Wilmngton Defeat Vermont, 96-90

Vermont almost made a big comeback bet fell short.  It was a very, very good game from what I saw.  This means that former Rainman Kadiri Richard will be in the semi-finals.

I passed in the final draft of my honours thesis yesterday so I’ll start up all the season wrap up posts starting tomorrow.


21 thoughts on “Wilmngton Defeat Vermont, 96-90

  1. This win was for Eric, Brian & Coach Rick Lewis ..!!!! OK TO THE DEN(inside slang)…LOL..!!!! Battle Creek next..!!!! Also for all others that supported us last year …as in Rainmen 07-08..not these new players I don’t fuck with them like that or DRE. Everyone else..in Bedford( dad..YOU KNOW WHO YOU are..tell my brother NICK HEY..!!!) MY newspaper peeps(reporters….Chad Lucas…Matt Wuest….Chris C.) the three of yall….much love to yall always..Mr.Kempton etc.etc. hope I made yall proud…either way..just getting home from hanging out with my teammates. Practice tommorow @ 6 ..talk to yall after….


    Kadiri Richard # 34

    Rainmen # 5

  2. by the way when we were up by 26..before we subed in the bench..we could have pushed the lead to 30 plus but credit vermont to a quality run…oh buy the way..frost heave players..yall stay yall asses out of chat rooms and talking trash..yall enjoy summer camps and shit for next year..!!!! oh yeah i’m in full asshole mode…have safe travels home to boring ass Vermont..!!! And Dre if you read this or any of yall other front office people it was fun last year but look what you get for not knowing how to run a business properly….Thank God I’M three hours from home..still playing and my organization and city loves me..WELL I COULD @LEAST say Halifax loved me…and by the way in no way am i mad or have sour grapes..just being a pure spoiled ass only child scorpio that is still playing in the post season.!!!!

    Kadiri Richard…..# 34

  3. Hey Kadiri, with the heading “Wilmington defeats Vermont” it was almost like the setup for a big play. With headlines like that, did Chris really expect NOT to hear from you??

    Congrats to you and your new TEAM, I know you wish a couple of your old buddies from last year were still playing with you and sharing in the post season excitement. You are correct in saying Halifax did and still does love you. Us Scotians are a good lot who like to see everybody achieve success.

    Unfortunately, I am sorry to say that the secret to the Sea Dawgs excellent record has now been exposed, and will soon become the new model for all PBL teams. It’s obvious that you guys work harder at your game than anybody else.

    How else can you explain the early 3:30 am posting time of your latest update? It’s a true sign of professionalism to go directly from a HUGE win like you guys had last night against Vermont, straight to the showers and then back out onto the court for more work on your game, only to retire at 3:30 am when the rest of us lazy bastards are still in bed. LOL…

    All the best at practice tonight at 6 and keep it going all the way to the finals.

  4. Thanks Halifaxfin I have to do it for behalf of Scotia…my licence plate on the front of my mustang is STILL SCOTIAN (honestly it is..white..blue and yellow..thanks to my scotian dad over in bedford..lol ..I hope i/we make you guys proud vs. Battle Creek then whoever after that..but just going to take it one game @ a time…


  5. My prediction/assumption is that the frost heaves don’t have any more games or practice for 2009. Either way, its all in fun, got to be a loyal fan I understand. And even if we don’t win it all we ended you guys season.PERIOD. Lets keep it fun TR Waters, I did enjoy the applebees up there next to the hotel last year.

  6. damn it. spon loses before the final.. not my ideal situation, I wanted the crying to start after the final.. yikes..I can imagine the gooning spon’s team was doing in the last couple minutes of that game!

  7. Rochester is clearly the best team right now. The fact that they keep alot of the same players and have a terrific coach is very evident.

  8. Great game tonight against Battle Creek KD. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you play, but the wait was worth it. All your Scotian family is hoping you go all the way and become PBL Champs. Keep playing the way you did tonight and the winning will come easy.

  9. TR Waters , i’m coming to hang out with you for 4th of July….seriously…is that ok..??? It may be sooner than later if we don’t win game three tomorrow…lol..!!!! Thought you may like that joke…!!!

  10. The 4th is good…but only for a couple of days. I’m headed to PA on the 7th. 🙂

    Enjoy your time off.
    Who are you picking to win the championship?????

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