you’re right about the website and ads lately. The signs outside the Metro Center look GREAT but the website makes the team actually take a step backwards in public. You can’t find great info about things there, the updates are always back dated/timed for earlier but posted usually MUCH later, you can’t scroll down to see anything in the main box, the questions never updated, and just plain pointless sometimes. I think they would be better served by another billboard, or some bus signs that have some good qualities, and then make the website a little more user friendly and current.

    I don’t think they’ll let Crookshank back on the bench for any reason, no matter how much the fans want him. I think that it would send the wrong message to everyone, we say one thing, but then do another. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see him back dunking on the court, but I think that might hurt the team more publically than anything else. Kinda weird to see that they put up his picture outside the Metro Center though – kinda adds insult to injury!

  7. Wigginton is just hanging out in Preston to the best of my knowledge. He was with the team for a tryout during the first two days of training camp before being promptly cut and he’s not playing university or college ball to the best of my knowledge.

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