Rainmen Defeat Detroit, 100-89

An 11 point win in a game that never should have been this close.  Detroit had some hot shooting (combined with a few too many interior defensive let downs) which kept them in the game.  Some other thoughts below:

– Randy Gill is really unlikeable and I have never seen a player in the MetroCentre get as negative a reception as he got.  It started with the introductions and continued on with every single time he touched the ball.  In addition he was berated non-stop and managed to get one technical and one more foul which should have been a technical.  What a jack ass. I may have crossed a line when I called him a meth addict.

– Huge game for Bennett – he’s really a great two guard and is quite possibly the second best player (after Anderson) on the team.

– Halifax caused 19 turnovers and scored 32 points off of said turnovers.  Fantabolous.

It was a good game, but I am tired and can’t think of anything else to say.


26 thoughts on “Rainmen Defeat Detroit, 100-89

  1. I’m looking forward to Sunday. Call the neighbours ladies and gentlmen!

    It’s two for the price of one. A great way to get some new people out there!

  2. Some thoughts:

    – Booing Gill every time he touched the ball was great fun. Even my dad got into it, and he doesn’t even like to boo when people are taking free throws. Kudos to our neighbors in section 8 and elsewhere who picked it up quickly.

    – 22/23 may have gotten a little out of line with the meth stuff, but hey, fuck it. He shot 7 for 23 with six fouls and a technical. We win. That “It’s All Your Fault” chant was inspired by the way.

    – The offense was a real problem at times tonight. A lot of standing around on some plays, not enough spacing or movement. We picked it up greatly in the second half, though that could have been fatigue on Detroit’s part.

    – Strickland had a rough night. His showboating cost us six points that I counted, including two dunks in the fourth. First was a showy, weak pass off a defensive rebound that caused a turnover and eventual basket. Second was him getting pumped off a nice score by him and getting too double team happy on the other end, leaving their big centre an easy dunk. Third was him showing off for the crowd off a score on the very next play, not getting back on defense, leaving the same big a free dunk plus one. He looked like he felt terrible after it because he knew what he had done. He’s a really smart player, but he needs to learn to pick his spots for the silliness.

    – I know Bennett is awesome, but I love what Zach Ramey brings. Really solid defense, hard drives to the basket, reliable, sometimes remarkable shooting… I’d love to see him get more than the 11 minutes he got last night.

    – 12 minutes for Dandridge felt about right though. I’m glad coach is reigning him in for his dumb shots.

    – Bennett and Silverhorn drove me a little nuts last night. They passed up quite a few open looks from good range. Granted, I don’t want a return to shameless Dandridge 3s from 6 feet back from the line with 19 seconds left in the clock, but if they’re going to give you a good open shot you can hit, you’ve got to take it.

    – I missed Sanders on a few plays. When Bennett got knocked down hard by 30, you can bet Sanders would have been the first guy over there. Do we have any badass mofos on the team right now?

    – Good sized crowd. We’re not going to get 4000 every night, but it sure is nice that 2400 is considered “ok” after last year.

  3. Oh yeah, what did you guys stand-up and chant at #10 on Detroit when he came out of the game in the 4th? We couldn’t make it out on our side.

  4. Gill is just a jerk. He played a dirty game the last time he was in town with Montreal. Rough and mouthy, constantly yelling at his teammates, getting in faces after plays. He’s also a really good scorer and killed us last time. He’s the kid of guy who you just have to hate. Think Kobe Bryant or Rasheed Wallace in Portland.

  5. Really enjoyed the game last night, and my non-basketball watching wife even had a great time (happy valentines). I thoiugh all the Rainmen had some great moments on the floor (except Strickland….’nuff said), but the highlight of the game for me was seeing the new ball movement on offence, and the imporved hustle on defence. It looks ot me like the new coaching is helping the team really click.

    I think Halifax could have won bigger than this, if not for that hot shooting dtreak in the 2nd quarter by Detroit — and a few defensive lapses leading to those easy dunks.

  6. If not for us losing one of the best players in the PBL and Detroit snagging one of the other best players in the league, this would have been a 20-30 point win, not an 11-point win. As for Gill, this was one time where the fans actually got into his head and he started blowing it, as did his teammates. I use that term loosely, because they were yelling at each other in almost every huddle at the bench. Gill does not seem to be a happy person, maybe his sunshine-y spirit is catching and the team will spiral even further down from here. I suspect Gill will regret signing with that team. If he becomes available, please please please DO NOT SIGN GILL!

    Another player who was the whole team, ex-Augusta Groove forward AJ Milien is another Patriots-inspired signing. He took us to school in the pre-season, so when he became available, we signed him. Well done, Andre!

    I just hope we don’t end up with an embarrassment of riches. We are almost at that point anyway. What I mean is we have so many talented players that not all of them get the minutes they deserve and they would get the minutes if they were on a weaker team. The result can be player frustration as well as losing their edge. Coach Berry has more to teach these guys than just X’s-and-O’s.

