Warm Up

I I am down and out with a terrible flu combined with healing holes in my mouth from wisdome tooth removal, but I read this and it struck a cord with me.  From the blog of Michael Grange, Raptors beat reporter for the Globe and Mail:

This is probably unfair, but first impressions are first impressions. I had a moment at half time and I decided to watch Patrick O’Bryant last night and this is what I saw: He strolled out on the court early for warm-up, but did very little in the way of warming up. He kind half-assed some jumpers, like you would if you were kind of tired and goofing around on your own. I thought that was odd because given all he’s got between him and some playing time is Jake Voskuhl, I’d think he’d be quick to get out there and get a light sweat on, or at least pretend he had a purpose. Not that at all. Some relaxed shooting. Then, when the layups started, some kind of goofy finger-roll. What happens next though, is the killer: he takes off for a wicked windmill; and then throws down some other pretty rare dunks. (emphasis is mine)

Oddly enough, Grange is also down with “flu-like symptoms,” but that’s not what caught my eye, it’s this:  Whose warm up does that sound like?  It’s pretty much a spot on description of 80% of the Rainmen.  And what’s the result?  They blow lay ups in the game, often come out flat, and don’t make the simple plays come game time.   The first time you see it it’s cool to see guys throw alley-oops to themselves and try to do silly dunks, but after two seasons of not-quite-good-enough play I am sick and tired of it.


12 thoughts on “Warm Up

  1. This has always driven me nuts. It looks sloppy and it shows in their tendency to start the first and the third quarters slow against opponents who they can’t just dunk over. I can sort of understand dunking but I do not understand how lobbing the ball in the air and letting it bounce followed by missing a dunk is warming you up. They could do that if they were 15-0 but it has been two disappointing seasons in a row so they should wise up.

  2. D-League team in Portland now. I really hope the Rainmen get into the league at some point. It’s really a better fit for this organization.

  3. D-League..???? No stability within the organization plus no LOCAL NBA team to be affiliated with.. I thinking back to the ABA @ this point would be a good fit.

  4. C’mon guys (and gals)! It sounds like you Rainmen fans are giving up…remember it’s NOT over till it’s over!

    btw: Is there a live feed of tonight’s game anywhere? I’m hoping.

  5. unless Halifax is bringing the gear to set up a feed, no

    I can absolutely guarantee that Montreal won’t be set up for that. I’d even hesitate on whether webcast.crezbasketball.com will have a live play-by-play tonight.

    By the way, in case you weren’t aware, the game’s been delayed to 9pm EST from the originally-scheduled 7:30pm EST

  6. yeah…. the game has been cancelled

    it seems the high school gym where the game was being held didn’t meet league standards.

    oh yeah, there was also no statistician (a staff member ran out to find internet to download the crez stat program, but by the time he returned the game was cancelled) and no trainer/medic or even tape so the players could tape themselves (reportedly, the trainer showed up at the originally-scheduled arena at the originally-scheduled time, found nobody there, and left… although i can’t confirm that story)

    as a montrealer, i find the whole thing more than a little embarrassing, and i feel terrible that Halifax made the drive for nothing

  7. wow that sucks big time! I wonder what this means in terms of stats/play off positioning etc. for the Rainmen. I understand a bus load of fans went up there to catch the game…what a disappointment.

  8. I can only assume this will count as a forfeit for Montreal, although nobody’s told me one way or the other… I can’t imagine the game will be rescheduled, and with only a month left of the season there isn’t really anywhere to reschedule a game anyways

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