Rainmen May Get Booted From PBL?

Wow.  This is a bit of a surprise:

“It might look nice and good up there in Halifax but our marketing people gave us reasons why we shouldn’t keep (the Rainmen),” said Severko Hrywnak, chairman of the board. “Halifax isn’t around the corner. You could take two steps back and look at it as a business model …nobody would have Halifax in. You’re too far away. The costs are astronomical.”

This kind of comes out of the blue and Levingston seems equally shocked by it.  He indicates in the article that this is the first he’s hear about it which is worrisome.  That shows a strange lack of communication on the part of the league.  Andre is likley not in a good mood today.

That said I do understand where the other owners are coming from to a degree – Halifax ain’t cheap and the only way to make minor league hoops work at this level is to cluster teams.  But Halifax isn’t the only team posing travel problems.  Wilmington is also pretty far out of the way:

  • Wilmington to Burlington VT: 15 .5 Hours
  • Wilmington to Rochester NY: 13 hours

Halifax is 13.5 hours away from Burlington, Vermont.  So it is not the absolute longest trip in the PBL. (or at least is not by a huge amount).  In addition, it’s not the greatest cost.  Propping up teams like Montreal, Augusta and the mid-west teams when they can’t make ends meet is the greatest cost to this league both in terms of finances and in terms of PR capital.  Halifax pay for their own webcasts which increases brand value for the whole league.  Combined with Rochester the Rainmen boost average attendance in the league to a semi-respectable level and the Halifax media account for at least 50% of the total media the league and its teams earn.  I can’t imagine that teams/the league pay more for less in Halifax than they do in Augusta (another place which is not physically close to anyone but Wilmington).  If it’s about slicing up the pie when it comes to national ad revenue it is awfully hard to generate revenue when you lose 50% of your “televised games,” 50% of your earned media, have a reduced average attendance, and are likely to only get six to nine solid teams in the league next year (Wilmington, Vermont, Manchester, Quebec, Rochester and possibly Battle Creek, Buffalo and a team like Nashville or Albany from another league).

So what are the solutions?  Halifax should make every effort to stay in the PBL: it’s the right level of league cost wise for them and the continuity of staying in one place for more than a year is imporant.  It may be too late for another D-league push, and travel may be an issue for them but Levngston at least needs to make a phone call.  The CBA is going to be desperate for teams but Halifax will be even further out of their footprint if they can even get it off the ground.  I still think that Moncton helps alleviate many of the travel costs if they can convince someone to put a team there and it almost seems like they need to get a regional partner no matter what league they join.


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  1. A few thoughts:

    1) The one thing the ABA did that made a small amount of sense was schedule most teams coming to Halifax as doubleheaders on consecutive days. This is the first thing the PBL needs to put on the table. This instantly cuts travel costs by 30-40%.

    2) Putting a team in Moncton is intriguing but I wonder if Moncton will support minor pro basketball without so much as an AUS team. The winter sports action there is all hockey right now (even the UDM girls team draws 800-1000 fans, and the Q-League, Jr.A, and UDM means team are all well supported). I can make the argument for both sides of this question, but I wonder if Fredericton, St. John (based on population alone), Charlottetown, or even Sydney would be better fits.

    3) I doubt the D-League will come here before the economy rebounds. They’re coming to Maine, but the Maine group were willing to accept all the terms the Rainmen rejected. Furthermore, Maine’s bid-book was apparently very well put together.

    4) Where does the PBL get money to cover team’s travel costs? Do they have any significant revenue streams (I don’t know of any) or are they basically redistributing franchise fees?

    5) This whole thing smells like posturing on the part of the PBL to get Halifax to pay more travel costs. If you want to kick out franchises drawing better than 2000 fans from your shoestring-budget league, um, good luck with that.

