Halifax Lose in Vermont, 123-110

So after trying to watch an mindblowingly shitty webcase I was disapointed.  I actually picked Halifax to pull this out in a close game – but I forgot the number one rule of being a Rainmen fan:  Halifax do not win games unless that have a comfortable lead coming out of the last media time out.  If Halifax are losing in the final three minutes then you know Halifax are going down in a flaming wreck.

The refs were a bit suspect but that’s not why Halifax lost.  All around a disapointing game after a close first half.

A few brief thoughts:

–  Tracy Morgan Tony Bennett played well but he is definitely a shootfirst guard.  I don’t have a problem with him but he should not be running the point.  When he is running the offense he dominates the ball and no one else gets touches, even when they’re open.  When he was in the game Sanders was not getting the ball on those pick and rolls that get run every posession.

– Huge game from Jimmy Twyman who had 31pts, 24 for Sanders and 20 for Bennett, unfortunately there wasn’t a whole lot of help from everyone else.

– Vermont  out rebounded Halifax 49-36.  Gross.

– The box score isn’t up yet but I don’t think that Kevin Hammack or Tyronne McNeal got in the game at all.

Here’s hoping they can get Manchester again.


30 thoughts on “Halifax Lose in Vermont, 123-110

  1. North End is licking his wounds and probably drinking heavily.

    The Heaves defense is impressive now and Brandon Cole overpowers Sanders under the boards. The biggest improvement that the Heaves have made over the last week is PASSING. Passing is awesome.

  2. The webcast was abnormally bad today. It usually is very smooth. I discovered I could make it work by reclicking the link every time it started to buffer.

  3. The webcast was getting too frustrating so I didn’t bother trying to watch very long – very disappointing. I hope the Halifax webcasts are much better than that.

    It would be frustrating to see a new guy get a lot of time who hasn’t practiced with the team at all and have to sit on the bench the whole game. Hammack definitely deserves minutes on the floor – I think he brings a lot to the game when he’s in. Mayes is a little shy on the floor, and McNeal just looks scared of the whole game. I wonder if they did in fact make the trip.

  4. Love the very informative update on the official website:

    “RAINMEN ICED AGAIN BY FROST HEAVES: Halifax loses 122-110 to Vermont”

    Again, like usual, no more info on the ‘Read More’ button. You would like to think that the official website would give a little more game related info like points, rebounds, etc.

  5. Hammack and McNeal made the trip but didn’t play. Bennett looked decent. Silverhorn had an off shooting day and that cost you guys.

  6. With decent PGs like Hammack and Ramey already on the team, why do we have a new guy who is like Patrice O’Neal (last name?) from our first season, hogging the ball and taking too many shots himself when all we need is a few more seconds to develop the play? Of course, that strategy only works when we have more than one play.

    I gave Lewis the benefit of the doubt last year as a rookie coach with a first-year team, but with the talent on this year’s squad, his shortcomings as a coach are even more embarrassing, not to mention his miscues as a GM, tripling up on a certain position (PG) and leaving others (a true centre) woefully inadequate.

    It’s almost like he is not yet finished reading the Basketball Coaching For Dummies book. I think he stopped at the page on PT where it says to make the players run up and down the court and to practice their verts. He needs to skip to the end of the book where it says how to win against teams that are as good as yours or better in order to actually make the playoffs.

  7. The Halifax players have raw talent and potential to be champions and just need good mentoring, leadership and coaching. I know that North End Balla would not agree with this but Halifax would be a whole lot better if thery had Will Voigt as the coach. This is what makes the differnece with the Heaves

    New Season,New League,Same Will to win

  8. Phil, do you mean Lantrice Green?

    The problem is that we have three good point guards (Twyman, Hammack, Ramey) plus a combo guard (Bennett) who likes to dominate the ball and a couple of small forwards we’ll jam into shooting guard. There is no true two guard on this team. And that fact is mindblowing. There is no easier position to find in minor league hoops than two guard. It’s unreal.

    If Bennett were to play off the ball instead of handling in the half court I think it’d be fine, but Lewis is letting him handle the ball way too much. That said, there were a few times where he look fantastic getting out early to start the fast break. Lewis loves to talk about how no one is going to get more than ten shots but Bennett was 8-17 and Silverhorn was 4-16. Lewis just has a tendency to say one thing but coach another.

    It’s hard to deny the fact that if Will Voigt was coaching this team the Rainmen would be at least 8-2 if not 10-0. He also would have signed a real shooting guard and a real centre.

  9. Lewis is really missusing Jeanty lately. There is no way he should be this quiet for two games.

    Also, it seems Hammack is not a Lewis favorite. What a waste of a talent. Same goes for Ramey.

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