Rainmen Lose to Quebec, 95-78

What a mess.  Halifax played worse than I saw them play all year in a game that can best be described as embarassing.  The only Halifax player who I would describe as having a “good” game was Tony Bennett who continues to impress and is now without a doubt the best wing player Halifax have ever had.  Bailey and Jeanty had alright games but overall Halifax’s bigs got outplayed by a very large, very physical Quebec team.

Quebec slowed the game down and grinded it out and Halifax made one mental error after another and managed to lose a game they had to win – the Frost Heaves are playing each other today which means that Halifax had the chance to gain ground on one of them but really blew the chance.
There are no real excuses for this loss.  It was ugly and embarrassing and it means that Halifax now have zero room for error in their remaining games.


33 thoughts on “Rainmen Lose to Quebec, 95-78

  1. I thought that a win for Halifa today would be “like falling off a log” after you picked up AJ. Were they just complacent because of the Quebec record?

  2. I don’t know what it was to be honest. Halifax played poorly on Friday against Detroit but won because Detroit are absolutely horrible. They played even worse today but lost because Quebec are good (or at least better than their record suggests). The whole team, other than Bennett, seemed to lack focus and no one seemed capable or willing to get to the hoop or lock their guy down. It really just seemed at times that no one cared.

  3. I thought Bennett actually contributed to the loss…he was really aggressive but he took quite a lot of shots out of rhythm, same with Twyman. The game was really blown open when Les decided to go with three guards against the Kebs, and they just couldn’t buy a board with Ramey, Twyman and Bennett all in there at once.

  4. This is the kind of game where I actually want to wait a few hours before I write much.

    But one thing! This was buy one get one free day. The energy level sucked. What a way to sell your product to people that never saw a Rainmen game before.

    Thank god I never dragged a non basketball fan to this game on the buy one get one free promotion. I would have had to apologize all the way home about how bad and boring the game was.

    Also, Mr. Strickland. You aren’t Shaq. When you first got here you free throw missing was kind of cute. But don’t smirk and laugh like it’s a big joke when you are taking yoiur shots. Why don’t you try and concentrate and make some?

  5. Bennett — Berry should design a hell of a lot more plays to get this guy to the rack. At the same time he should limit his 3 pt attempts. This kid can drive and score, drive and dish better than anybody I’ve seen in a Rainmen jersey and the offence should be built around that. I don’t think Bennett has great shooting range though. When it comes to 3’s, it’s time to limit the attempts to Silverhorn and Twyman, because nobody else has shown consistent ability to knock ’em down.

    Millien will be a force when he has time to learn the offense. Crookshank has looked average since coming back from suspension. I’m not sure if he’s a good fit for Berry’s “structured” offense.

    Overall, this was a case of the Rainmen looking past two teams with shitty records. They got lucky on Friday, but the Kebs were too good.

  6. Here is the way the wild card looks:

    Halifax: 8-6 —
    Vermont: 7-6 —
    Chicago: 5-6 1
    Augusta: 6-4 1.5
    Wilmington: 6-4 1.5 (Beating Detroit; would go to 7-4 and would be one game behind Vermont.)

    Buckle your seatbelts, this should be a good race.

  7. Halifax needs to win against Vermont on Friday. Hopefully Millien gets to know the offense and his teammates so he can do some damage against Vermont.

    The team just looked insanely sloppy. Everyone needs to bounce back.

  8. This was a devastating loss for the Rainmen. A win would have put them comfortably in the seat for playoff birth as a wildcard. Instead, they laid a dud for coach Berry. The crowd was pumped but the players didn’t respond. It was the first game in a while that it seemed like players just quit.

    I have spoken before about how hard it is to build a fanbase with a constantly changing squad. It will be tough as I imagine the turnover of players could be large again. To be honest, I would see Bailey, Crook, Jimmy and maybe Ramey, McNeal and Silverhorn coming back for another year. If Millien plays well he could move up and Bennett seems bound for greater things, while Dandridge and Hammack have seen a major reduction in minutes and will go elsewhere for time.

    The offense was poor from the beginning with Bennett continuing his terrible 3 point shooting this weekend ending up 3-16 over two game. It is amazing because his points in the paint cause all kinds of problems and allow other players to scratch for boards and points. Lets get the reigns on him and get him in the paint and kicking out. Our 3 pt shooting was horrendous all weekend with Silverhorn, Jimmy and Bennett missing many. Today we shot 20%, brutal. Hammack and Dandridge look like they have lost all confidence from the Lewis era.