  2. Damn..sorry to hear this…but key factor to include about wilmington..WE FLY ..so travel time is nothing but a few hours for US…anywhere..!!! I think i may need to call my two brothers and let them know we may have some room down here in north carolina for them (EC & BS) ..!!! Check this out we have alot more personal perks than Halifax….$$$ and living conditions and free chiro. and physio. services daily i take advantage of..food vouchers…the list goes on….and personal travel per diem(more than the lil halifax gets ) to eat quality food on the road not just tim hortons and some tim bits(which are so good though,i miss eating them over in bedford next to the BEST BICYCLE SHOP IN NOVA SCOTIA..BICYCLESPLUS.CA…!!!!) SORRY had to sent some love and resepct to my Scotian dad ..it was good to see you and my brother the other day in montreal…!!! BUT ON A SERIOUS NOTE…ITS NOT COOL TO POCKET $$$$ AND CUT COSTS WHEN YOU SUPPOSE TO HAVE MONEY OUT THE AZZ ..IT LOWERS YOUR PLAYERS MORAL. i must say it is nice to have my coach and owner speak highly of ME DAILY and me SPEAK HIGHLY OF THEM kinda what i did last year with COACH LEWIS who i still laugh and joke with that elevated my game…!!! to wrap it up..TO ALL WHO MAY READ THIS..DON’T BLAME EVERYTHING ON THE PBL. WHEN YOU POINT ONE FINGER YOU HAVE A FEW COMING BACK @ YOU. depends on how you hold your four fingers though iin terms of 3-4 fingers..lol….

    Kadiri Richard starting center for the first place(10-4) Wilmington Sea Dawgs

  3. If you guys are flying to every game that it actually backs my point up since my argument is not about travel time as much as it is about travel cost. If the PBL are going to cover the cost of flights to and from Wilmington, NC then it’s not that much cheaper than the combination of flights/busses for teams getting to Halifax (since the PBL is not paying any of Halifax’s travel costs and just 80% of the other teams’ to get here).

    The geography has always been a problem for Halifax in pretty much every way in the last century or so, so someone (PBL, Rainmen, another league) needs to come up with some sort of solution to make this work whether that is coming up with creative scheduling, increased government support (I don’t see that happening) or the placement of additional franchises.

  4. Halifax is a decent fit with Montreal, Quebec, Vermont and Manchester. The Moose bus it between HFX and QC, MTL, Lewiston Maine and even Gatineau. The Q is IMO a significantly more professional (and profitable) league than the PBL. If 2 games in 3 days with a 10 hour bus ride in between it is good enough for the Q why can’t it work for the PBL?

    A game in Montreal/QC/Vermont on Friday night, bus it to Halifax on Saturday and play in Halifax Sunday afternoon seems like a reasonable travel schedule for a semi-pro league like the PBL.

    Besides, it isn’t like Rochester and Chicago are next door neighbours either. They’re 10 hours apart too.

    I think the PBL is probably trying to decide if it needs to retrench and survive the recession by becoming a glorified YMCA league with unpaid local players, or lose the weak links and go ahead with 6 professional organizations. Halifax doesn’t fit the YMCA vision, but would be a solid part of a smaller, more professional league.

  5. Let me cut to the chase shadeeeeee president and ownership full of poor decisions…& pocketing money here and there (i could air out alot CHRIS..but i’m not… unless you want me to…??? I could pull a michael phelps and sell you some info….lol..funny thing is that happened here in COLUMBIA SOUTH CAROLINA..!!!Either way thank God andre RELEASED ME so i would not be a part of a team and SUB-PAR situation..Chris just know i have alot of respect for the organization BUT KNOW THIS ALSO I WAS A RAINMEN FOR 5 MONTHS DURING THE SEASON..and thought i was one up until 11-5-08 when i was told MY services were no longer needed…and keep this in mind i’m still on great terms with players on the team..so be careful..and take that PERSONAL INFO INTO CONSIDERATION…I KNOW ALOT ABOUT ALOT…TRUST ME.!!

  6. I wonder why the marketing people at the PBL are the ones doing cost analysis to determine which teams are viable for the profit sharing league. As marketing people, shouldn’t they laud the fact that Halifax is near the top in attendance? Seriously. This is a strange strange turn of events made even more strange knowing the NBA-D wishes, and recent startup in Portland, ME.

