Rainmen Back in PBL, Looking to Hire Out of Town Sales Manager

Two stories popped up this week after a long lull in Rainmen media coverage.

First, we have confirmation that the Rainmen will be back in the PBL next year but will be paying even more of their opponents travel.  I understand the logic of the Rainmen paying a bit more for travel but I just think it’s instituted unfairly and unevenly – did Augusta or Wilmington pay extra for travel for their home and away games?  If Battle Creek are isolated in the mid-West will they be out of the travel pool?  The fairer system in my mind would be for each team to recieve a set amount of money for travel, and teams in the outskirts of the footprint subsidize the remainder of the travel costs caused by their geographic location.  Oh well, at least we know Halifax are back in the league next year.

The second piece of news was in today’s Chronicle Herald.  Andre Levingston is recruiting a sales manager from Toronto who has worked with Maple Leaf Entertainment and the Argos, a man named Kevin Matchett.  I think this is a fantastic move, and one that is absolutely neccassary.  They need dedicated and experienced sales staff, both to make sales and to train additional sales staff.  Jad, Andre and Nancy can’t be doing group sales – they have other roles and other skills.  The Rainmen simply have sold as many group and season ticket packages as they can sell on word of mouth, now they need more a aggressive sales strategy.  My one concern is that it seems a bit odd that Matchett is mentioned by name since it’s still in negotiations.


3 thoughts on “Rainmen Back in PBL, Looking to Hire Out of Town Sales Manager

  1. Will the Rainmen make Mr. Matchett a competitive offer? I hope so, but will this create other issues? Consider: If they didn’t stump up to keep Rob Sanders, I don’t see how they can justify to the remaining players paying full value for a marketing guru. Both the business side and the on-court side needs to be taken care of, and in some sense they need to be analyzed separately, I get that, but when the players are making a few hundred bucks a week it’s going to be tricky to pay Mr. Matchett what he’s worth, isn’t it?

  2. You have to look at it from a business man’s view – paying Matchett is worth it because it will make Levingston more money in the long run. He can keep getting players because there are dozens of hopefulls looking to play. Players in the minors come and go – it’s a constant revolving door (ones fans might not like but it’s a fact). But what he’s got to realize is that when word gets out how little the players actually get paid and how they’re treated (from the sounds of things) the quality of our players will go down. He’s got to pay these guys more to stay with the team!

  3. I am sure it’s pretty easy to justify, if this guy brings in sales. He does have an impressive background.

    Think of how much money the Mooseheads bring in. Think of their marketing staff. Per game, junior players are probably paid less than the Rainmen, except junior hockey is a much more profitable business endeavor. This is purely a business move. How the players are or are not treated in this particular case doesn’t really matter. The two are separate issues (although I do think they need to drastically improve how they treat the players).

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