Halifax Defeat Quebec, 95-84

The box score is up here.

– Starting line up was Twyman, Bennnett, Jeanty, Strick, Bailey.

– Two shocking stats:  Bailey was the team’s leading scorer and Millien did not play.  There’s no word on if he was hurt, but if he was benched/didn’t make the trip on a coach’s decision then he must be pissed.  This is not what he or anyone else envisioned his role would be.  I know the front court is crowded, but why bring him in if he’s not getting burn?  I think playing him at small forward (where Berry is clearly unhappy with his options) is viable.  Of course, we’ll have to see why he didn’t play.  It could simply be a tweaked ankle or the nasty flu that’s making its rounds in Halifax.

– Bennett had a quiet scoring game but chipped in with nine assists and six boards.  I have to believe he’s the best player on this team right now.

– It was balanced scoring but Eric and Bailey both put up double doubles and Eric had three blocks and two steals.  17/12/3 are the kinds of numbers we expected from him this season but the turmoil (suspension, coaching change, front court player movements) have made it hard for him to find a groove.  Bailey got his numbers in just 17 minutes appearently.

– Halifax’s three point shooting woes continue.  Remember the intitial pre-season plan with our two 6’6″ wing players dropping bombs from the outside if someone tried to bring the double team?  Yeah… that’s not working out so well.  Halifax are second last in the league in three point shooting with only Montreal (the team playing with a skeleton roster of locals) hitting a lower percentage of their three point attempts.  Dandridge is a phenomenal 29% – 76th in the league.  Silverhorn is actually shooting a very good 46% (15th in the league) but the three guards are not exactly connecting at a solid rate with Twyman (34%), Bennett (31%) and Ramey (21%) all struggling to hit deep shots consistently.  Jeanty is 0-12 but I can’t really fault him since unlike some guys he doesn’t keep heaving them up when they aren’t falling.  Sure I’d like to see him knock down most of his attempts but if he’s only taking 0.8 three pointers a game I am not going to get mad about it.


22 thoughts on “Halifax Defeat Quebec, 95-84

  1. Whew, well our hopes stay on life support.

    Have to agree on AJ Millien. Why did we go out and get the league’s leading scorer if we weren’t going to let him, ahem, score? Have to assume he was sick, but so many moves with playing time haven’t made sense this year, you wonder all the same….

  2. Thanks for the synopsis.

    Still no room for error.

    Waiting to see how Front Office shoots playoff chances in the foot next:

    –Start season with incompetent coach: Check.
    –Bench star player: Check.
    –Lost other star player to Third World country: Check.
    –Refuse to play easy W on road after arrival: Check.
    –Sign league’s leading scorer to rot on bench: Check.

    I’m almost oput of ideas here. Somebody help me out.

  3. Oh gosh, just off the top of my head:

    -Create an unbalanced team without a legitimate point guard to run the offense: Check
    – Fail to develop any consistent offensive set: Check
    – Inability to shoot free-throws: Check

  4. I actually think the team has had three good point guards this year. I still maintain that Hammack was excellent, he was just screwed around by the Rick Lewis emotional rollercoaster and then did not fit Les Berry when Lewis was replaced. Had Halifax actually tried to get out and run under Lewis like he said they would he would have been perfect. Twyman is a bit of a scoring point guard but he can get the ball across half and run basic sets, and Ramey isn’t a star but he’s solid in every facet of his game.

    The biggest problem with the line up this year was the lack of a centre and way too many powerforwards. It started off looking like a minor flaw but I think it turned out to be a pretty huge deal. If Halifax had Tony Bennett, Les Berry and a player like Kenyon Gamble (centre for Manchester) on opening night I think they’re at least 11-5 right now. The defensive rebounding, shot blocking and inability to stop opposing big men has really been the undoing of this team thus far.

    I am not willing to give up on the team though – if they win out then they at least have a shot to make the wildcard game and at least Halifax made a legitimate effort to be a contender even if in retrospect some of the specific moves were incorrect.

    That said, my list:
    – Never have a real centre
    – Have too much talent at powerforward creating a logjam for minutes and tricking yourself into thinking you don’t need a centre.
    – No legitimate backup small forward
    – Starting the season without a two guard (not a good two guard… ANY two guard)

    It’s really crazy to look back on it: this is a team which started the season with absolutely no shooting guards and an injured project with no big man skills as the only centre on the roster.

  5. Millien was at home sick. So we can chill for now. Dandridge did not make the trip also.

    New guy was wearing number 33 though… not sure how they are going to swing the jerseys now because Hammack’s won’t fit Geogre. Pretty amature move by the PBL to only give them 12 jerseys.

  6. Flash back to Rodney Mayes having to wear #20 when Strick arrived and they didn’t have another one to give him then.

    Guess they’ll have to give Millien Hammack’s jersey now if George fits 33.