  7. Looks like a former rainman has a bit of sour grapes….lol.

    This looks more like a shakedown, make Halifax pay more to be apart of the league, rather than adjust the schedule to reduce travel time/costs.
    The few games I watched online, there are maybe 100 – 200 fans at most of the games. They play in a local university gym. Doesn’t exactly scream “professional”. At least Halifax has some “production value” in the product they put out there. You get a bit of entertainment along with the basketball.



  9. nice one kd.. you better win out or your record might be in trouble.. still need 12 wins to clinch your division! (I am sure you will).. PS
    Shouldn’t you be at practise.. I’m talking bout practise.. what are we talking about.. practise..

    Who wants to see Striquille v KD.. battle of the titans!

  10. Sorry to repeat what I said in the previous thread but seems apropos here:

    Here’s a brief quote from the Metro article:

    “Carrie May, director of league operations, said the Rainmen pay 100 per cent of their own travel and cover 20 per cent of the travel costs for teams visiting Halifax. For all other teams, the PBL covers travel costs across the board.”

    On the face of it, that makes no sense. Let’s use 3 examples:

    1. Vermont plays in Montreal: Am I to understand that the PBL writes Vermont a cheque for their full travel costs? Where does it get the money? It must be from “profit-sharing”, I can’t see any other source of funds. So in other words, the ticket I buy for any HR game, part of it must be going to the league to subsidize that travel.

    2. Vermont plays in Halifax: Now normally the league in this case would pick up Vermont’s tab, but in this case, Halifax pays 20% and the league the other 80%?

    3. Halifax plays in Vermont. Again normally the PBL would reimburse Halifax, but we get nothing for our travel expenses.

    So if we were a “normal team” we’d pay ZERO of our travelling expenses, but because we’re on the coast we pay, in effect 120% of our travelling expenses.

    And the league still can’t get those numbers to work?!

    I look at this quote and I put it through the BS translator and this is what comes out:
    “Andre is getting some good attendance numbers up there in Halifax so we are going to see if we can squeeze a few more dollars out of them”.

    I mean, honestly, how much does it cost to drive a bus from Quebec to Halifax? That’s what we’re talking about here.

    Now adding to Dawg’s point: local sponsors etc. I know Wilmington has a nice airport (I’ve flown into it) and they are giving it a boost, but somewhere isn’t there a local charter company in Hfx which might step up and do let’s say one game in exchange for advertising? You have to learn to substitute creativity for cash in these situations.

    But basically I am calling BS on the PBL here, particularly in the age of 80 cent a litre gas – might have been a better excuse when it was $1.40 a litre yes.

    I also agree with the suggestion that we bring teams into town for a two game series. I give an example of the Detroit city, those guys came all that way, it was an exciting game, I would have loved to see a rematch on Sunday. However, what does Detroit do all the week that follows? Right now they do a swing if they can, hitting Montreal (if it really exists), Kebs, and then us or the reverse, but you can’t do that if you do double game in Hfx.

    But thumbs down BIG TIME to the PBL for putting out negative publicity before the season ends. IF they are thinking about this, the time do discuss it is in the OFF-season. All speculation that the team is going to fold/move does is kill ticket sales in the present. PBL’s discussion = big time stupid.

  11. I agree with Rigs on the point that it’s utterly STUPID for the PBL to put out this type of negative publicity before the season even ends and right when Halifax is trying to make a play off push!
    Actually the more i think about it….something really stinks here.

    The PBL im assuming MUST have known BEFORE THIS SEASON EVEN STARTED what the travelilng costs etc. for Halifax would be. NOW all of a sudden they are crying foul and demanding Halifax pay more!?!?!?

    Seems the PBL are trying to squeeze Andre for more $$$ and Andre is not having it…so the PBL goes to HIS local media outlet with a back-stabbing story and threaten to not have Halifax back next year.

    Looks like the PBL is salivating at the financial success $$$ and rapidly expanding fan base that Halifax is enjoying and is trying to take a bigger chunk out of it. At least that what it seems like to me,,,,,,like the two are playing “who has the biggest dick”.

  12. Let’s say we start the season with a PBL travel budget.

    1. Gas prices now = lower than we budgeted.

    2. Mid-Michigan drops out: no more travel of them or to them. I’m not saying it’s good news, but saves money in the travel budget. Every cloud etc.