    That being said, the Kebs hit everything it seemed like. While they were only 46%, a lot of those misses came in the 4th when the game was done. EC again got exposed defensively and we were weak inside defensively. Our inability to get him in the offence showed today. The loss of Rob is showing in the paint. Bailey had a solid game with 12-9 and a couple assists and steals. Zach played some good defense today and Millien showed his 1v1 skills. I was also surprised the jeanty only had 7 points as he added instant impact to the game as did Strick. Strick worked hard but I would rather see him get the points than draw the fouls. That shooting is ugly Striquile!

    The running commentary with their bench for the fourth quarter kept us entertained as Sweatpants, Bling and Simplice were hilarious. so it looks ike Hammack, Dandridge and Tyrone are getting mostly frozen out, making us a 9 player squad right now. I don’t know if that is enough to carry us to the playoffs, but hopefully. It was hard to find many positives from the games at all as jean Phillippe and Anderson killed us.
    Here’s to hoping another week of practise gets us right.

  9. I don’t think anyone ever said that the team was at the level of the D-league. I think someone may have said that the front line is as athletic is a d-league team but athleticism does not a championship team make.

  10. The only good game today was the half time game!

    Just seemed like nothing was going in for the team today and Quebec had a strong defence. They were definitely entertaining on the bench though.

    Seemed like many of the players didn’t log much time. Didn’t notice Hammack take the floor at all – but I may have missed it talking with my kids. That kinda disappoints me, I think he is a good player and isn’t getting the time he deserves. Same as Ramey. Looks like it might get tougher on fighting for minutes now that Millien is here. Anyone else notice he was wearing an Augusta shirt for a while?

    There are definitely some big players and big egos but important games are coming – hopefully this team isn’t going to fall apart now.

  11. Tough to create a team atmosphere when players need stats to get to the next level. Also, it happens to all teams, laying an egg every once and a while. They will find an identity with Les soon!

  12. Poor game, but it’s only one game. Granted Friday night left lots of room for improvment too, but all teams ebb and flow. We need a better effort Friday, but we’ll get it. Even championship teams don’t win every game.

  13. Once Coach finds roles for everyone, we will be fine. I think our problem is we have too much(?) talent at certain positions and some guys who may have been the usual starters may have to learn how to come in from the bench. I hope they don’t quote an old Bedford goalie (Randolph J.): “There is no ‘I’ in team, but there are ‘M’ and ‘E’.”

  14. Drove from NB to see both games this weekend. In terms of on the court, Quebec showed energy and intensity at all aspects of the game throughout and were deserving winners. I was impressed at their work ethic.

    Halifax, not so much. Twyman in particular showed very poorly, he wasn’t creating openings, he often just sat with the ball, and he threw up bricks. But the whole offense simply wasn’t moving the ball around the perimeter to create openings. There were occasional passes, but nothing like a team offense.

    Millien is a HUGE pickup for the Rainmen, though.

  15. Well all in all we have to look ahead to Friday. Sit tight ladies and fellas its gonna be a fun ride.

    See everyone Friday nite in the stands.

  16. Just a reminder that we are meeting at the Elephant & Castle (next to the Royal Bank downtown) at 5 PM on Friday before the game. By the way, there is no pressure to drink or eat, or do anything you don’t want to, it’s just a chance for fans to get together before the game. It is a short walk from the E & C through the Grand Parade to the Metro Centre for the game.

    Also, kids are allowed at the E & C until 9 PM, so bring them along! By the way, I recommend the sweet potato fries and/or the nachos, they are both very good. The E & C also has deals on drinks and appetizers from 5 to 7 PM.

    They are not a formal sponsor and I am not affiliated with them in any way, we simply chose this place as one that is handy to the Metro Centre.

    Only three home games left, so let’s get together and share our team spirit for the Rainmen! You will recognize us as the bunch of people wearing Rainmen gear!

  17. OK, time for a whole lot of supposition – how’s this?

    1. HFX wants into the D-League;
    2. D-league teams are affiliated with (and in some cases owned/partly owned) by NBA teams;
    3. Strick is friends (supposedly) with Jay Z (rap mogul and part owner of the Nets);
    4. Nets affiliate with HFX, hire Strick as Rainmen GM (as his playing days are rapidly coming to an end), and, the best part of the deal, Beyonce agrees to sing the anthems once a year at the MC;
    5. NBADL has a brand new NE division (Portland already announced and affiliated with BOS, Erie (CLE), MAN (NYK), HAL (NJ) and Hamilton? (TOR).

    Whaddya think?

  18. Every game is a must win for the team now ..which may not be good enough..they need to count on some help from other teams losing just to have a long shot @ the wildcard. It can be done if they stay focused..

    Sea Daeg #34

  19. This is the last chance for Elephant and Castle before the game. Booze/ app prices are good and service is good. Have not been overly impressed with main courses, so I am sticking with nachos and beer! could be our third last pregame of the year so come and join us!

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