Millien Clinches PBL Scoring Title

Congratulations are in order for AJ “Slim” Millien after he clinched the PBL scoring title tonight.  Tyronne Rayson of the Buffalo Stampede could have caught him in the scoring race and tried his best by putting up 37 points against Battle Creek, but Millien just pulled it out.  His scoring numbers (along with his minutes and shots) plummetted after joining the Rainmen from Augusta but a couple of high scoring affairs against Montreal kept him from losing too much ground.

He also finished 7th in rebounds (9.5 per game) and fourth in blocks (1.4 per game).  Millien is a great power forward and I hope Halifax can bring him back next year.  However, the only way that that will happen is if the new coach commits to getting him more touches and minutes and makes him the centre (or at least second option) in the offense.  And it’s important that the coach, not the owner, makes that commitment.


3 thoughts on “Millien Clinches PBL Scoring Title

  1. Really would love to see what he can do next season – hopefully he returns! He didn’t get much time to groove in Halifax with the players and fans but hopefully we can manage to hold on to this one!!!!

  2. AJ, EC, JT a quickly growing in stature Tyrone, love to hear who else would be a possibility. And by the way, The MacD’s were flooded with free big macs and it was utter insanity in there.. I remember why I try not to eat there more than twice a year! Maybe next year we could get subway to sponsor!

  3. I personally haven’t followed AJ’s previous talents but I have yet to be “wow”ed by him. I am not saying he isn’t an asset to the Rainmen but I want to see alot more then what he has shown us so far with the team. Could be as simple as not been given the time on the court but from what I can remember his first game with the team he did a lot of things for show but followed through on nothing. One could say he didn’t have time to mold with the team and so on but look at TB and what he brought his first game. To touch on what Halifaxfin’s comment I agree with the subway deal!

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