Les Berry to Return as Head Coach

The Metro is reporting that Les Berry will be back as the head coach of the Rainmen next year.  Great move.  I’m happy.  If he has the freedom to build this team from the ground up on his own, go through a proper training camp, play some exhibition games and make all the personnel decisions then I see no reason why the Rainmen can’t be a contender next year.  He did great coming into an absolutely terrible situation this year and if he is allowed to do his job unhindered then I think we’re in for a great season.

On the PR front, it is great to have the coach return and even better that it’s a local guy who people are already familiar with.

I can’t find many details, but I don’t imagine there will be many more released.  I sort of feel like this was a bad time to announce it – the NBA finals are happening, we have a new government and tomorow’s sports coverage dominated by the Stanley Cup finals which are happening tonight.


4 thoughts on “Les Berry to Return as Head Coach

  1. Kind of a “win – win” situation, really. Great PR wise (local guy, popular with fans and hopefully players) and great bball-wise – as good a coach as any on the Our Sports Central Best Coaches not in the NBA web discussion, IMHO. It’ll be interesting to see which current players return or are invited back. Gonna be a few that LB doesn’t want to deal with for another season!

  2. This is a tremendous move for the organization and I hope Les brings some great players in and has a full year to work with them. Great work Andre!

  3. Good call Simon. We now have a top notch coach, and definitely a top notch organization that wants to bring a winner to Halifax. Let’s see if Andre will allow Les to build “his team” which will allow Andre to focus on the the business side of things and make the organization stronger. Fingers crossed for the 2010 season.

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