Preview: Halifax vs. Detroit

I am at the library trying to finish writing a draft of a chapter before 4:00 so this is going to be brief.

Halifax take on Detroit tonight and while Detroit are a bad team this is a game Halifax can’t afford to lose and the Panther do have a surprising amount of fire power.  Stane’s Bufford, a 6’5 shooting guard, is third in the league in scoring with 22.4 ppg and Randy “Biggest Doucehe Bag Ever” Gill is averaging 21 points and 7 assists per game on the season.  When he is feeling it he can be almost impossible to contain.

Expect a high scoring game – Detroit have the third worst defense in the league (and that is against downright bad opposition for the most part).  The two biggest challenges facing Halifax are the chance that Stane’s and Randy both heat up tonight and combine for 60+ points, and the fact that Berry does not have any tape to look at when it comes to figuring out ways to beat Detroit.  The Rainmen need to stay discplined and not give up stupid second chance/transition baskets and take this as an opportunity to polish their new offense.

In other news:  Fans will be getting together at 5:15 at the Elephant and Castle to tailgate.  It’s starting small but the numbers are growing come out and talk about the game, eat, drink and get ready to get rowdy.  The facebook event is here. Please come out and join us, even if you don’t know any of us – we’re the annoying jerks in sections 22 and 23.


5 thoughts on “Preview: Halifax vs. Detroit

  1. AJ Millien’s been released by AUG – he’d make an OK replacement for Rob Sanders, n’est-ce pas? Or maybe he, too, signed overseas/D League???

  2. Yeah – he was released and the team is claiming it was “attitude problems”… which I think actually means “He complained about not getting paid.” Millien is probably the best player in the PBL but I wonder if he’d need way too many touches to fit in on this team. With Sanders gone that only free up 10-12 shots per game and he plays downlow with his back to the basket – the same as Eric but the opposite of Sanders.
    I wouldn’t complain if Halifax signed him but I don’t think he’d fit in as well here as he would on a team like Vermont. Vermont win the title if they can get Slim on their roster.

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