Rainmen Sign Tony Bennett

I know its a cheap joke... but its just so easy!

I know it's a cheap joke... but it's just so easy!

In order to replace the departed Sir Valiant Brown the team brought in a guy with another funny name: 6’0 combo guard Tony Bennett.   Bennett had what I’d describe as a solid DI career in two years at Bradley – 11.1.ppg, 2.6apg, 3.5 rpg and 1.9 spg as well as 42% field goal percentage and 33% from three point range.  Since then he’s played in the minor foriegn leagues – Mexico and Finland.

He seems like a solid pick up who could potentially start but I can’t help but feel like this team still does not have a true shooting guard – instead we have a platoon of point guard and a couple of small forwards who each get a turn playing as off guard. Bennett also seems to primarily be a scorer, which I am not sure is the team’s big need.  Still, if they can get some consistent three point shooting and two steals a game out of him then he’d be a great pick up.

This also wasn’t the move I was expecting as there were rumours of another player, a former ABA and PBL star, getting the call.  He will be joining the team for tonight’s game, but I can’t imagine he’ll see much floor time since he’ll likely be flying in from Chicago this morning.  Hopefully either Ramey or Hammack get to start today – the team just runs much better on both ends when at least one of them is on the floor.


15 thoughts on “Rainmen Sign Tony Bennett

  1. This move has Rick Lewis written all over it – he only ever signs players who are primarily scorers and he always seems to want to bring in guys from Chicago. I would have preferred to see a big man brought in. I really think that Hammack/Twyman/Ramey/Dandridge is an outstanding four man guard rotation. We do not need another scorer, and we really don’t need another undersized guard.

  2. The rainmen sucks now period…. every time we fall in love with players they get rid of them is there a trade dead line. last year we seen to many faces

  3. With all due respect – no, the Rainmen don’t sucks (sic) now. They’re infinitely better than they were last year. And anyone who fell in love with SirValiant Brown as a basketball player is an idiot who deserves to have their heart broken.
    This year we’ve seen Halifax suspend Eric and cut loose SirVal – go take a look at the PBL transactions page and you’ll see that this team has made way fewer in season roster moves than the other top teams in the league like Rochester, Vermont and Manchester. If anything the team has been too slow to pull the trigger on getting rid of McNeal.

    Last year was a bit excessive, but that was because the team that started out the season more or less sucked.

  4. I hope we all give Brian Silverhorn a break tonight.

    He’s coming back from an injury. It’s hard to shoot three’s when not 100% percent physically. Also, you have to practice shooting in the gym which he hasn’t.

    If he gets in the game, plays 20 minutes pain free and makes a few open shots that’s all we can expect tonight.

  5. I’ll be happy if he can give us 15 minutes, plays better than terrible defense and can knock down more threes than he misses. It’s been a long lay off.

  6. Why they cutting all the gangsta players with swagger????1irst they suspend Crook and we get no dunks now they get rid of brown???Thats dumb ass shit right there they probably just want to bring in a bunch of white guys wit crew cuts like silverhorn until the team is like the vermont white boys club led by Donnie Osmond!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    EDIT: You really need to stop dropping the N bomb. One more time and I am blocking your IP address.
    – Chris

  7. It was requested during the live feed that I post the Manchester live feed link here.

    There will be a link at Manchestermillrats.com saying “Click here for live video of the Millrats game” on the right side. During the last Manchester-Vermont game, the link was not working, however. After a little searching I found a link from the venue, the University of Southern New Hampshire.


    There will be two links listed, view the broadcast on campus and off-campus. Obviously, nearly everyone reading this will be off campus. Be warned the feed is very low quality, but at least you can tell what is going on.

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