  7. It’s good to know that Millien was just sick (as odd as that sounds). This jersey situation is a mess, but at least AJ is slim enough to wear a guard’s jersey as long as it has the length.
    I really think we’re going to end up seeing Millien play some small forward – otherwise I can’t make sense of how this front court is going to break down over the next four games.

    How did George look? (obviously limited minutes, but did he show anything worth mentioning?

  8. How come they don’t have 200 jerseys–and the ones they’re not ewaring could be sold to fans at a lusty mark-up?

  9. I disagree with the Ramey point. His misses came mostly in the lewis era. He has only taken one or two bad shots since Les came over and has been focussing on defence and getting to the rim. When him and silverhorn go to the hole I think it makes the team better. Good win, we need to win out the schedule and then hope for help!

  10. Just a few quick points:

    Great game in Quebec, it was really fun being the equivalent of Vermont’s fans when they are here in Hali, but with Section 22 volume (although no cow bells!). I could barely speak after the game, we cheered for most of the 48 minutes.

    Check the game stats and compare them to past games. Lots of good performances.

    In answer to the question: Reggie George played very well and had impact on the floor in 13 minutes.

  11. I actually think Silverhorn is their shooting guard – or should be.

    Twyman, on the other hand, hasn’t seemed to be able to effectively run an offense. That puts a bit too much on him to say that, however, because I think you actually have to have some sort of offensive plan before you can criticize someone for how they run it.

    I agree that the team has never really been put together. You don’t just want to pick up guys who score, you need role players. And what HR was needed to my way of thinking is a rebounder at centre and passer at guard.

    Agreed that Livingston really does make a serious effort to put a quality product out on the court and for that he deserves our support. This isn’t easy, but he’s been prepared to make moves and I really believe his heart is in the right place.

  12. Sounds fishy. I asked Andre at the game, but since he has no clue who I am, and I never introduced myself, he probably never thought much of it.

    Could there be something bigger going on?

  13. Someone has to explain to me why Augusta lets their number one player go like that. Millien says it’s because they couldn’t make payroll, which i admit does sound quite possible in this league, but still…

  14. Wonderful article in the metro. What is the league thinking? They have a solid franchise upon which they could grow in the Northeast and they are talking about not offering them a spot in the league next year.. Where next for our Rainmen?

  15. Here’s a brief quote from the Metro article:

    “Carrie May, director of league operations, said the Rainmen pay 100 per cent of their own travel and cover 20 per cent of the travel costs for teams visiting Halifax. For all other teams, the PBL covers travel costs across the board.”

    On the face of it, that makes no sense. Let’s use 3 examples:

    1. Vermont plays in Montreal: Am I to understand that the PBL writes Vermont a cheque for their full travel costs? Where does it get the money? It must be from “profit-sharing”, I can’t see any other source of funds. So in other words, the ticket I buy for any HR game, part of it must be going to the league to subsidize that travel.

    2. Vermont plays in Halifax: Now normally the league in this case would pick up Vermont’s tab, but in this case, Halifax pays 20% and the league the other 80%?

    3. Halifax plays in Vermont. Again normally the PBL would reimburse Halifax, but we get nothing for our travel expenses.

    So if we were a “normal team” we’d pay ZERO of our travelling expenses, but because we’re on the coast we pay, in effect 120% of our travelling expenses.

    And the league still can’t get those numbers to work?!

    I look at this quote and I put it through the BS translator and this is what comes out:
    “Andre is getting some good attendance numbers up there in Halifax so we are going to see if we can squeeze a few more dollars out of them”.

    I mean, honestly, how much does it cost to drive a bus from Quebec to Halifax? That’s what we’re talking about here.

  16. That article makes it pretty clear that the PBL is an ABA style rec league that is not interested in providing a professional environment for its’ members. The PBL seems more interested in punishing whistleblowers who expose the flaws of the PBL than they are in playing basketball. Halifax probably should have pulled out the moment that mid-michigan was announced as a team.

    Portland’s not that far away.

  17. I only trust Eric & Brian @ this point from the organization and MY old Coach Rick Lewis….other than that…lol..tough to decide truth from deception..!!!! Either way on lighter side of things Wilmington tied for first place in their division …WILD CARD FOR US (WILMINGTON) IS LIKE HAVING A RETIREMENT PLAN FOR A NEW BORN BABY….ITS THEIR BUT YOU DONT REALLY NEED IT YET…!! FOR HALIFAX ITS KINDA LIKE BEING TOLD YOU HAVE 27 DAYS TO LIVE DUE TO A TERMINAL ILLNESS AND TRYING TO FIND A INSURANCE POLICY OR LAST MIN. TRANSPLANT…!!

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