Levingston in Metro, Calls Halifax Home

Andre is on the front page of the online edition of the Metro (I haven’t seen the paper version).  It doesn’t have any juicey bits of info about new players or staff or future plans but in it Levingston re-iterates a lot of the things that make him so likeable.  It’s pretty much impossible to meet that guy and not genuinely like him.


What Happens When Newspapers Gut the Newsroom?

It’s a rhetorical question.

This happens.

This was an “article” written by the PR department at Dalhousie and posted on the Dal website.  The Metro picked it up as a weekend online feature without even re-writing it.

I think we still get scores and game results, but the thing that is seriously missing when newspapers gut staff and pages is features and longer, in depth articles.  It’s sort of annoying when it comes to sports but hard news is in just as bad situation.

For the record, I love noon hoops although I haven’t been out in months (and showed up rarely even when I did go).  I just think it’s absurd for a newspaper to rely on PR departments for content.

Les Berry to Return as Head Coach

The Metro is reporting that Les Berry will be back as the head coach of the Rainmen next year.  Great move.  I’m happy.  If he has the freedom to build this team from the ground up on his own, go through a proper training camp, play some exhibition games and make all the personnel decisions then I see no reason why the Rainmen can’t be a contender next year.  He did great coming into an absolutely terrible situation this year and if he is allowed to do his job unhindered then I think we’re in for a great season.

On the PR front, it is great to have the coach return and even better that it’s a local guy who people are already familiar with.

I can’t find many details, but I don’t imagine there will be many more released.  I sort of feel like this was a bad time to announce it – the NBA finals are happening, we have a new government and tomorow’s sports coverage dominated by the Stanley Cup finals which are happening tonight.

Darrell Dexter Wins Majority Government

Not directly NDP related, but Darrell is the only party leader with season tickets to the Rainmen, Eric did a campaign event for the NDP and, according to Frank Magazine, the NDP hired Nancy Sheppard on contract to help out with PR work.

I wouldn’t expect this to have a substantive impact on the operation of the Rainmen.  The MetroCentre is managed by Trade Centre limited which is a provincial corporation, but it’s safe to say that the interim president, Scott Ferguson, was a vice president before that and is likely to stay on as president in the long term.  The one impact that this could have is Darrell and his wife Kelly being too busy to renew their season tickets.  I will try to get a hold of him and ask.

In self indulgent note:  The CBC read a hilarious e-mail that I wrote on the air.  Good times.

Profile of Eric Crookshank

There’s a pretty good longform interview with Eric on the Haligonia website.  It’s 12 minutes long and while there aren’t tons of new details in it I think it gives you a pretty accurate idea of what Eric is like.

Interview with Jermaine Anderson

The best player to ever suit up for the Rainmen gave an interview a few weeks ago which I just found.  It’s a bit fluffy with not a lot of details but there was one very interesting quote:

You had a tremendous individual season, what were the reasons behind your success?
J – First and foremost any success that I have is through God’s will, and the way I felt in some games it was through his grace I was able to even play. But I worked extremely hard in the offseason with a guy named Daniel Frieberg and playing in the summers with the national team really helped my game develop. Having the opportunity to play against teams such as Greece, Germany, USA, and Argentina has given me valuable game experience against some of the best teams and players in the world. Any time I get a chance to play for my country is definitely a blessing and a way to get better.

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