AJ Millien Named to All-PBL Second Team

Only one Rainman made an All-PBL team list this year and it was on the strength of his play for another franchise.  AJ Millien was named to the second team. I really thought that Tony Bennett was one of the best all-around guards in the league, but could you really justify putting two Halifax players in the top 11?(Why on earth is it not ten?)  I can certainly justify two Halifax players before I could justify two Detroit players.  They finished 4 games below .500 and were never even in the play-off hunt, and played in an incredibly weak division. In fact, the first team has three players whose teams won a combined 11 games!  You’d need to add Buffalo, Detroit and Quebecs total wins together just to get one game over .500 on the season.  Absurd.

The other major shocker to me is that Manchester, despite winning a tough division and playing high quality ball.  You can’t tell me that Al Stewart or Desmond Ferguson don’t at least deserve to be second team all-stars.

First Team:

Keith Friel Guard Rochester RazorSharks
Rashi Johnson Guard Battle Creek Knights
Randy Gill Guard Detroit Panthers
Cedric McGinnis Forward Wilmington Sea Dawgs
Tyrone Rayson Forward Buffalo Stampede
Jonas Pierre Center Quebec Kebs


Player Position Team
Alex Harper Guard Wilmington Sea Dawgs
Benson Callier Guard Vermont Frost Heaves
James Reaves Forward Rochester RazorSharks
AJ Millien Forward Halifax Rainmen
Walt Waters Center Detroit Panthers

My picks for year end awards after the jump:

I am only going with players who played 12 or more games in the PBL this season:

MVP: Rashi Johnson (BC)
Coach of the Year: Rod Baker (Roc)
Defensive Player of the Year: Jonas Pierre (QC)

All PBL – First Team:
PF – Cedric Mcginnis (Wil)
PF – AJ Millien (AUG/HFX)
SF – Desmond Ferguson (Man)
SG – Keith Friel (Roc)
PG – Rashi Johnson (BC)

All PBL – Second Team

PF – Tyronne Rayson (Buf)
PF – James Reeves (Roc)
SF – Kenny Langhorne (BC)
SG – Tony Bennett (HFX)
PG – Randy Gill (Det)

Honourable Mention: Imari Sawyer (Chi), Rob Sanders (HFX – too few games played), Donielle Davis (Aug), Al Stewart (Man), Benson Callier (VT), Alex Harper (Wil).

All Defensive Team:
C – Jonas Pierre (QC)
PF – James Reaves (Roc)
SF – Thomas Sanders (Vt)
SG – Tony Bennett (HFX)
PG – Al Stewart (Man)
Honourable Mention: Kadiri Richard (Wil), Luke Lloyd (MM – too few games), John Bryant (Vt), Rashi Johnson (BC)


2 thoughts on “AJ Millien Named to All-PBL Second Team

  1. Yeah, those picks were mad stupid. It looks like the PBL has a man crush and added Gill to the first team as the sixth player, just like the ABA did with Sun Yue last year. Lame.

    I like your picks though.

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