Rainmen Add Additional Home Game

To make up for the game that was canceled in Montreal it looks like Halifax will play host to Montreal which confirms several rumours I had heard about Montreal finishing off its schedule on the road.

The game is Sunday, March 29 at 2pm meaning that the final weekend will be a Montreal double header since the original season closer was supposed to be on March 28th, also against Montreal.

March 28th is now “Father/Son Day” which is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate heteronormative ideals of family as well as a chance to eat breakfast with Eric Crookshank and play in a father/son game on the court.  Tickets are $50 for two, toss in an extra kid for $10.  It doesn’t look like it has a presenting sponsor yet, though.  You’d think they could turn it into Clearwater Father/Son Day or something similar.

No word yet on how season ticket holders will be treated, my guess is that it will be a situation where our seats are reserved until date X but that we’re still paying for tickets.  I am just hoping that we get a discount ($5 off the face value?) but I don’t expect to get them for free.

I just found a press release that indicates that season ticket holders will be issued free tickets.  Fantastic move since it ensures that that attendance is decent and rewards fans and restores some value to the season tickets.  The Rainmen as an organization are nothing if not responsive to suggestions.

Just to be clear the press release was released at the same time as the update on the website – unfortunately I had just read the website notice which was short on details prior to making my original post.  The Rainmen always planned to issue the tickets to season ticket holders and I may have made it sound like it was an afterthought.


8 thoughts on “Rainmen Add Additional Home Game

  1. “All season ticket holders will receive a free ticket to this extra game. Season ticket holders will be contact by Rainmen office staff as to how they will receive their free ticket to this make-up game.”

    Nicely done, Rainmen. A nice gesture that adds value to season tickets.

  2. Classy move to show appreciation to the season ticket holders. Front office has screwed a lot of stuff up this year but they got this one right.

  3. Thanks to the front office for the free tickets. That will go a long way for some people to renew their tickets next season, even if we don’t make the playoffs this year. And yes, you can all blame me for jinxing us by saying that.

    Portland and now Springfield getting teams make our case to join the D-League stronger and stronger. You watch, we will be rewarded in years to come by having awesome season ticket seats when the Metro Centre will start to sell out for Rainmen games.

  4. Knowing that the PBL is struggling with travel concerns with Hailfax, do you think that this will also be a concern/potential down side of having a D-League team in Halifax. Not sure.

  5. Check your assumptions, (1) that the D-League struggles with travel concerns, (2) that the PBL is really struggling. What the PBL is doing is maneuvering for better terms, and the only reason we know it is that an executive thought it would be expedient to do some of the maneuvering on the Halifax sports pages. In the PBL context, the Rainmen are an attendance success story and it’s natural for their partners to wonder whether they couldn’t carry more of the freight. I accept Doyle’s statement: Talks will occur this spring; the terms for 2009-10 might not be the current terms. The parties should find a way to coexist without killing this win-win situation.

  6. Spike, I do not have an “assumption” about the D-league travel issues. It is reality, I know Chris Alpert VP of Basketball Operations for the D-League and this is a concern of his.

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