Week 4 Power PBL Rankings

Here they are for week 4.  They’re late but it’s been a crazy week in the world of the Rainmen and in my actual life, but here they be.  You can see last week’s here, it includes my basic guidelines as well.  My rankings are after the jump with last week’s ranking in parentheses.

#1 (1) Battle Creek Knights (8-0) – Still undefeated but it’s becoming increasingly obvious that they’re playing one of the weakest schedules in the league.  Could potentially run through the regular season with fewer than four loss and then get blown out come play offs.  It’s also possible that one loss could shoot them down a few spots in these rankings.

#2 (2) Manchester Millrats (6-3) – Bounced back from a loss in Halifax by thumping the Rainmen in New Hampshire.  Their offense is really clicking.

#3 (4) Vermont Frost Heaves (6-3) – The only thing keeping them out of the #2 spot is their inability to beat Manchester.  They face a grueling travel schedule this weekend so we’ll see what they’re reall made of over the next few days.

#4 (3) Augusta Groove (5-2) – A home and away series against Wilmington will test a team which has faced some weak opposition since Jan. 10 with the exception of a loss to the Knights.

#5 (6) Rochester Razor Sharks (5-3) – The defending champs are riding a four game win streak and finally seem to have found their rhythm.

#6 (5) Halifax Rainmen (6-5) – The Rainmen have gone on two three game winstreaks this season – they followed the first up with a three game losing streak and have lost two games since their latest.  They’ll try to stay over .500 this weekend after bringing in a new coach and welcoming Crookshank back into the fold.

#7 (7) Wilmington Sea Dawgs (4-4) – A home and away with Augusta this weekend could decide the playoff fate of the Sea Dawgs.  Drop both games and they can kiss the post-season goodbye.

#8 (10) Montreal Sasquatch (3-5) – Well this is awkward.  I ranked the team on Monday but never actually wrote it up.  The Sasquatch have folded so this is the last you will see of them on this list.  What will I do now that I can’t watch Eddie Gill try to kick someone’s legs out from underneath them when the call doesn’t go his way?

#9 (9)  Quebec Kebs (2-6) – How does this team look so bad at times and then somehow pull out a win against Vermont?

#10 (10) Detroit Panthers (2-5) –  And I bet you were wondering where all those non-Knight central division teams were….

#11 (12) Mid-Michigan Destroyers (2-6) – Go look at the individual stat leaders in the PBL – I bet you’ll be shocked by how many Destroyers are near the top.  Stil, they can’t seem to put together complete games.

#12 (12) Chicago Throwbacks (3-5) – I often forget that this team even exists.  They still haven’t even come close to beating a team over .500 this season.

#13 (13) Buffalo Stampede (1-6) – A six game losing streak and things are not looking promising at all.  Their schedule is absolutely terrifying for the remainder of the season with games again Manchester (2), Vermont (2), Halifax, Augusta (2), Wilmington, Battle Creek (2) and Rochester (3).  In other words every team they play between now and the end of the season is in the playoff hunt.  Ouch.


4 thoughts on “Week 4 Power PBL Rankings

  1. Tomorrow we are heading to the elephant and castle (old merrill’s) at 2 pm before the game. They have many beers on tap and their brunch menu til 3. Spoke to the people down there and they would love to have us and for any Thursday/ Friday games, they have great specials from 5-7.. Find us tomorrow, hope you can make the warmup for EC’s comeback!
    Cheers, BBC (Bailey’s Brew Crew)

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