    The best Rainmen players are probably used to being the best guy on the floor with any previous team they were on, now they are part of an ensemble cast, and egos may take a bit of a beating. Unless the players take on the New England Patriot mindset that it’s all about winning a championship but not necessarily being the guy with the most minutes, then we may see some defections to other teams where they can be the star, with the hope of being discovered.

    IMO, a player has a better chance of being discovered by playing on a good team than being the standout on a poor team. It’s easy to be the best player on a crap team. Who do you have more respect for: Randy Moss or Chad Ocho Cinco? Randy is on a great team (Patriots) and plays well for them. Chad is on a perennial stinker of a team (Bengals) and doesn’t play well, despite his talent, because his teammates aren’t up to the task of matching his play. Sorry for the football references, but I follow the NFL more than I do the NBA.

  7. The ‘double dunk’ near the end of the game was probably the most spectacular screw-up (that still panned out) that I’ve ever seen in sports. I’m still in awe.

    Gill probably should have been kicked out of the game way sooner, but you’ve got to give the guy credit – he was on the floor for virtually the entire game (granted, they only had 8 players), but he was running pretty much non-stop (both his feet and his mouth).

    Bennett and Silverhorn seemed to butt heads quite a bit. I hope that doesn’t continue to be a problem.

  8. I am delighted with the move. I think this gives us the scoring and presence of Sanders and hopefully will mix well with the other players. Hopefully Bailey’s minutes won’t drop, but combining him with Eric, or Eric / Millien covers boards and points + blocks. I am psyched for that.

    Chris, that was over the line! But it was kinds funny…

    Great to meet the DUNC and also great work to 24 and 22 for owning the bench and Gill. Whenever we got tired (infrequently) everyone else picked it up. We were yelling for KFED (number 10) and he came over after the game for a snap.. good times..

    Gill is crazy. I actually thought their coach did ok with him. But maybe with dandridge and sir val they could join the all chuck up threes team..

    Offence got stagnant after a hot start and it looks like Berry is going to rely on Bennett, Silverhorn and EC to provide the majority of the points. I think we had too many giveaways and we actually got beaten on the board pretty good. There were a lot of long rebounds that we didn’t snap up and Bailey wasn’t as reliable inside although his work rate is excellent.

    It is sad to see the decline of Hammack and Dandridge who are both good players. But what a pass from Zach to Hammack for a layup, that was my highlight of the night.. The double dunk at the end was amazing and there were a couple huge blocks. Looking forward to tomorrow. Hopefully the team will be joining us for post game drinks!

  9. Vermont looking like they will lose to Rochester. That would move us ahead of them in the wildcard race. Hopefully they fall to the Millrats too, that would give us a better shot for the wildcard.

  10. wow.. check out the stats from the kebs game.. did dandridge play with them yesterday 5-23 from 3 point land.. manchester had 107 shots including 17-47 for three.. tell me that is a missprint!

  11. Yeah, I like Vermont, but from here on in I am hoping for them to lose every game. Halifax need to get ahead of them in the standings – not just to try to get the wild card spot, but to get homecourt advantage in the wildcard game. I like the Rainmen’s chances in Halifax a whole lot more than I like them in Vermont and even in Wilmington. The best case scenario is Halifax catching Manchester for the divisional lead, but if they’re going to go into the Wildcard I want them to have better record.

  12. Another game where the Rainmen can’t let up. The Kebs are a better team than their record suggests and if we want the playoffs we have to win these kinds of games.

    The Rainmen now run massively undersized with a tiny centre in Eric Crookshank, string bean power forward AJ “Slim” Millien, and less than 6’0 tall Tony Bennet as our starting two guard. However, we also have the most athletic and highly skilled front court in the league. It will be really interesting to see how this plays out against one of the biggest line-ups in the PBL.

  13. Okay, I’m watching Sunday’s game.

    Quebec 44 Rainmen 24 , late 2nd Quarter.

    Which team looks like a 2 and 8 team so far?

    Quebec is playing great defence and the Rainmen are sloppy for the first time in the post Lewis era.

    Let’s hope the 2nd half is better.

  14. The only positive of the first half is:

    THE play by play team on haligonia.ca

    Cecil and Mav have great chemistry. They should be the permanent on air team.

  15. I have to say I thought Gill played a heck of a game for them, he’s clearly got tons of talent. And is also a head case. The interaction with the fans was a real highlight, Gill is a lightning rod like Kenny Linsman. Toward the end, our section was chanting “kick him out! kick him out!” The guy four seats down from em started chanting “Forgive and forget! Forgive and forget!” roflmao.

    I thought Strickland did a superb job shutting down their big man, and that made huge difference in the game.

    But here’s what Is aw as the real problem: how many quarters did the Rainmen really play? 2 max. OK, you can get away with that against Detroit, but it’s not good, and the Kebs showed us what it will cost you on Sunday afternoon. That team played all 4 quarters with energy and focus the whole way and the result was we got blown off the court.

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