Rainmen Defeat Buffalo, 94-96

There isn’t much to say since the boxscore is an absolute mess with no details on Halifax’s individual stats at all.

Unfortunately, Vermont have won two of their three home games this weekend and their third one is at home in Barre against a Buffalo team which is likely to be absolutely exhausted tomorrow.  If Vermont do beat Buffalo then Vermont clinch a wildcard spot which means that the only way that Halifax can get into the playoffs is through an absolutely insane collapse by Wilmington and Rochester.


13 thoughts on “Rainmen Defeat Buffalo, 94-96

  1. Boxscore looks good to me. There was duplicate numbers in the system which probably caused errors to show up at first.

    Now I’m from Buffalo, and I’m a bit biased because I support my Stampede, but with 2 more solid players coming off the bench for us, I really think we could have took this one. We dressed 8 guys, and 6 got good minutes, but even with a short bench, we only lost by 2 points, and we’re the worst team in the league (on paper). Thats been our problem all year, with this revolving door of players, we can’t find the depth we need.

    Halifax had a much deeper bench, but were without Silverhorn, Ramey, and McNeal for some reason. The Rainmen’s largest lead was 9 in this game I believe, so it was a neck and neck game all night. I wasn’t too impressed with the Rainmen tonight, they have some talented players, but it seemed they lacked a team concept at times and some of the players had some real sour attitudes tonight, a lot of complaining and crying, and even some smack talking – well thats mainly from Strick who is the most entertaining player I’ve ever seen in the minors! Gotta love him 🙂 I thought Halifax would come in and be even more talented than when they last visited Buffalo in January and dominate us, but that wasn’t the case.

    Overall all though it was a good game, fun to watch, and close all the way. Anyways, good luck to the Rainmen, it does seem hard to get that playoff spot at this point, but anything can happen!

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised anonymous2. The guys gave it their all today and will most likely be dead tired tomorrow, especially with the game in the afternoon and no depth on the bench.

  3. Who was playing guard for the Rainmen? Two guards all night with just Bennet and Twyman.

    And not really surprized about the score, Halifax was shorthanded and haven’t played for weeks so they were probably rusty.

  4. Yep, Jimmy and Tony played a lot of minutes, even Michael Anderson was forced to play guard at times if one of the other guys came out. Millien played the 3 too at times, which gave the Rainmen a lot of size compared to us.

  5. What has happened to Millien since joining the Halifax? While with Augusta he was the leading scorer in the league and everyone put him on a pedastal. Now he has kind of fallen into the background at Halifax. Is the chemistry not working for him at Halifax?

  6. Less shots, less minutes, more powerforwards.

    Halifax as a team are just constructed in a way that makes absolutely no sense. Go look at Halifax’s roster and try not to laugh:

    Millien is incorrectly listed as a PG for some reason and Rob Sanders is still on the roster, but ignore that just look at the roster:
    2 point guards
    Only 1 shooting guard and one small forward
    One centre
    7 powerforwards

    Why on earth are there 7 powerforwards on this team? Also, 7 of the guys on the team are primarily scorers (8 if you include McNeal since his only skill is a jump shot). The only guys who are primarily there to do something other than score are Bailey (rebound/hussle), Jeanty (grind it out), George (rebound/shot block) and Ramey (distribute and play D).

    This roster makes no sense at all.

  7. The team balance has been a problem for quite some time, but now it really shows up.
    Next season, how’s about we limit our roster to maximum 5 power forwards, which is an insanely high figure, frankly.

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