Shannon Hansen will take over until a new headcoach is named! Unbelievable!

I wonder if this opens the door for a return by Eric?  This is pretty fantastic news either way.

I really have to think that it wasn’t the losing that brought about the decision to can Lewis as much as it was the fact that Lewis was becoming a PR nightmare.  Getting rid of a megalomaniacal bully like Lewis is a great first step and if there was a time to do it it had to be now – they’re in Halifax for four weeks which means a new coach has plenty of practice time (relatively speaking) to try to put in some sort of offense.  There is also the chance to swoop in and get a CBA coach (and CBA players) if need be, but I have to think that it’ll be a local AUS or ACAA coach like Les Berry who will get the offer for the year.



  1. Wow! I was bummed out this morning about the Rainmen….

    and finally….


    Andre I give you a THUMBS UP! Time for some hard work.

    I don’t expect instant results. Whomever is in this new role has to be given a chance. The fans will have some patience. I promise I will. Thank god this is true.

  2. I’m going to have to disagree with Rain Mania, I do expect pretty instant results. Shannon can’t possibly do any worse, Rick Lewis was the worse in-game coach I’ve ever seen.

    The thing Rick Lewis brought to the team was fitness, and that will stay after he’s gone. I’d like to say good bye and good riddance. He was a good trainer and always seemed like a nice guy, and I hope he picks up some work as an athletic trainer or baseball coach somewhere else, but this can only mean good things for the Rainmen.

    I’m so excited!!!!!!

  3. ticket sales are about to go up like crazy! Now bring back the best basketball player in rainmen history ERIC AIR CANADA CROOKSHANK. I havent been to a game since the suspension I’m waiting to use my tickets I have eight lol…… Lets go Lets go. Make Nancy Sheppard head coach shes doing everything else. Thanks mr levingston we love you for this. Now bring back your SON.

  4. You could put Phil Jackson in here and he would need time to sort out this mess.

    Let face this fact.

    1. Skilled professionals

    2. Team a total mess.

    Takes team even for a competent manager to gain the trust of his team. To teach his team how to execute the plays and make adjustments.

    There are nine games left. What do I hope to see?

    All I expect is a drama free 9 games with competent management.

    If we can get this we will have a chance of having some returnees. Also, improve Halifax’s reputation as a destination for players that want to play in a good organization.

  5. I hate to spoil the party but Andre really should have known better in the off season. Everybody here sure did. Waiting until nine games are left in the season is too little too late.

  6. I am shocked and amazed that this actually happened.

    Good call Andre I think you did what is best for the team on a financial and a performance level.

  7. I never seriously looked in to it because a) I couldn’t float the printing costs on my credit card right now (applying to grad school is scary expensive) and b) I don’t think I could get them turned around in time for Sunday. So the idea never really got past the “blog post” stage.

  8. Hey Chris902,

    What do we know about Shannon Hansen? coaching experience?

    Do you think he could be a good long term coach for the Rainmen?

  9. I don’t know much about him to be honest. I do know that he’s really well liked by the players and is a solid X’s and O’s guy who Rick Lewis just totally ignored. Other than that I don’t know much about his experience or anything… anyone else know anything?

  10. Don’t know anything, but looking at his interactions with players on the bench during games there seems to be a lot of positive body language (head-nodding, smiling) between him and the players he talks with.

    @Chris902: Sort of figured you were kidding about the shirts 🙂 What’s your field for grad school? Free advice is often worth what you pay for it, but here’s mine: My biggest mistake was not making sure the programme I enrolled in was truly suited to my interests. Ended up winning, but had to come from a long way down in the 4th quarter and had to, um, go overtime 🙂

  11. I’m applying to history programs to study North American urban and working class history. I think I’ve applied to mostly good fits with faculty whom I really like and programs which would be good fits (size, organization, etc.) as well as one school I don’t want to go to at all but is renowned for giving great funding packages – it’s just there so I can negotiate my way into a better deal elsewhere if I get offers from all three schools.

    I will also say this about Hanson: The guy just seems genuinely likable, friendly and happy. Half the battle for a coach – and this is one part where Lewis was terrible – is being liked, trusted and respected by the players and from what I can gather Hanson already has that.

  12. I wouldn’t bet the farm that SH will be coaching on Sunday – I’m willing to bet Andre already has his new guy and will be introduced tomorrow – also willing to bet the new guy has Saint Mary’s connections – any takers?