    3. Montreal going into hibernation: same thing.

    4. Halifax ticket sales: higher numbers than before but are the receipts there? Not sure.

    5. Canadian dollar = way down. That means that in American dollars (which is what I assume PBL runs in) costs of travel in Canada are lower than budgeted, since fewer US $ now buy more $C.

    PBL should really be issuing a press release that “drops in fuel prices have meant they will have money left over in the travel budget at the end of the season”, if the above logic is correct.

  13. Also, this:

    “The costs are astronomical.”

    Really? Astronomical? Not “higher”, not “significant” but “astronomical”?

    Help me out, are these guys all flown into town or what’s the story?

    I’m assuming some of them at least are bussed in.

  14. OK, so is the price of an plane ticket to Halifax “astronomical” compared to the price of flying the other places? On that one, based again on my own experiences, maybe if compared to Wilm or Montreal but surely not so much compared to Quebec City.

    Again, I’m not sure, I’m just asking.

  15. It’s sounds like a couple of the “penny ante” teams in this league complained.

    It’s not the Rainmen’s fault you only draw a couple hundred fans and can’t afford to run your teams.

    The PBL is “penny ante”. They let the tail of these low budget teams wag the dog.

    PBL big wigs you wanna squeeze the Rainmen for more money? Andre don’t go for that. I would say. He’s smarter than that.

  16. Did everybody here get out of bed on the wrong side today?? I used to enjoy reading this blog, and the fans opinions, but is seems the Rainmen fans?? are eating their own.

    Instead of complaining about the league, each player, each game, why not post the odd positive comment. Here I’ll show you how.

    I was one of the unfortunate souls that drove 2500 kms this past weekend with my son to Montreal to watch the Rainmen and my favorite player, KD and his Sea Dawg team play against the Sasquatch.

    I could sit here and rant about all the shit that happened and the negative stuff that was thrown back and forth, but I won’t.

    My son and I had a great trip, great meals, great hotel, got to see Kadiri and chat about old times and new, and all the good things that are happening in his life, then followed the Rainmen to Quebec and saw a great game, in a building filled with B Ball passion and excitement Quebecois style.

    I saw Strict emerging as a true leader, a warrior, who is like a big papa bear out on the floor. One of the players shows a bit of attitude, Strict is on him, straightening him out, and then and always then encouraging all the players who are much younger and greener than him to pick it up and congratulating them when big plays are made.

    I enjoyed watching Tony Bennett, by far the fastest player in the league, strike, dish off, make amazing passes, and much more.

    Guys I could go on for hours talking about all the great things professional basketball has brought to Halifax, but I don’t have enough time.

    I ask everyone that posts here to open their eyes and attempt to present a more balanced picture of what is really going on with this team.

    The league, the team, the players aren’t perfect, but hey neither are we.

  17. Interesting quote in today’s Chronicle-Herald “Food For Thought”:

    Everything you read in newspapers is absolutely true, except for that rare story of which you happen to have first-hand knowledge. ~ Erwin Knoll

    @Chris, you may have heard of Erwin Knoll, he was the editor of The Progressive (a lefty monthly magazine) from 1973 to 1994.

    @Slam Man, thanks for your comment. I was also in Montreal and Quebec and had a great time. The overwhelming negative tone of the majority of posts from the past few days was bringing me down off the high of cheering for our team in a hostile environment. Little did I know the hostile environment was actually back in Halifax.

  18. From the Rainmen site:

    03/03/2009 2:39 PM – Halifax Rainmen Owner Andre Levingston wants fans, corporate partners and season ticket holders to know the Rainmen are here to stay. “A recent media report conveys a message that leaves doubt that Halifax will have a professional basketball franchise next year. This is absolutely not true,” said Levingston.

    Normal practice in business is to renegotiate contracts when they come to term; this will be the case for the Rainmen and the PBL at the end of the season.

    “We will work with the PBL to find a resolution that is beneficial to everyone,” said Levingston. “But those negations should be done behind closed doors and not the in media. It’s unfortunate the onset of negotiations went public before we had a chance to speak face to face with league officials; hopefully this will not occur again.”

