Sasquatch Extinct?

After much rumour mongering and speculation over at the OSC message board it looks like Montreal really are done in the PBL.

Their arena lists their home dates as canceled. It’ll be interesting to see how the PBL try to spin this and what their solution is to maintain the schedule.  After a week of good news this is a pretty big let down.

Amy Goldenberg who runs the Sasquatch facebook group says that she heard that the team has folded and the players have all been released.  It is pretty safe to say at this point that the Sasquatch are done.  No official word yet from the league.

edit: The league has confirmed that the team has been removed from the PBL:

PBL Makes Decision to Remove Montreal

Chicago, Ill… The Premier Basketball League announced to today it has made the decision to terminate the membership rights of the Montreal Sasquatch ownership group.
“While it is not a decision we like to make, it is in the best interest of the PBL and all of the other PBL teams. As the owners are aware we have a zero tolerance policy for any team that does not comply with PBL rules and regulations. We have made great strides to establish a top quality league and we will not have the value of our league and members affected by any organization that fails to meet minimum requirements.” stated Thomas Doyle CEO of the PBL.
“We have a very focused business objective and as we have informed all of our team owners we expect that teams are candid with us concerning the operation of their teams. We will not tolerate players not being paid and if such a situation arises the PBL will act swiftly against any organization that violates this minimum requirement” added Doyle.
“The PBL has been fortunate to establish a strong position in the basketball world in a very short period of time. Our television, Internet and mobile broadcast deal with @SPORTSTV, soon to be announced broadcast initiatives with China and several other countries has not only elevated the profile of the PBL but increased the value of our PBL teams.” indicated Dr. Sev Hrywnak Chairman of the Board for the PBL.
“We still believe that Montreal can be a great city for PBL basketball and will consider the applications from interested ownership groups that we have received. The great success of our teams in Quebec City and Halifax have shown how popular PBL basketball is in Canada.” added Hrywnak.
“There will be no effect on the other PBL teams with the removal of the Sasquatch. All teams will play the 20 game schedule. We will announce our agenda for all matters relating to this situation very soon.” stated Doyle. “The PBL, though under no obligation to do so, has already begun the process of determining what monies are owed to players and will handle that situation directly” indicated Doyle.
For more information please visit or contact the PBL league office at 773-844-PBL1

18 thoughts on “Sasquatch Extinct?

  1. Well so far the PBL looks way more solid than the ABA.

    It seemed like teams were folding every other week in the ABA.

    Only one team gone so far here. Par for the course in minor league sports.

  2. Does anyone know what kind of average attendance Montreal had?

    Looks like they play in a big stadium like the Metro Centre.

    Would be an interesting parallel. (Size of stadium, what fan base is small enough to kill a franchise)

  3. Their arena is actually much small than the Metro Centre, probably holds little over 2,000.

    Their fanbase looked like the Royal’s last year. The biggest crowd for a Royal game was about 800 I recall. They likely averaged around 300-400 people at the most.

  4. It’s a strange business. Minor league basketball.

    The variables for a team’s success.

    Size of stadium, fan base, the depth of an owner’s pockets.

    Chris902 was saying something like it’s not a business to make big bucks in. I’d have to believe that.

  5. Minor league pro teams have a hard time surviving, but it seems it’s even tougher in large cities. Despite the larger population base, which should help, minor pro sports are what economists call an “inferior product” as compared to large pro sports–something of perceived lesser quality usually sold at a discount.

    In general, junior and minor pro teams have a hard time coexisting in markets with large pro teams. There are some success stories (hey! Look at the LA Clippers!) for sure, but, specifically, in my opinion, Montreal is a funny sports town.

    It’s like the have Les Canadiens, and pretty much everything else is an afterthought. The Expos had good teams that didn’t draw flies. Junior hockey has been in and out of Montreal repeatedly.

    One intriguing tale to me is that of the Alouettes. When they played at the Big Owe, you could fit the fans in a single luxury box it seemed. Then they moved to McGill, and all of a sudden tickets were fewer in number– so everybody wanted one.

    Weird town.

  6. Bad news may turn into good news. Wouldn’t it be great to see KD, Kadiri Richard, my all time favorite player and his new team, the Wilmington Sea Dawgs come to town to play Halifax. That would be awesome. Both teams were supposed to play in Montreal at the end of the month, my road trip has been officially killed, and both need a new game to hit the 20 game mark committed to by the league. It would be a treat to see this guy teach some of the new Rainmen a thing or two about the meaning of “defence.”

  7. Good point.

    I was wondering if the PBL would have dispersal draft of the Montreal players?

    Are the Montreal players fair game to be signed by the other teams in the PBL?

    Did they have a decent centre or any other players we need?

  8. anonymous2 Says:
    February 5, 2009 at 12:46 pm

    Maybe Halifax will want to pick up Randy “White Chocolate” Gill.

    ^ Wow, I hope not. He is the definition of a chucker. Dude tries to do his and1 spiel way too much and is a turnover machine as well. I like Louis Patrick Levros from the Sasquatch…he’s not flashy but he is good on D and gets to the line at a good rate. Not a good shooter though. I think he’s on Team Canada’s development squad too.

  9. noooooo to Randy “White Chocolate”Gill….i hear he’s an egoMANIAC who the Montreal fans couldn’t even stand themselves!

  10. randy gill…. nooooooI can’t take it.. how about a true centre. When we look at playing time, our roster is pretty solid all over tough to see where a new “superstar” would fit. We probably need another role player at this point only, we have ten guys that reall deserve minute!

    Halifax Rainmen Owner Andre Levingston named Les Berry as the team’s new Head Coach today. Berry, a Halifax native, took the Acadia Axemen men’s basketball team from a 2-17 record in 2005 to the conference championships in 2006-07 and the CIS final in 2008.

  12. I second the motion to bring KD and his Sea Dawgs here in lieu of the Sasquatch.

    This news of the Sasquatch’s demise reminds me of an old joke:

    How do you make one million dollars with a minor league basketball team?

    Start with two million dollars.

  13. wow, I didn’t realize I was being quoted all over the place…. a few things I’d like to address, if I may

    1) CPC has a capacity of about 2,500 …. if I had to guess at attendance, I’d say 150-200. Hopefully the new owner will be looking at somewhere smaller

    2) Hockey is pretty much IT in this city, with the Alouettes being a fairly recent (relatively speaking) exception. I recently had the sports editor of a major Montreal paper tell my father that he doesn’t cover basketball because he did a readership survey and nobody cares; we asked why he covers the NBA. He also told us he had no idea the team existed this season because nobody ever held a press conference; we pointed out that he’d published a single article before
    the start of the season, and that I’d personally sent him press releases, so he clearly knew the team existed. But that’s a pretty standard attitude in Montreal – if it’s not hockey or the Alouettes, or funded by Saputo (recently, the Montreal Impact), then you get no coverage unless you want to pay big bucks to advertise…. but DOG SHOWS make it into the sports section!

    3) I was recently told by a player that the league knew BEFORE the season started that sponsors had withdraw and Bourassa was unlikely to have money to play out the season. Apparently he was told that the league would help out and to pay the players; money never appeared in the team account and cheques bounced. Also, in their press release announcing the folding of the team, the league implied that they would be taking care of at least some of the money the players were owed. The players who weren’t picked up in the dispersal draft have NOT been contacted by the league, and at least one player who tried repeatedly to contact the league can’t get his calls returned.

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