Eric Appears at NDP Campaign Event

Under the category of “hey, what are they doing this summer?” Eric appeared at an NDP campaign event in Sackville yesterday.  Stories and pictures in The Herald and The Metro.

Darrell and his wife Kelly have season tickets in section 22 and Darrell plays both noon hoops and in the over 50 league when he has time.

My favourite part:  Eric making fun of Darrell’s free throw shooting.


7 thoughts on “Eric Appears at NDP Campaign Event

  1. haha, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of the noon hoop legends this past year and a half, great group of guys. Eric might laugh but he might also be able to learn a thing or two from Dex’s stroke, man can shoot. :p

  2. that man can shoot, but it is always a bad omen for politicians that shoot and miss, (the football incident)m but noone can top rodney and the trampoline so…,dexter is still winning, although mcneil must ahve played ball!

  3. It’s one thing to miss a basketball shot, another thing altogether to drop a football. That’s almost as bad as qualifying yourself as an athlete because you windsurf, a la John Kerry. Not to disrespect windsurfing, but that is not an activity voters can identify with. Kinda like jumping on a trampoline (say for 36 hours).

  4. I think people are forgetting the silliest recent example:

    I have no problem with Dexter missing a shot – it’s not like he had time to warm up. I also have no problem with Eric being at an NDP campaign event (I am actually really happy that he was). I do however think it’s hilarious that Eric was mocking someone’s free throw shooting.

  5. too true, on another note.. ran into jad and andre yesterday (they are mourning the loss of CP) and seem like they are taking on our ideas of a heckling section (kid free)… with perks.. more discussions to come~!

  6. Sorry, guys, we had to take the interview down to re-edit something, but it’ll be back up by the end of the week!

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