Levingston Already Talking About Who He Wants Back Next Year

Levingston said he’s interested in keeping a core group of current players heading into next season.

He said players he wants to see back in Halifax include Tony Bennett, Michael Anderson, A.J. Millien and Crookshank.

“Those four guys, for sure,” said Levingston. “And Jimmy Twyman is a guy who can play for me any day.”

So… ummm… that’s awkward.  Reasons why I wish he hadn’t said any of this:

1)  The season isn’t even over yet… how do you think guys not mentioned feel?

2)  The personnel decisions should be made by the coach… and we don’t know who the coach will be yet.

3)  The four guys he wants back are scorers.

I don’t actually entirely disagree with this other than the timing.  Anderson is tough and a very good defender at the three, Bennett is one of the best Rainmen ever, and if given the opportunity I think Millien could be a star here like he was in Augusta.  Eric needs to come back since he’s basically a local guy at this point, but I think it’s clear that he may be at the point where he’s a sixth man.  His rebounding and athleticism (and when he concentrates on it, his defense) make him ideal for that role.

I’d also bring back Bailey, George, and maybe Ramey as role players.

This just seems like a bad idea to mention who you want back in an interview.


8 thoughts on “Levingston Already Talking About Who He Wants Back Next Year

  1. What a fitting way to end the season.

    A season filled with drama ends with one final kick. (At least I hope the final one)

    It’s unheard of. A GM saying who he wants back with 2 games left.

    Couldn’t you wait until Monday Andre? Unbelievable.

  2. I think it’s a smart move. In the world of minor league basketball I think a commitment to players before the season ends is a pretty big commitment for a GM to make and perhaps the kind of the over the top move it would take to keep some of the top talent in the league in Halifax. It also shows us that Andre is already thinking of next year.

  3. I think it’s a good move. In the world of minor league basketball where so much movement abounds. I think a GM giving his top guys the nod to return before the season is out is the kind of above the call action I like about Andre. Give the man credit for telling Halifax fans that next season Isn’t that far away and he is ready to talk about bringing top guys back to Hali. Our playoff hopes are dead why not make a commitment in this way?

  4. @55: So make the commitment to your best guys oin private, maybe with cash. What Levingston did, by naming names, was bush.

  5. I agree, i think it was just in poor taste for Andre to do that! Especially after reading that post from that “Rainmen player” i’m not even surprised by this latest stunt.

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