SirVal Says What We’re All Thinking

From today’s Metro:

He also said the offence is disorganized with very few plays, particularly for clutch, last-minute situations.

“We just put a basic pick-and-roll into the offence last week,” Brown said. “We should have done that Day 1. Coach don’t know how to coach. He’s a trainer. A good trainer.

“But they have the most talent in the league and they aren’t going to win a championship with him coaching.”

He also has some criticisms of Levingston that I disagree with.  It’s kind of classless to go off like this on the way out the door, but the fact remains that Lewis is dragging this team down.


22 thoughts on “SirVal Says What We’re All Thinking

  1. I dunno, I think he got a raw deal. How can they tell him to shoot the ball less and then cut him for not being productive? If you agree with him on Lewis and Crookshank he’s probably not too far off on his other complaint too. Plus the Rainmen threw him under the bus the day before so if he lacks class so do they.

  2. The problem was that he wasn’t productive with the shots he was taking. I think it was a questionable situation to bring him into anyway – everyone knows he’s a volume scorer so asking him to be efficient is sort of silly.

  3. Lewis is ATROCIOUS!!! Everyone got so hyped up because we were up by 20+ heading into the 4th last night, but guess what?? The 4th quarter is where coaches make their money, and we ended up squeaking out a W. What does thay say about our “coach”??

    He has NEVER coached basketball before, at any level. This is not baseball. Two totally different sports, requiring different strategies, etc.

    We have a really nice squad this year – Ramey does not get enough burn. Sanders should start. Needless to say Crook got the worst of it all – check your ego at the door “coach” and bring Crook back.

    I have a pretty decent spot to listen to the coaching Lewis gives during the game , and this sums it up:

    “Run the play”
    “Stop the ball”
    “Get back”

    He does not get off his chair all game. He does not work the refs on bad calls and back-up his players. He does not teach players, or point out things to recognize during games. He is not aware of scoring mistakes (good thing Shannon is!). Please tell me what he brings to the equation???

    As for Sir, i dont blame him for venting like this. He started on Sunday, and by Wednesday he’s cut?? That doesnt make any sense to me.

    I encourage you all to watch the players on the bench as the game goes on – check the body language. They are miserable playing for Lewis.

    (not to mention he’s also the “GM”! Urgh!!!)

  4. What kind of money to the Rainmen make that he’s rejecting six-figures from other teams? That sounds crazy to me.

    I can understand why Lewis is a good conditioning coach though…you certainly need to be fit for all that baseball!!

  5. SirVal was the Rainmen’s best at getting to the hoop after Twyman and Sanders … he just didn’t do it much because apparently he was told not to. I still see think he has a point. If it’s efficiency say hello to Glen Dandridge who they HAVE given license to shoot.

  6. Manchester scored 50(!!!) points in the fourth quarter last night… that has to be on the coach. That is 4.2 points per minute for a full quarter. Unreal.

  7. I was thinking the EXACT same thing as SlamMaster:

    “What kind of money to the Rainmen make that he’s rejecting six-figures from other teams?”

    6 FIGURES!?!?!?!? LOL

  8. Honestly, I don’t really blame SirVal on this.

    How can we continue with such a terrible coach?

    But worth noting – how the hell did he put together such a talented team?

  9. OK here’s what burns me with the obvious bias of my screen name.

    It kills me enough to see Crook in the stands in street clothes, cheering, high-fiving and talking to the teammates that clearly love him. He loves this team and wants it to win!

    It’s worse to know he basically did nothing wrong (no matter what the Rainmen say) and the guy responsible is sitting on the bench, not calling timeouts, letting the Millrats ring up 50 points, no playbook to speak of, and his press break in the final quarter is letting a guy who has NEVER PRACTICED with the team bring the ball up the floor.

    I mean if Bennett carrying the rock in clutch time doesn’t say everything you need to know about Lewis I don’t know what does.

    (Not a slam on Bennett, he will be our go to guy for sure, just pointing out that he had never so much as practiced a fast break with the Rainmen, illustrating a total lack of planning)

    Burnsy B.’s three talking points for Rick are bang on.

    The saddest thing of it all is we’re stuck with him and we’re stuck without Crookshank and nobody in the entire Metro Centre wants it that way. The Rainmen may be in first but it hurts to be a fan right now.

  10. I can blame SirVal in this way – he and his agent probably negotiated a big contract based on name recognition and he was probably being paid more than anyone other than Eric. He was not a good fit for the team and keeping him around made no sense. Like I said – he isn’t bad, but he wasn’t good enough to make sense for the Rainmen.

    SirVal being a disappointment and Rick Lewis being a terrible coach are not mutually exclusive. I don’t think anyone here is defending Lewis because it’s impossible. The guy is incompetent and I have heard the same thing that Val is saying from multiple players and staff members over the last two years.

  11. Chris, why would you give SirVal a big contract if you’re not going to let him have the rock and let him shoot and take the ball to the hole? The Rainmen can’t have it both ways.

    If SirVal had been given Dandridge’s opportunities what would his numbers have been after eight games?

    I saw a guy working hard and sacrificing his game to fit in.

  12. Because you thought he’d be better than he was and because your agent has consistently negotiated deals that pay him too much and results in him getting cut. I saw a guy trying hard but who lacked the skills and physical abilities to be a starter on this team. Look at his shooting percentages, his lack of quickness and his average handle. The guy simply was not that good. Dandridge has been pretty bad too, but that doesn’t excuse that absolute and total lack of production from Val.

  13. The Rainmen cut him for not producing. If he played Dandridge’s minutes and took as many shots as Dandridge, he would have easily outproduced Dandridge. But Dandridge is the golden boy (who finally woke the F up last night).

  14. As bad as Dandridge’s shooting percentages are, Val’s are worse. Dandridge also got a lot of minutes due to the Silverhorn injury. I agree: Dandridge should not get as many minues or as many shots as he gets, but do you honestly think that if a guy is performing poorly in moderate minutes (averaging 22mpg) that you should bump him up to getting a lot of minutes? That seems like an absurd solution.

    I agree that it must be hard to play in the Rick Lewis “system” but still – the guy just wasn’t very good. Halifax aren’t the only team that thought that: ask his 18 (or more) other teams from the last five years.

  15. I think we actually sort of agree on the fundamental point:
    Why did Rick Lewis bring him in in the first place if he wanted him to be an efficient scorer taking under ten shots a game? Everything in his history suggests that he’s only effective when he dominates the ball – that’s not a knock against him, but rather a knock against Lewis. If he doesn’t fit your “system” don’t bring him in and act surprised when it doesn’t work out.

  16. I think the real question should be…What kind of blackmail does Rick Lewis have on Andre Levingston? Lewis is obviously in over his head coaching. Why is Levingston burying his head in the sand on this issue? When one player says something it’s sour grapes. When its repeated with multiple players its a problem that needs to be dealt with.

  17. Sir Valiant would have scored 20 points a game on last year’s team but this year the players move the ball around despite Lewis and there are too many guys needing touches. He seems like the kind of guy who would dominate at a lower level like the ABA but he has no shot at the NBA and even the PBL and CBA seem to be a struggle for him.

    Everyone knows that Lewis is a terrible coach and none of his players respect him but he still has a job. It makes no sense to anyone but Levingston. Look at how Halifax almost blew a huge lead last night that sort of thing is a coaching problem either before the game or in the game.

  18. Levingston is loyal to Lewis to a fault. Crookshank is case in point. In other words, we’re stuck with his lame ass.

  19. Val’s making good points, but he really shouldn’t have turned down that offer from France…most NBA teams probably scout the Euroleague more so than the domestic minor leagues.

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