Rainmen Release Hammack, Sign Centre

Poor Kevin Hammack.  I really thought he was going to be a star in Halifax – he had a great skill set, good experience and seemed like a nice guy.  But Halifax have lots of small guards and Rick Lewis destroyed his confidence before Les Berry even took over.  I still think he’s a fantastic player and we saw flashes of that, but never on a consistent basis.

To replace him the Rainmen signed Reggie George, another Chicago guy.  He’s a 6’10 product of Iowa State (D1) who played for the Rockford Fury last year.  George left Iowa after two years to go to the NAIA where he was an all American and had a fair amount of tournament experience.  He seems like a good defensive player – he averaged 1.4 blocks and 8 rebounds per game in the PBL last year along with 15 ppg.  He’s long but doesn’t look too strong but should provide Halifax with its first ever legit, non-project centre.

It’s a good signing but it may be too little too late.  Halifax needed a centre who could play at the begining of the season and if, as seems likely, the Rainmen don’t make the play offs I think that the lack of a centre, and the return of Rick Lewis, can be pointed to as the primary causes of an ultimately disapointing season.


16 thoughts on “Rainmen Release Hammack, Sign Centre

  1. I feel really bad for Hammack. He could have been great. I hope he gets a chance somewhere else. Great defensive player.

    Why did they keep McNeal over Hammack?

  2. Les probably sees something in McNeal. But still…Tyronne is way too raw, and they really needed Hammack on the squad. Both Jimmy and Tony are scoring guards, and Zach Ramey relies too much on his jumper. Hammack is probably the only guard who concentrates on distributing the ball. I personally think they should’ve cut Dandridge.

  3. Dandridge has been absolute shit lately.

    Tony is a scoring guard, but I feel that Jimmy is a pass first kind of guys hand down. I also disagree with Ramey relies on his jumper too much. He might be the one player who makes to biggget effort to take it to the hoop.

    Either way I wish Hammack could have worked his way back.

  4. While I am not really surprised to see Hammack go, I am left wondering why they “replaced” him with McNeal’s fairly obvious replacement.

    Maybe McNeal was left on the roster to have the psychological power over opponents of a 7-footer on the team? Unfortunately, any team who has played us will know that the 7-footer isn’t getting any playing time, so they won’t worry about him.

    This is why a 20-game schedule is too short. By the time roster problems arise, so much of the season is already gone that it is tough to get any benefit from adding new players. Making any substantial roster changes may not really have much effect on our season with so few games left to play, although I am hopeful for positive results.

  5. Greetings, I think(I KNOW) from the start picking a team full of individuals( ALLEDGED SUPERSTARS THAT USE TO COMPETE AGAINST HALIFAX) was a very bad move.It was like can’t beat them…let me sign you!!!!!..LOL. No humble players that are role players or knew(their role) past tense/some are gone. I personally enjoyed Coach Lewis. Alot of the moves made were not all by Coach Lewis. Trust me I KNOW PERSONALLY..!!! Either way wildcard is still possible, win the rest of the games and hope for a loss or two by Vermont. It can be done.

  6. Hey Sea Dawg #34, what do you call a role player who, cheers on his team, is a crowd favorite, and looks like Superman flying through the air? I call him KD.

    By the way our former fan favorite is top 3 in the league in blocks, top 5 in the league in FG%, and top 12 in rebounds. Should come as no surprise to you.

    I hear some of the Rainmen players are already hitting you up for playoff tickets. lol. Funny how things work out isn’t it. All the best and thanks for the encouragement, our team needs it. We know you still love Halifax.

  7. KD is up there, but so is Bailey.. if he continued to get good minutes, he would be killing boards and blocks even more. I feel he is a good 10 and 8 guy or so.

    Unfortunately the writing was on the wall for Hammack as I agree his confidence was toast from after the last exhibition game. Dandridge is in the same place as well though, so why is he here. At least Hammack tried last time he played.

    I don’t mind keeping McNeal for a couple reasons. He doesn’t seem to mind the bench and he is learning from the wily veteran Strick.. This is a development league and I have not seen one team that is 12 players deep. I was happy with the lineup of Millien, crook, bailey and strick downlow however. I am scared to see what that does to some of these gentlemen’s PT.

    Ramey is a good solid player who has worked hard and done what both coaches have asked of him. Les obviously sees him as a defensive player that can get to the hoop as I have not seen many jump shots at all out of him. An occassional three ball but that is it since Les took over. He has been getting to the hoop and running the offence. I really like the rotation with him/Bennett/jimmy at the 1/2.

    This is getting even more interesting as I wonder if we are prepping for next year more than this year?

    As to the superstars, I don’t think that is the case really. Did Dandridge and Hammack play against us last year? Millien will do well with time and Ramey has proven to be solid. Noone can argue what Sanders brought to the table either. We just need to find a balance between starters and role players on this squad and I think we are down to 9/10 players who will continue to get minutes.

  8. I think this is absolutely just an stupid move on behalf of the Rainmen. Kevin brought a lot to the team and the guys seem to generally all like him – which says a lot.

    This is just proving that the revolving door of last year isn’t ever going to stop. Andre has to think about the long run on this one – Halifax loves their home town heros. Why do you think that they all love Eric? He made himself home and the crowd likes him – they all became like they ‘knew’ him. Eric is the only one who makes a strong personal connection that has stuck since the beginning. Why do you think everyone was in an uproar about Eric’s suspension? He’s got to realize that his team isn’t drawing the crowds he wants because Haligonians need to feel like they know the members and embrace them when they are like a neighbor. When you’ve got someone that Halifax gets behind, you’ll get more fans.

    This is just a damn shame. Best wishes with lots of luck for a great future Kevin!

  9. I think that the readers of this list fell in love with Hammack during the exhibition games, but the truth was he didn’t have the basketball IQ to run an offense, and that’s what was being asked of him. If he could have played two, which he’s probably undersized for, then he could have been fine, but even under Lewis’s non-offense offense Hammack just didn’t seem to get it, he wasted possessions by just dribbling around. Once Bennett showed up it was pretty clear there was nowhere in the team for him.

    I think it was 6 in one, half dozen in the other with Dandridge, maybe he makes less money than Hammack. I think Dandridge is a better defender, but he’s probably the next player on the block, as Livingston seems intent on keeping Tyrone, and since he probably gets paid in hamburgers they probably won’t cut him.

  10. There is a story in the Herald today talking about the new NBA D-League team which is starting up in Maine next season. I think I saw this posted here before, but, … anyway, seems they’re due to be the next Celtics affiliate. Could Hali be far behind?

  11. Mid Michigan Destroyers have suspended operations for the season…

    Buffalo better stay afloat, I have floor tickets for the Rainmen game on the 14th!

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