Halifax defeat Montreal, 147-109

Another blowout win against a team of amateurs.   I feel bad for the Montreal guys and I actually really respect them for making the trip and playing hard, but this game was a mess.  It once again felt like an And1 street ball game.

Halifax lit up from beyond the arc, hitting nine three pointers in the first half, and scoring 17 total.  Fans got a free Big Mac… Caitlin and I gave ours away.

Everyone got at least 16 minutes, and eight out of ten players scored in the double digits.  Everyone also really looked like they were having fun, and Strick was completely in his element.

Twyman dropped 30 points and Tony Bennett almost had a tripple double with 21 points, 12 assists and eight steals.

Tyronne McNeal also went off for 16 points on five field goal attempts (he took ten trips to the line) but was aided by being five inches taller than the biggest guy on the other team.

The one thing I will say for Montreal is that they had a sense of humour about the situation and Tristan Martin is really good.  I expected Andre to sign him on Saturday night.

It was not Xs and Os basketball, but it was a fine way to end off the season and fans got to see some completely silly plays that are pretty rare.  I feel like the Rainmen should organize a Rainmen streetball tour of the maritimes or something this summer.  There’s a lot of that sort of skill on this team.


6 thoughts on “Halifax defeat Montreal, 147-109

  1. interestingly enough, Tristan was part of the original Sasquat’ch for the first game or 2 of the season, until they waived him…. it’s definitely looking like they should have kept him. But then, Bourassa and Coach Hasbani made a lot of questionable calls with the Sasquat’ch

  2. Well, a great end to the season. The short highlights are that Tyrone started to look good, but that fadeaway shot in the key was killing me. He had a monster one handed jam in both halves that made him look like a beast. Definitely a project but he worked very hard all weekend.

    Strick loved his MVP chants and came into the crowd after he was subbed to shake hands and drink the guy’s coffee beside me, hilarious.

    Jimmy was sick in the 2nd.. 4 x 3s in a row was crazy. Where was that all year. Ramey had his best shooting game and looked very solid. That is what I was expecting all year.

    tristan was amazing.. a ridiculous 34 points but he shot well. It didn’t sound too promising that many guys are coming back. The looks when we asked were enough. I hope they can send some updates to the blog so we can track our ex-Rainmen this year. Right now I think we can pencil in EC, JT and Tyrone. After that, I am not sure who else will be back after the post comments the other day. Would love for more of them to be there, but I guess we will see how the summer plays out.

  3. Once the dust settles on this weekends games. I would like to see a post season year in review. Where does this team go next? Who should come back type of post.

  4. The game was absolutely fun to watch. It is unfortunate we didn’t get to be part of the play-offs. The boys have a good team and could do great things. I am curious also as to who will stay and who will go. I would like to see it stay pretty much the same. I look forward to watching them next year.

  5. Thanks to the Rainmen for a fun season and thanks to Chris and all the people on this blog for making the season (and off-season) even more entertaining.

    Best of luck to KD and the Sea Dawgs.

    Looking forward to a longer season next year. It seems like we finally have some stability and chemistry with the team and the season is over.

    For the players who aren’t returning next season, thanks for the memories and it was a pleasure to meet you. To the players who are returning, see you in a few months!

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