    The Rainmen have 4 remaining games, 1 away game, 1 make-up game, and 2 at home on March 22nd and March 28th

  19. Hey Slam Man,

    Good to hear that you and your son are enjoying basketball. That’s what’s it’s all about. I applaud all the fans who went on those road trips. You are the hard core fans that love this time.

    I love basketball too. I just don’t want to see Andre and his team get shaken down. Neither does anyone. He has put his time, money and energy into this team.

    He deserves better than that. When the owner is getting shaken down then so are the fans. Who would ultimately pay the PBL their shake down money? The fans.

  20. back in wilmington everyone….i had a quick three hour trip from sc to nc…time to think about my recent posts….i think i have been bragging to much about my team…??? and not enough encouragement about my former team….got to run to practice…practice not the game but practice….(iverson)..lol..much love to everyone in halifax …always

    ps RIGS we are tied for first place with the razorsharks.. 10-4 = 9-3 same …no games behind currently….

  21. about time.. BBC- Bailey’s Brew Crew may make a return on March 22.. Posturing by the league it is..Rainmen ball is very exciting and I am glad we have a stretch run with a shot to make playoffs. It keeps it very exciting and I am glad playoffs are not too watered down! best teams in!

  22. This Millrats season-ticket holder is glad you guys are in the PBL. I envy the two local newspapers that are fighting each other to cover the Rainmen, it was thrilling to have caught a webcast of one of your games from the high bleachers of the Fieldhouse during the second half of one of ours, and this blog makes it fun to follow your team as well as ours (an institution our GM has just imitated). I know you all are working on building, or rooting for, a championship team and that there are 2000 of you.

    Unless this really is an attempt to get Andre to negotiate via daily newspaper, some mid-level PBL staffer is in a heap of trouble right now for publicizing the private opinions of the league’s marketeers. “There is no successful business relationship that a new business-school grad cannot ruin seeking better terms.” Andre is quite right in the recent press release, though he shouldn’t have taken the bait of the Metro News reporter.

  23. Going to Rainmen games are great events – you get great ball, entertainment, and some laughs from the guys. I love going to the games – they highlight the week for me. I think they bring a lot to Halifax and that while there is some criticism on the team, management and players that they better our city.

    I think it’s pretty classless of the PBL to make a release like that to the media without giving Andre the heads up. I think they might be trying to save a little face with Halifax calling light to the situation in Montreal. In my (humble) opinion, the PBL set up that situation – they shouldn’t have been allowed to continue operations this year then had to resubmit a proposal with the new ownership next season.

    I think that Andre should be ticked and am glad he made a press release regarding the lack of respect it showed on the PBL’s part. As well, I do think that this is attempt to bleed Halifax for more money for travel. Now, I didn’t do all the research some of the other bloggers have with regards to travel time etc, but it seems to me that if the league did move to double headers, it would cut travel expenses on both ends and make more sense. A lot of times, it feuls interest more on fan base because they want to come when the more fierce rivals are here.

    As for travel costs for the Rainmen? I might have to agree with some points KD made – the guys travel in vans more than not for long hours on the road rather than buses. There’s very little air travel from what I gather from the media reports, bloggers, and things the organization have said. I also think that they probably don’t have the best living situation (I don’t care if they all live in a lovely house – 12 guys in one house is GROSS and I’m guessing they’re the ones doing the cleaning). I’ve also heard some comments about how cheap the ownership can be from the organization and past players. I’m guessing it’s probably true and that they’re cutting some corners where the players are concerned – but they can’t be too bad cause the players aren’t complaining to many people this year. I think that if we want to maintain a good reputation however to entice future players here that Andre and Jad need to remember that the players need to be treated with respect and stop this revolving door. Players are getting bounced in and out and those that are good are favoring other jobs because there could be a change and just suddenly, they’re not needed. As for ‘production of the players’ – how can a player produce anything if he isn’t given the minutes or a fair chance? Or, why are you over loading on ‘good/great’ players, but not a true framework for team play?

    I veered to the left on that last paragraph, whoops!

  24. The Champlain Cup games are not true PBL games. They are basically exibition games so that we have more than 20 games during the season.

