Season Will Be 20 Games Next Year

The spring PBL owners meeting happened this week and the Metro interviewed Andre to get some details.
The big thing to note is the season will be 20 games again next year.  Andre and the organization are looking at adding two MetroCentre home games.

Other things that I’ve heard are that Montreal, Mid-Michigan, Chicago and Augusta are out for next year.


8 thoughts on “Season Will Be 20 Games Next Year

  1. Here’s to hoping for more non-divisional games next year. IF we have to play 4-6 games against each of Vermont, Manchester and Quebec then we might be in for a long season.

    That being said, how excited would you be for a game against China? Any chance their North American players would play?

  2. I think we’d probably get the China without Yao, The Chairman and Sun Yue (but Sun Yue isn’t even as good as Jermaine Anderson IMO), and likely a junior national team, an all-star team from the Chinese league featuring only Chinese players, or something similar. Still, it’d be a pretty big deal and hopefully attract some new fans. Obviously the complete Chinese national team line up would destroy a PBL team.

    I’d like to see at least two home games against Quebec, Manchester and Vermont. It’s nice to form rivalries and get revenge on teams if they beat you.

    I think ideally we’d have six home games against the divisional opponents, two home games against a non divisional opponent and one game against two non-divisional opponents. (ten games against six different opponents) Plus two MetroCentre games against someone or other.

    It’s too bad the the IBL season starts so late after the PBL season ends. It’d be neat to see the Rainmen face the Edmonton Energy or the Vancouver Titans for some Canadian intrigue.

  3. Boo.

    But I would like to see the Razorsharks.

    And yes, seeing the Energy would be cool. Crook could get some revenge.

  4. Montreal, Mid-Michigan, Chicago and Augusta?

    That’s four franchises gone. I guess that’s not too crazy. But seems like alot.

  5. Maybe Halifax, Quebec, Vancouver, and Edmonton could play some sort of post-PBL/pre-IBL canadian championship? Kind of like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal do in the MLS/USL.

  6. The less-distant teams in the division handled the problem of a too-short PBL regular season by arranging the “Champlain Cup” exhibition tournament. This tournament ran alongside the PBL regular season and was designed to provide an additional 3 home openings. The PBL supported it with stats in the Weekly Reports.

    With the demise of the Montreal franchise, a natural solution is to invite the Rainmen in as the fourth team. As always, travel costs (for exhibition games!) are the big obstacle. This Millrats fan thinks we won’t cover them with ticket sales.

    The Frost Heaves also put on a “Green Mountain Tip-Off” tournament, a four-game event in a single place in a single weekend. Halifax could announce such a pre-season tournament and, uniquely in this division, might sell enough tickets to be able to offer opposing teams travel funding.

  7. I like Josh’s idea, at least from a fan’s point of view.

    Spike, the Rainmen also held a preseaon “tournament” before this season.

  8. it’s too bad about the season length… with all the roster changes, it feels like the season ends just as teams start to pull together (of course, that’s an outside observation, since Montreal never did pull together :/ )

    it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if Montreal’s out, after this disaster of a season…

    but interestingly, I talked to someone a few weeks ago, a team employee, who said the owner was actively preparing for next season and that it looked like Montreal would be back in the PBL as the Matrix

    of course, it’s possible this was before the league reached a decision… it’s also possible the owner was proceeding with preparations without actually talking to the league, or that the Matrix’s return to the PBL for 2010 will be planned in the same was as the Matrix’s return to the ABA for the 08/09 season (which never happened)

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