Halifax Trade Dandridge for Anderson

So Halifax made one good move (getting rid of Glen Dandridge) and one questionable move (adding Michael Anderson).  I was critical of the signing of Dandridge when it happened – he replicated something we already had, he wasn’t a real shooting guard which is what we did need, he was a life long disapointment, etc.  After he put up huge numbers during the pre-season people said I was wrong about him.  His regular season performance, however vindicated me even if it it made the team worse.  He was a turn over machine, was a good on the ball defender but was terrible off the ball and got beaten constantly and despite having the physical abilities to do so he never went to the hoop instead settling for deep, contested jumpers.  Of course, all of this ignores the worst thing about him:  He was incapable of consistently knocking down deep jump shots which was supposed to be the one thing he did well.  Good riddance.

Michael Anderson was listed is listed officially as a powerforward for Quebec but played almost entirely at small forward, even acting as a point forward at times bringing the ball up the floor and setting up the offense.  He’s primarily an offensive player averaging 17.7 ppg, plus 6rpg, 1.6 apg, 1.5 spg and 0.9 blocks.  He’s a decent outside shooter and can break guys down off the dribble and will likely challenge Silverhorn for the starting spot at the three.

So with all that said, why do I think this is a questionable move?  Because the last thing this team needs is another natural powerforward (they have five on the roster before adding Anderson).  And the second last thing they need is another scorer.  Anderson took a team high 12.7 shots per game in Quebec and averaged over three turnovers a game.  The guy needs the ball in his hands.

Halifax get the more talented player but this is part of a bigger set of moves for Quebec.  They sent John Ruffus (a PF who had played for Montreal before The Troubles) to Manchester in exchange for Charles Mason (a SF) and Jamaal Wise (an undersized PF who also played with Montreal) as well as cash.  The Kebs also signed PJ Young, a free agent SF who played most of the season with the Millrats.   So with Mason in Anderson became redundant and it’s likely that Dandridge is making less money which is probably a plus for QC.

Overall I don’t think this move helps all that much.  Halifax’s play-off hopes rest more in the hands of other teams than in their own and SF is a bit thin for Halifax but not entirely.  It’s obvious that Berry is not happy with Silverhorn’s defense and toughness, often electing to start Jeanty.  But at the same time both Jeanty and Millien can do a lot of the things at the 3 that Anderson can and we have to wonder if this is a good move when it comes to chemistry.  Anderson has a bit of a reputation for being a ball hog and a headcase and the team has had a hard enough time adjusting to a new coach without throwing a new player into the mix as well.  I guess we will see how this all plays out.

I almost feel like Halifax would have been better off giving more players to Quebec to try to make them better – the play off hopes of the Rainmen rely on the Kebs taking out Vermont.


27 thoughts on “Halifax Trade Dandridge for Anderson

  1. Agreed, Another power forward?! Good grief.

    We have to stop picking pure talent and try to put the pieces of a TEAM together.

  2. Millrats got Ruffus because, in the words of our GM, “We had to get bigger” after the loss of Gamble and Spears. Apropos of that, Ife Anosike is coming back. He is a nurse studying to be a doctor; when he left the Green Mountain Tip-Off on a stretcher, he obligingly diagnosed his own neck sprain for the doctors at the hospital, and returned to play in the second day of that tournament. He left us at mid-season for a medical residency in NYC but has enough games with us to qualify for the playoffs.

  3. Hey Chris,

    Exciting day. We felt like we needed bigs after the loss of Kenyon and Aaron, especially given the fact that we are likely to face Rochester in the first round.

    Mazur has been a pleasant surprise and he’s a legit 6’10, but adding Ruffus and the 6’11 Anosike really helps us shore up the front line defensively. Ruffus gives us another post option to Carey, so that will open up shooters.

    I’m not sure Anderson will help you but he will be entertaining.

    Interesting idea to ship more firepower to Quebec to down the Heaves, but the only drawback is that would deplete you when you have to play us. Also when we lost to you, we had none of our centers so we should be much tougher this time around.

    I think there’s a sliver of a chance that Quebec could upset VT with their new roster. Fortier should be back and then add additional deep shooters Dandridge and Mason with yeoman forwards Young & Wise and it could get interesting.

  4. I loved Anderson’s game with Quebec, but is he really a good fit for this team? I am not sure. He is insanely atheltic and can shoot the occasional three, but so can Millien. I am surprized Quebec traded him, Michael “Slamderson” as the PA guy in Quebec called him, seemed quite popular. Quebec must have felt the need to blow up the team. Something was up with that roster. It was too good to be losing like they were. Ruffus also impressed me when I saw him play there.

    Oh well, it’s not like Dandridge was any good. This team is full of freakishly athletic PF’s.

  5. Hey Ian,

    It’s a good pick up for you guys. The one thing that I think is very obvious after my second year of watching minor league hoops closely is that size is important. Dominant big men are hard to find so if you can get some big bodies at the 4 and 5 (particularly the five) you’re sitting pretty. Undersized athletic forwards aren’t difficult to get a hold of but guys who can over power opponents down low are to be coveted. I can imagine that guys like Carey are going to be even more useful come play off time.