  13. Are you thinking Micky Fox?

    I’ve heard other names floating around and that Lewis is talking to a few people (more of a situation where he wants back up options if plan A says no rather than interviewing people to decide who to take) and started making calls last night. I think Levingston would like to have the new coach come in before the weekend, but I think it’ll depend more on what the new guy is doing right now and how quickly he can take over the job than anything else.

  14. Wow, this is amazing. I am happy, but now we will see if we were sour for no reason. This is a positive move by the organization and this should bring the much needed positive boost.

    Christmas list
    1) fire RL CHECK
    2) Bring back EC —
    3) Make playoffs
    4) Hire someone to work with Shannon

    Coaches in Halifax
    Steve Benton
    Mark Parker
    Mickey Fox
    Steve Sumarah- He can’t be too busy..lol sorry, wrong sport..again!

  15. Woooo!!!!!

    Since Mickey probably isn’t available, I’d love to see Steve Benton tapped. Old Windjammer connections ftw.

  16. I think Steve Benton also has a full time job as a teacher or with the school board… but I am not sure.
    I really think Les Berry is a solid option, but I am not sure if he is interested or working another job. Coach Kendricks would also be good if he was willing to step aside at Horton, though I don’t know his employmet situation either.

    I think a one year coach followed by the hiring of Strick as head coach would be an interesting move… or even offering Strick an assistant coaching gig for next year. The guy cannot have much left in the tank.

  17. NO! PLEASE not Dave Nutbrown. If you thought Lewis was too harsh and domineering, Dave Nutbrown will melt your face. He’s the classic college coach who has a fantastic basketball mind, but wants to control every aspect of the game and finds that screaming at his players is the best way to get that across. I remember watching Acadia play games where he would scream at his players while they were blowing the other team out. Honestly, he’s not the right fit for the Rainmen.

  18. I would like to see Shannon given the chance for the rest of the year. it makes sense. he already knows the players, and at a business point of view, it would be a cheaper option for the Rainmen. i’m not sure how much he is getting paid (or even at all), but the guy knows basketball, just talk to him. he cares about the guys, I’ve had conversations with him were i could hear it in his voice. also i believe he did some coaching in NY, not %100 sure on that but i remember him bringing it up in a convo. as for an assistant coach, do what the raptors did last season. Have a vet. be player/ assistant coach.(aka strick) i would love to read his post game interviews.

  19. Behold the power of BLOG. You are a powerful man Chris. You need to be studying media relations. The Rainmen might hire you. =)
    It will be interesting to see how your team responds.

  20. I am quite sure that the Rainmen players, coaches, owners, front office staff and FANS ALL read this blog. I would like to think that ALL OF OUR COMMENTS HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE OWNER WAKING THE HELL UP.
    Hats off to Chris for providing this forum for us all to vent and discuss the team.


  21. I may be one of the only players that enjoyed playing for Coach Lewis. I have played @ Oak Hill Academy, Virginia Union University..high levels of basketball play. Out of respect of the POWER OF THE BLOG let it be know that PLAYERS should RESPECT their coach period. It is also easy for people to gang up on a individual when things are not going well INSTEAD of pulling together. I love Nova Scotia/ Halifax wish you guys nothing but the best

    Sea Dawg 34

  22. I don’t think this blog can take much credit at all for any roster/staffing changes. I actually think the two deciding factors are:
    1) Andre just watching the team get outcoached two games in a row on the road. He was on that road trip and I am sure the fact that it was coaching that doomed the team forced him to seriously consider the need to make a change. That huge fourth quarter by Manchester (50 points?!) on Thursday also didn’t help Lewis’ cause.
    2) The PR disaster that Lewis was creating. When the stories about the team had more to do with internal drama than anything else Levingston’s hand was forced. He went to great lengths to get out of the ABA where off-court bullshit overshadowed the basketball, and to have that hardwork undone by Rick Lewis’ ego must have been maddening for him and the other staff – Nancy Sheppard in particular.

  23. Do you guys think this is evidence that Andre reads this blog?

    On Feb the 3rd I wrote on this blog.

    “You could put Phil Jackson in here and he would need time to sort out this mess”

    In today’s Metro Andre is quotes as saying..

    “I tried to get (Los Angeles Lakers head coach) Phil Jackson but they have an opportunity for a championship and he couldn’t leave, so I had to get the next best coach.”

    Mere coincidence? I don’t care if he was influenced by my thought.

    I just think it’s possibly a sign that the Rainmen’s brain trust read this blog.

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