Sunday’s Game is Family Night (2 for 1 Tickets)

The Rainmen are now advertising this Sunday’s game as Family Night – you buy one ticket and get another ticket free:

Buy one ticket at regular price, get the 2nd ticket FREE!
WIN a weekend SUV rental or an XM Radio.

Ticket offer available at Ticket Atlantic’s Metro Centre
Box Office only. Free ticket of equal or lesser value.

For tickets 451-1221

I think it’s a good idea – anything that gets folks in the door is great.  But I do have a major problem:  This is yet again another thing that diminishes the value of season tickets compared to single tickets since season ticket holders are not included.

Nevermind, let it be known that the Rainmen listen to fans:

Good afternoon
Season ticket holders,
We have a BOGO (buy one get one special this Sunday and would like to make sure all season ticket holders could also take advantage of this offer.  When you show your ticket stub at the metro center box office you will be entitled to a free ticket that is equal or lesser value than your ticket (it can only be done at the Metro center Box office) .  Please note the seat location depends on availability.  Please see attached for more details. Please contact me if you have any questions.
Thanks again for your support!

Jad Crnogorac
VP Community /Player Relations
Halifax Rainmen
(902) 444 RAIN (7246)
This is a great step in the right direction.  No word yet on if this means that we can bring our tickets in advance and get the addition tickets or if we have to do it day of.
On a slightly unrelated note, the Rainmen really need to improve their design skills or something.  Here is the image they’re using on the website to promote Family Day (I don’t know what is going in print ads, but they ran a similar image last time they had a promotion).
In contrast, here is a poster I made today in about 45 minutes for my job.  I did it in i’Work Pages which is a word processor, not a design program:
I am not saying that this is great – I have never taken a design class in my life, used a word processor, am generally bad at design and I used an image I found through a google image search… but that’s the point!  I am not a designer and I did this in a rush using a word processor and it at least looks semi-professional.  The Rainmen’s graphic design this year has just looked sloppy and childish (seriously: Just use Helvetica.  You don’t need any other fonts).

18 thoughts on “Sunday’s Game is Family Night (2 for 1 Tickets)

  1. What in God’s name is going on with the ads for the Rainmen this year? Do they want people to think that it is amateurish? They look so cheap.

  2. I am excited for a cheap game so I can bring some friends but you are right the design is gross and looks like it was made by a 3rd grader.

  3. Agreed. It’s the same style as the print ads in the Metro, which is awful. It would be so easy to hire someone, or even find someone to volunteer.

  4. Totally agreed on the advertising.

    This year they’re also working their webpage off a PBL template and it’s not the end of the world, but last year’s webpage was terrible and thois year’s could be improved.

    I mean, I NEVER go to the Rainmen webpage (OK, maybe once a month) and I come here every day. This blog is awesome but it really speaks volumes that I never go to the official site–no blog, no matter how good it is, should cause somebody to ignore the official site completely. They really should do a better job to at least try to get folks like me to go there as well as come here.

  5. to be fair, with their amount of staff and all the changes recently, I can see why they are not putting time into the site.

    Lets get Chris a job on their site, then traffic will grow exponentially.

  6. Yes, arguably, they are going through transitions and some not so great publicity this year, however – the ads are what attracts people. Their print work in the media this year has been AWFUL, however, the billboard at the bridge looks great, as do the hanging signs at the Metro Center.

  7. The XM Radio is the perfect item to be associated with minor league basketball!

    The thing that confuses me about the design issue with the Rainmen is that some of it (the banners at the MetroCentre, all the video stuff, the billboards, the cards people get signed, etc.) are absolutely amazing and look totally professional and then they have some stuff that looks like it was done in MS Paint.

  8. What seems most unprofessional to me are the press releases.

    Whoever writes those has a minimal command of the English language, and appears to have religious objections to using spell check and grammar check.

  9. Off topic:

    “Sasquatch lives

    The Montreal Sasquatch are still alive.

    The team that was kicked out of the Premier Basketball League last week was reinstated yesterday after being taken over by an ownership group named Soar Enterprises Inc.

    The Sasquatch will resume their original schedule and will announce a new roster today. The Halifax Rainmen have two more games against the Sasquatch this season.”

    Didn’t most of their “major” players already get scooped up by other teams? Now who’s gonna fill the roster?

  10. These ads appeared in the print edition of today’s Metro. Why would you present the organization to the public like this?

    I could honestly do a better job in Paint.

    Image is everything. Also, these ads are cluttered and don’t stand out. People would skip right by them without even seeing the great promotions.

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