  25. Bluenose: Loved your post, good insight on all your points. We’ll just have to play ‘wait and see’ on all of this…

    BigDaddyPhil: Too bad Bailey didn’t win Player of the Week (but it’s nice to get nominated!). I’m sure you did see it was Halifax’s favourite, Randy ‘White Chocolate’ Gill who took home the honours – hahaha (Maaan, I wish Detroit was coming back to town this season!)

    SeaDawg/KD: Good to read your insight for sure, I enjoy reading ‘inside’ perspectives and opinions. Say hi to my man ‘Black Cat’ if you ever see him roll through his hometown of Wilmington 😉

    Rigs: Great posts…Like I mentioned to bluenose, we’ll just have to see how this plays out…but these are definitely classless bush league tactics on the part of the PBL.

    The Slam Man: I love the positive spin you gave, hopefully that vibe can carry us forward and into the playoffs!

  26. I appreciate someone putting us back on the up foot.
    If I complain, it’s because I care.
    Imagine how much worse things are for the fans in Montreal.

    KD, 9-3 is a better record than 10-4, but I don’t want to quibble: The Dawgs are right in the thick of things, full props to them for that, I hope they keep it up.

  27. afternoon greetings to everyone, we play augusta tomorrow…. again…hope all is well up there in scotia…..
    lets go rainmen.!!!

    sea dawg #34
    no caps this time rigs..lol..much respect always.!!!

  28. Off topic – sorry:

    The playoffs – am I right in saying that the Rainmen’s only hope of making the playoffs (assuming ROC or WIL will get 1 wildcard spot) is for HFX to win out and VER to lose 2?

  29. It’s not impossible:

    The Frost Heaves play the dominant Manchester 3 times this month.
    Halifax plays them only once.

    We need Manchester (13-3) to sweep Vermont (9-6) or to pull an upset in our game versus Manchester and have them win 2 of 3 versus Vermont.

    It could very easily happen.

    What we can’t do at this point is play another sloppy unfocused low-energy game like we did against the Kebs. One more of those and we’re done like dinner.

  30. Vermont only have one PBL game remaining against Manchester – they do have some Champlain Cup games remaining, but they do not count in the PBL play offs.

    Halifax need to run the table and then hope Vermont drop 2 games (the Heaves hold the tie breaker). It’s not impossible – if Manchester win in Burlington (which is not an easy task) and then Quebec win won game or Buffalo somehow manage to pull out a win in Vermont then the Rainmen can make the play offs. It’s unlikely, but it’s possible. The main thing is that the only the the Rainmen can do is win their games.

  31. Ahhh, I hadn’t realized Manchester was part of the Champlain Cup. That really does put us behind the eight-ball.

    So this Friday’s game is the only one that counts in the PBL?

  32. The Heaves just signed Larry Turner, Center. He is the biggest, strongest, most nimble (by far) center that the Heaves have ever had in their 3 years. He is an animal. Manchester also just lost Kenyon Gamble.

  33. OK, let me be the first to say it, before KD shows, and we know he will 😉

    Even though the league doesn’t show the Dawgs in first place, and I understand the math behind that, as far as I’m concerned they are in first place at this point.

    Also, though I gotta rib KD, nice rebounding, but 1 for 7?! 😉

    Just joking, nice win for the Dawgs, respect

  34. Good morning everyone….RIGS…yeah missed a few tip ins that I should have dunked back..lol…hope all is well in Scotia..We play Buffalo on Sunday… I’m going to try to have a quad-double on them 10 10 10 10..!!! and beat them by 30..!!! Lets hope Vermont wins tonight. I think that will help the Rainmen cause/status. Have a good weekend everyone..!!!

  35. lol yeah it was gonna get ugly there for a minute

    KD respect always I was just joking, when I played (like 25 years ago), I think I only ever managed 4 tip-ins, and I am pretty sure 3 of them were by accident. I submit that the general public will never appreciate how something that looks so easy is actually so hard to do. It’s like putting the ball back up from down low after a rebound, people aren’t very forgiving when it doesn’t go in, they except your FG% to be like 80% on those. It’s a lot harder than it looks to go up strong and still have a fine enough touch to put the ball in…

  36. at the half: Frost Heaves 38 Millrats 40

    both teams shooting terrible from the floor and Vermont with 11 turnovers

  37. Heaves 35% from the floor 25% from 3PT range, blech.

    Millrats need to come out strong again this one is gonna be a battle.

