Halifax Lose to Manchester, 104-92

Just in case us Rainmen fans were getting too cocky, Halifax dropped a 12 point decision to the Millrats tonight.  I tuned in briefly only to look at something that I can only assume was a work by Martha Rosler (or more likely someone hit the invert colours button on the camera) and saw the score and went to take a nap.

I didn’t watch it so I don’t have a whole lot to say.  But here are a few thoughts:

– What is up with with Hammack’s playing time?  He got just 4 minutes today.  He must be more than slightly unhappy.  Jeanty did not play at all… I assume that he’s hurt.

– Why do Bennett’s stats never come up on crez?  He had somewhere between zero and 27 points tonight… I think

– Halifax now must defeat Vermont next weekend.  I feel like I am watching a team on a treadmill.


7 thoughts on “Halifax Lose to Manchester, 104-92

  1. Chris,

    Sorry about the video streaming problems…

    Anyway, I’ll fill you in from my perspective. Let me just say first, I enjoy reading your blog and your trash talking section live at the games – it makes the games more fun.

    Jeanty did not appear hurt – he was warming up with the team. My guess is he’s in the doghouse. They seemed frustrated with him after he blew two consecutive three point covers yesterday at Vermont (I was sitting behind your bench at the VT game). Also what was strange is that Tony Bennett did not play in the opening quarter today (I thought at first he must be hurt). At times today he looked very Anthony-Anderson-esque making incredible hero shots off the dribble with a man in his face repeatedly.

    Coach Spon started all five bench players that scored the 50 points in the fourth quarter…I suppose to send a message to the starters. And it worked, as it looked like we were going to blow the Rainmen out of the building early. – then enter Butler who single handedly brought the Rainmen back to tie the game late.

    But the final stanza belonged to Ferguson who scored 15 points by repeatedly posting up the smaller Rainmen guards and backing them down and scoring easy layups. (Ferguson is 6’7 and Ramey, Butler or Twyman were guarding him the whole fourth and he kept scoring).

    I think the Rainmen are in a transitional stage going from a balanced team led by Silverhorn and Dandridge’s shooting (like preseason) to becoming Bennett’s team – maybe to the detriment of the others.

  2. WTF??? I am starting to really HATE Lewis and really starting to give up on this team. Benching Jeanty for the entire game? Is Lewis on crack? First EC, then SirVal now this? And now turning this into Bennett’s team?
    The bad video streaming and the team’s performance today just turned me right off! This is starting to smell like last season’s horse s%@t !!!

  3. Thanks for the comments Ian. I am not shocked about Ferguson – I have maintained for a long time that playing all those point guards at the two was going to lead to problems and it looks like it did. It’s too bad bad that there was no adjustment made by the Rainmen to contain that with Mayes, Silverhorn or Jeanty. Spon/Ferguson recognizing the mismatch sounds like it really paid off in the fourth.

    I felt like Manchester would have a good game today – the players looked downright angry after the game in Halifax. (I am sure those of us sitting behind the bench didn’t help the situation). If Halifax can hold home court against Vermont and Manchester then I think they’re at least doing okay.

  4. Sorry, here are my snarky comments for the definition (darn HTML not liking parentheses! Chris please delete the first version):

    Once again, Lewis blames the recent losses to Vermont and Manchester on the players having “lapses”.

    Here is Merriam-Webster’s definition of lapse, with my comments thrown in for free:
    1 a: a slight error typically due to forgetfulness or inattention (Lewis’ inattention during games is what is making them lose)
    b: a temporary deviation or fall especially from a higher to a lower state (like from first in our division to third in two games?)
    2: a becoming less : decline (we have certainly seen a decline since EC was benched)
    3 a (1): the termination of a right or privilege through neglect to exercise it within some limit of time (Lewis has neglected to properly use the talent he has been given, time to terminate his rights and privileges as coach)
    (2): termination of coverage for nonpayment of premiums b: interruption , discontinuance (benching two of your best players and giving the team to a mid-season replacement is a good was to INSURE that your players resent and mistrust you as a coach)
    4: an abandonment of religious faith (there are definitely some fans who have lost their faith in the Rainmen, and some players too, so I hear)
    5: a passage of time ; also : interval (everyone outside the Rainmen front office agree that Lewis’ time has passed. Time for some new blood in coach and GM!)

    Benching 2 of your strongest players and not really coaching during the games are the real reasons the Rainmen lose these types of matches.

    At this point, I am waiting for players to start leaving of their own free will. We will see how attendance is for the rest of the home games. My guess is that semi-interested fans will give up on the Rainmen, if they read these news stories at all.

    Hey Lewis, when you have a problem with everyone around you, it is probably not the others who are the problem.

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