Eric, Twyman, Strick Go Winless in Black Basketball Tournament

The annual black basketball tournament happened last week and due to some pretty terrible PR work and a never updated website no one really knew it was happening.  Only three teams played in the A-division this year, but shockingly a team which included Eric Crookshank, Jimmy Twyman and Strick managed to go winless and finish at the bottom of the heap.  I couldn’t make it out to any games because of work, which is sort of unfortunate.

Despite being a smaller field than in previous years the tournament actually included a few players I think the Rainmen should be seriously looking at: Sheron Edwards (former all-Canadian with UPEI), Garry Gallimore (the former X player who was recently at the centre of a silly controversy as an assistant coach), and Tyler Richardson (star guard for the X men).


12 thoughts on “Eric, Twyman, Strick Go Winless in Black Basketball Tournament

  1. Yeah, that’s pretty crazy. You would think that team would take it all.

    Sherone Edwards was the top scorer in the finals.

  2. Of the 3 local players mentioned Gallimore (because of his DEF ability) is the only one who could even remotely contribute at the PBL level, IMHO. Edwards is too lazy and has no real pro position (can’t shoot it that well to play the perimeter and only 6’4′ or so with average pro-level athleticism). Richards (no O – N) is just not good/quick enough to compete with PBL guards.

  3. Sherone Edwards is a FAR better player then Gary Gallimore, maybe you don’t remember bluenoser, but i believe Sherone tore him up every time they played against eachother in the CIS. Is he lazy? possibly, but he had a coach that let him be lazy in college, he would be a top player in the league in the PBL, no question.

  4. OK, we’ll let cyberspace be the judge.

    In the 2006/2007 season Edwards versus X:

    Oct 13 – 8/15 19 pts
    Nov 11 – 5/17 16
    Jan 6 – 7/12 14
    Feb 11 – 8/15 21 pts
    Feb 16 – 2/7 6 pts

    **** Playoffs versus SMU 6/19 14 pts

    2005/2006 season:

    Oct 16 10/21 22 pts (Gallimore DNP)
    Nov 18 9/20 23
    Feb 5 11/22 26
    Mar 10 10/23 23 PLAYOFFS


    Nov 20 7/21 16 pts
    Jan 30 10/19 22
    Feb 05 5/12 16
    Feb 06 6/19 14

    ****** Playoffs versus UNB (UNB!!!!!!) 5/14 14 pts in a 13 pt loss!

    Overall versus X 98/223 = 44% 18ppg

    Tore him up every time? Nah. Had some good games, mostly in 2005/2006, yeah. Easily in the top 5 of all time overrated AUS players, ever, IMHO.

  5. Didn’t you pay attention to the Sir Valiant Brown debacle?

    That said, I don’t really have a strong opinion on either guy since I have only vague memories of seeing them play. I do, however, think that both guys should at least get a look by the Rainmen. They’re the sort of “local” talent that the Rainmen should be pursuing, not undersized high school guys with bad grades.

  6. Good point with sirVal, but sherone hasnt been out of as long as Val had been, he bounced around a lot, all im saying is I dont think he’s overrated, and I believe he could be an impact player for hfx

  7. I don’t know… he was willing to leave his life in Ontario to play in East Kentucky in the CBA. If the money was alright and he wasn’t riding the pine I can’t imagine that it’d be unrealistic to see him in a Rainmen jersey given that it’s just a four month commitment.

    That said – I don’t know how much Edwards can contribute in the PBL right now. I just don’t know what sort of shape he’s in or how his game translates to playing against more athletic defenders and getting fewer touches, but I think the only way to find out is it get him into camp. I think he’s good enough to play in the PBL, but unless he actually does play in the league we’ll never know how much of a contributor he can be.

  8. I liked that kid from Florida (Tyler something?) who played for UPEI back in those days. He was a bit older than Sherone, but, I liked the way he played in the ACAA’s that I saw…

  9. Tyler Wood? Tyler never played in the ACAA, played all his college at upei, and was quite a bit older then sherone, I think he’d be around 30 right now, injuries plagued his later years at upei, has a wife and daughter, his playing days are in his past.

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