  38. nice answer by heaves once again they change lines up and start to battle back, rats call time to try and figure it out, their lead is 8

  39. Well, I don’t know whether to give the heaves credit for staying in it and coming back or simply say there was a) a huge amount of luck in that final shot going to put them into Ot and b) some serious misses by the officials to help them win the OT. So I think I’ll say both.

    I can’t say the heaves deserved to win that game at all. But give them credit they stayed close enough so that some BS luck and bad officiating could give them the win.

  40. I’m not bitter, I call them the way I hear them. I give vermont full credit they didn’t give up. And if you don’t give up, you give yourself a chance to win some games you probably don’t deserve to win. This was one of them.

    Contrast it with the rainmen: would our guys have stayed in a game down by what was it as much as 16 in the 3rd quarter? I doubt it. And that’s why Vermont deserves to make the playoffs and we don’t.

  41. Also, I should add Vermont’s conditioning seems better than Manchester’s, it more than I thought, rats were ahead by 16 with less than 10 minutes to go in the game, but they were winded and heaves got hot.

    Nice part about this: the rivalry between Vermont and Manchester didn’t have a lot in it for heaves so far this season, now I think we can look forward to some real fire when these guys meet in the playoffs.

    It was a super exciting game, full value for those who took it in.

  42. Ugh… Rainmen are more or less out now unless Vermont drop two games. Congrats the Frost Heaves but as a partisan I have to say this isn’t the result I wanted.

    I didn’t see the game, but from the many Frost Heaves games I’ve seen I can assume that it wasn’t conditioning that kept them fresh in the fourth, it was the fact that Will Voigt subs his guys out more frequently than most other coaches.

  43. We had two dozen Millrats fans there; ground level was full, balcony was 1/4 full. I brought the Bucket O’Noise but was drafted to run the shot clock. This was a frustrating loss as the Millrats started most quarters on fire: an initial 10-1 run, Al Stewart pumping in 3s to start the second half, and the Rats scoring the first 9 points in the fourth quarter. The late fade does suggest conditioning, but both teams played ragged in the late 4th. We got outscored 12-5 in OT and the bench iced it with a technical.

    Someone notes that we lost Kenyon Gamble (to a job in Arabia), but Aaron Spears also has a slight tear in a knee. Our new big man, Marc Mazur, is big and strong and looked good. But we got out-rebounded 62-45 and that showed how much we missed the old guys. Al Stewart had a great game: led the game in rebounds and got 8 steals. The national anthem was sung by a ventriloquist’s puppet, but respectfully. Sorry we couldn’t help Halifax with a win!

  44. Great game last night. Huge win for the Heaves. Larry Turner looked great and is like a wall under the basket. We can have one more signing before end of Monday. I think that they may take advantage of that and sign Terrance Green. Last year’s all star Heave.

    Spike the Dog, I guess was at the game. Little correction on his post. Al Stewart did not lead the game in rebounds. Al had 9 rebounds which is great……….. but Benson Callier had 10.

  45. Actually my human alter ego was there; I was hiding in the trunk of the car. Well-spotted correction, thanks.

  46. I was talking to one of the Rainmen at the AUS Championships, and he said that they might be rescheduling the postponed Montreal game as a home game in Halifax. Logically, that could happen before or after the game against Montreal on the 28th.

  47. Good AUS men’s final. Dal and St. FX were tied at the half. Bedford boy Josh Beattie came alive with 17 points (including 5 3-pointers) in the 3rd quarter to give the Tigers a huge lead that they never surrended. Good game overall.

    I wasn’t at the game, but watched it on cable 10. Good call of the game. Coach Les Berry was well-spoken in his halftime interview and they plugged the Rainmen. While it doesn’t look good for playoffs, let’s still “Root For The Rainmen”!

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