Rainmen Head South for the Weekend

So Halifax will be heading to New England where they hope to pick up their first wins in either socialist Vermont or libertarian New Hampshire.  I am of the mind that Halifax need to walk away with at least a split but I don’t think it’s impossible to sweep the series.  It’s likely that the wildcard spot in the play offs will come down to a game between the second place team in the Atlantic and the second place team in the East so Halifax need to not only get wins against Manchester and Vermont, but prevent the Rats and the Heaves from getting wins as well.

We know what to expect from Manchester, but I’d expect them to come out even more motivated to beat Halifax after Thursday’s win.  They will also have Kenyon Gamble all geared up and ready to go.

Vermont have made some line up tweaks but they have been inconsistent this year so here’s hoping Halifax can steal a win on their home turf.

Both games will be available live on line.

In other news, the next home game for Halifax (Sunday, Feb. 8 ) will be “Kids Day” and children’s tickets will be five dollars.  The next two games after that on the 13th and 15th will mark the triumphant return of Duncan MacLellan to the the lower bowl of the MetroCentre.


16 thoughts on “Rainmen Head South for the Weekend

  1. Did I read that right? The Rainmen gave up 50 points in the 4th quarter on Thursday? They must mean the half. I was at that game.

    A team doesn’t give up 50 pts. in a quarter without bad coaching decision on the floor.

    50 pts must be a record of some sort. That would be 200 points over for quarters! Insanity!

  2. They indeed did have 50 dropped on them…
    Including a RIDICULOUS stretch withOUT a timeout where they drained 4 threes in about 45 seconds.

  3. ugh, Halifax are already looking terrible on the defensive boards.

    Great comment from the announcers: “You’ll see a lot of high screens in the Halifax offense… in fact that’s just about all you’ll see”… and the video cut out again. I may just give up. Can anyone else see the game?

  4. Yeah, it’s back for me too.

    Halifax’s perimeter defense looks terrible. Sanders (Vermont’s Sanders) is getting inside way too easily.

  5. This is really questionable refereeing. The announcers are even joking about it. How have Vermont only been called for two fouls in the whole quarter?

  6. watch Lewis..5 pt run by the rainmen at a key moment and the use of a timeout by a coach to change momentum.. interesting concept.. you don’t get to use them when the game is over.. why are we just randomly shooting threes, oh yeah, because if we don’t get anything of the high screen and we can’t drive, we just chuck it up..

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