    I do think that Quebec have more than a sliver of a chance to take a game against Vermont if Fortier and Jonas Pierre are healthy. Quebec have already beaten them once plus they’ve taken games against you guys and Halifax. They’re definitely a good team when things are working on offense. My concern is Vermont losing two games. Buffalo might surprise everyone and take a game but I doubt it.

    Of course I am not taking for granted a win for the Rainmen when Manchester come to town but unless Vermont drop two games it ultimately doesn’t matter if who wins the Millrats/Rainmen showdown.

  6. Get real….Quebec is not going to beat Vermont. Manchester and Halifax didnt trade with the Kebs to help the Kebs out. Bascially you guys raped what team they had left. They are in last place, and Quebec took the cash. Period.

  7. After all, Vermont beat the “new and improved” Kebs last time by 54 points. Heck, even Manchester beat them.

  8. Quebec have beaten Vermont, Manchester and Halifax this season. They were injury depleted and paying terrible well Vermont last thrashed them. It’s unlikely that Quebec win a game against Vermont, but it’s certainly not out of the question. The Kebs are a better team than their record suggests and if things are going right for them I think they can beat Vermont or any other team.

    Obviously the trades weren’t meant to help the Kebs out – I put in a semi-serious comment about what the Rainmen SHOULD have done. I also mentioned that I wouldn’t be surprised if this was at least partially a salary dump.

  9. Trades only happen because both sides believe they got what they wanted. Halifax got another AJ Millien-type player (is AJ still with the Rainmen?) and the Kebs got Glenn Dandridge, who never seemed to click in Halifax, once the season got started. The Kebs must have read Dandridge’s stats. Why did the Kebs make this trade? Ruffus, a new addition to the Kebs, will have to fill out yet another change-of-address form while the ink is still wet on his last one. I just know his mail is going to get lost.

    If Fortier and Pierre are back in action, were these players redundant? The Kebs’ record is a lot like our record was last season: more losses than one would expect on paper, considering the talent, although they had some surprising wins that we couldn’t get last year.

    Did the Kebs do the trades for the money? The game that we attended must have had over 1000 fans, it was reported as 2000. Their apparent venue overhead has to be lower than at the Metro Centre, so if the Kebs can draw 2000 people per game, I don’t see money being the main driver for them. Yet, why did they have a Montreal-style fire sale? Anderson and Ruffus are strong players.

    On second thought, maybe the Kebs management figured they would get what they could for players, since their playoff hopes are gone. However, from what I gather about payrolls in this league, I don’t see it making much of a difference.

    As for the Rainmen, the revolving door hasn’t stopped lately. It almost seems like we are trading on a game-by-game basis, for matchups. Fortunately, our new guys can tune up against Buffalo before coming to Halifax and playing under the scrutiny of the fans in the Metro Centre.

    I would say that we are trading for next season, but I don’t think we can count on too many returning players next year, given the nature of minor league sports.

    Finally, I got the impression that the PBL doesn’t have trades. I guess that is not the case.

  10. Chris, I like your idea of Rochester and Wilmington having a cage match to decide who goes to the playoffs. While both teams would have almost a complete schedule without the head-to-head game, I don’t like the idea of a division champ being crowned while playing fewer games than other teams have played. It smacks of the League That Shall Not Be Named.

  11. OK, one really final thought for the night: The take-away for fans from these trades is to not heckle opposing players too much, since they might very well be wearing a Rainmen jersey the next time we see them.

  12. The Kebs picked up Mason and Brown who are both small forwards, and Wise who is an athletic, scoring, 6’7 powerforward. Those three guys combined to everything that Anderson does, so they moved him for a two guard to back up Fortier/play minutes if he’s hurt – they also lost Larry House who played the three and the two but never was as good as he was supposed to be.

    I figure they saw Anderson as an expensive piece who was slightly redundant- so they moved him. I have also heard him described as a “headcase” by more than one person who would know… so it might also be a personality thing: the Kebs may be trying to get rid of a player who is not good in a losing locker room.

    As for not heckling opposing players: fuck that noise. I am yelling at people, being belligerent and crossing the line as much as possible.

  13. It was a win-win for all sides. The Keb players had quit on the team in the last week or so and they needed new blood. Don’t forget PJ Young, whom they picked up also, was an ABA All Star last season on the Millrats. He plays defense and does the little things that bring wins.

    Mason and Dandridge are 6’7-6’8 three point shooters that will be more dangerous with Fortier on the floor. And Wise is 20 & 10 guy who was who Quebec really wanted.

    I’m not picking them to beat Vermont let alone twice…but it should be fun to watch. The new players will be playing with new freedom and new energy whereas if they stood pat, the old players would be going thru the motions. Also it has to have gotten their media excited and their fans will come out to see the new-look team.

    I wasn’t saying we will win in Halifax – I was saying that the idea of depleting the Rainmen to bolster the Kebs was a good idea but then it would be harder to beat the Millrats in the last game. Someone said on here that we have gotten worse sense we were last there and I was pointing out that we have gotten much better – we did not have Gamble, Anosike, or Spears on 1/29. And now we have Ruffus, Anosike, and Mazur that will be making the trip.

