Halifax Sign AJ Millien

Fri Feb. 13 –┬áHalifax signs AJ Millien



18 thoughts on “Halifax Sign AJ Millien

  1. Its times like this that make me happy that Levingston is our owner.

    “We lost our best player? That’s too bad. Who’s the best in the league right now? Cool, I’ll call him now.”

    It feels like we’re the Yankees of minor league ball some days, I swear.

  2. Can anyone picture a more athletic lineup than Crook, Milien, Silverhorn/Jeanty, Bennett and Twyman in the whole league, maybe even the D – league?

  3. Andre has given this team the tools to win.

    A competent coach that the players respect.

    Almost an ALL Star team starting five. I mean think about it it. If this league had an all star team. Our starting five would be first team all stars.

    No legitimate Centre unforutanely. Mc Neal does have the heart though.

    Let’s just see what happens.

  4. Watch out Atlantic Division! Halifax has some serious weapons now! Can’t wait to see the VT and Manchester games now, they should be great!

  5. This AJ signing rings of Mario Kinsey,”He was the best”, anyone who had him would be a championship team. First VT, then Manchester, now Montreal. VT and Manchester said that he was not as good as they expected.

    Mario was the knock down point guard for Texas Tycoons and then when you put him in with good players on a good team then he is just…….well……mediocre.

    Is AJ the same story. I would guess yes

    Time will tell.

  6. he blasted the team in the newspaper…and then the team blasted him saying he was not a team player and all about his numbers(scoring)

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