Rainmen Scouting Players, Hosting Streetball Game

Two bits of fairly minor news:

First, Les Berry and Andre Levingston are in San Francisco and NYC scouting pro-am leagues for talent.  The San Francisco pro-am league is one of the better summer leagues where you might find unsigned talent, and NYC is obviously home to a ton of very gifted basketball players.  Levingston identifies the need for a legit centre and a legit point guard as priorities.  It’s nice to know that the scouting is underway and that the organization sees the same flaws as most intelligent fans do.  Scoring wing players and athletic power forwards are a dime a dozen in the minors but guys who are true floor generals or physical beasts in the paint are not so easy to find.

Second, the Rainmen will be hosting an AND1 knock off tour on August 9th at the Metro centre.  There’s an open run the day of the game to determine who will play against the likes of “Baby Shaq” and “8th Wonder.”  Tickets for the event are pretty darn cheap: $17 on the floor, $11 in the lower bowl.  No word on if we’ll see any past or future Rainmen playing in the game.  I’m not sure if I will be buying tickets for this or not.


4 thoughts on “Rainmen Scouting Players, Hosting Streetball Game

  1. I think this game in August is a great idea. We need something to keep fans aware and interested in the Rainmen year round. Hope they can get a decent crowd.

    Like to see some local ads in the Metro, the Coast, Herald so there are good numbers!

  2. If I lived in Hali, I would be interested in watching that game. I remember Hot Sauce and Silk from AND1, they have some sick handles. I think 90% of the guys there are ex-AND1 guys too. AND1 tickets went for like $50 for floor in Toronto 4 years ago so this is a good deal.

  3. I think it’s important for some of the present and past players are around for this. It gives the guys chance to create relationships with the fans in Halifax. That’s one of the biggest reasons the Mooseheads have such strong ties with so many people – they’re always around being positive influences. It might be usefull to bring in guys that have played for us for a couple of years, such as Twyman or Silverhorn, and maybe players we want to return next year, such as Millien or Anderson.

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