  14. How many players’ rights does a club keep through the offseason? Or is there such a thing as a more-than-one-year contract (assuming the Venezuela or Zimbabwe league doesn’t come calling)?

    If everybody is on a one-year deal with little/no rights retention, I’m surprised more teams near the bottom didn’t dump their highest-paid players for cash since the club is not really in the stretch run.

  15. I personally think Quebec, Halifax and Manchester benefited from these trades for a variety of reasons. I agree with Ian, a trade only goes down becuase both teams are getting what they want believe it is bettering their team – check out my blog to see my complete outlook on these moves.

  16. Revolving door must stop soon, how many guys will stay next year, over under I think at 5 for the summer.
    I could totally see Glen going off for 35 points one night, or 0 on 0-10 shooting.
    Please bring Simplice to Halifax!

  17. I know this is a bit off-topic and should probably go in the previous post about playoffs (does anyone else go back and read new comments on old posts?). The NBADL just announced their new playoff format. It is pretty wild, with the three division winners choosing their first opponent in the playoffs from the top 5 non-division-winning teams. The fourth seeded team plays the remaining unchosen team in the first round. Is this worth talking about on here?

    If we want to get into the D-League, maybe we should keep track of what that league is doing.

    Here is the March 9 news release from the NBADL regarding their new playoff format:

    “NEW YORK, March 9, 2009 – The NBA Development League announced today it has implemented an innovative new format for this year’s playoffs, which are set to begin as early as April 13.

    For the first time, eight teams will qualify for the 2009 NBA D-League postseason, including the winners of the three divisions along with the five teams with the best regular season records, regardless of division.

    New for the 2009 postseason, the three division winners will have the unique opportunity to select their first round opponent from the teams ranked five through eight. The top-seeded division winner will select its opponent first, with the second and third ranked division winners following in that order. The fourth seeded team will play the remaining team.

    “One of our fundamental goals at the NBA D-League is to utilize our unique position to explore new and different ways to grow the game,” said Dan Reed, President of the NBA D-League. “We believe that these innovations will provide our fans with compelling matchups and action packed games.”

    The first and second rounds of the 2009 NBA D-League playoffs will be one game each, while the Finals will be a best-of-three series. The first two rounds will be played on the higher seeds home floor, while the Finals will begin at the lower seed’s arena and finish at the higher seeds home court.

    The 2008-09 NBA D-League regular seasons concludes on April 11.”

    Thanks to http://www.ridiculousupside.com for the news.

    My thoughts are:

    – that it will most likely still fall into the top team picking #8, second team picking #7 and so on. However, if a high-ranked team knows that a lower-ranked team can beat them (like Quebec seems to be able to do at times – and us, for that matter) maybe they would choose a higher rank than the lowest remaining team to have a better chance of success.

    – what about the factor of travel costs? Would you choose the lowest remaining team if it was the geographically farthest from your city (say Halifax or Wilmington), or would you pick a closer team that you may even have a rivalry with (like Vermont and Manchester)?

    – speaking of rivalries, they may be even more important than rankings, since it is all about getting bums in the seats. Fans love to see the hometown team defeat their rivals. That may factor into the choice of team too: do we go for an easy win and fewer people show up, or do we take the chance and play a better team with more ticket sales?

    What does everyone think? Is this playoff format innovative or stupid?

  18. Just saw I was linked over here. Just put up a post since the D-League president posted a blog entry. In it, he mentioned “We’re preparing for another very exciting team announcement in the Northeast by the end of March…isn’t the suspense killing you!?!?”

    Come on over and check out who it’s more than likely going to be.

  19. I think that in the D-league this new playoff format is a lot more meaningful than it would be in the NBA or another major league. In any minor league the best players often don’t finish the season since they get better paying jobs overseas (or in the DLeague’s case, the NBA) so teams could have strong regular seasons only to lose two key guys to better paying gigs. The team with the 5th best record may have lost a lot of firepower and could have a worse roster/more screwed up chemistry than team 7 or eight.

    Scott: Thanks for wandering over here. I am a huge fan of Ridiculousupside.com. Welcome to a blog where the talent (covered and writing) is even more minor.

  20. Hey Chris,
    Thanks for checking it out. If there any good PBL stories, let me know. Always looking to have other minor league coverage, but my familiarity is with the D-League and the CBA (though I couldn’t write about it while working with it). I’d definitely welcome you (or anyone else over here) to come on over, post some fan shots and I’ll promote them to the front page. I’ve got an unhealthy addiction to minor league ball, so it’d be nice to know more about the PBL..
    I haven’t followed the PBL much, but I’d definitely disgree with your statement of the writing talent is even more minor. Enjoy the majority of your posts over on OSC!

  21. That is innovative. “Who should we elect to play in the playoffs?” is an unusual question that fans would love to chew on. And for management to elect a team other than the lowest seed (either because someone thinks they would match up better, or because they are a nearby team with a rivalry or big names that would draw better at the gate) could come back to haunt management with a summer of fan What-Ifs.

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